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Hi everyone! Let me tell you a little about myself...

Okay, well yeah, that pretty much wraps it up. Just kidding, lol.

I am under 100 years old, and above 1 years old - a hint for those who want to know, though I don't know why you would! I've been reading fanfiction for awhile now, and I have to admit, there are a lot of great writers here! I enjoy stories with romance and drama. I also like the subjects that involve angst and hurt/comfort. I've been reading a lot of Grey's Anatomy stories, and great job to all you writers in that section. I just LOVE Grey's Anatomy. The stories are awesome! My favorite pairings are Meredith and Derek (of course) and Izzie and Alex. To tell you the truth, I don't really care about the other pairings as much. I hate the new thing that the TV show has about Derek and Rose. UGH. Stupid Rose. I also dislike the thing that Izzie has going on with George. I like them more as just friends, y'know?

I love angst the between Meredith and Derek, so that's why I like writing about them.

I've written some stories about Grey's Anatomy so far, and I hope to write more soon! I just need to think of some good story lines... I wish I was as imaginative as some of you writers out there! If you have any suggestions, just tell me, or write me, that is... I would definitely give you credit and stuff!

Something I don't get completely is why we have to write "I do not own such and such show." The point is beyond me. I mean, the site is called Wouldn't you think that they would make known to the public that all the stories on here are not owned by the writers...? Well, maybe some people do own the shows, but do you seriously think they would write on this site? Not that this site is bad or anything, in fact, it's terrific! Maybe the writers for TV shows do write here, to test stuff out. Yeah, maybe that's it. Okay, I've convinced myself, and I've wasted enough space rambling on about a stupid topic.

Wow, I'm really glad that Meredith and Derek got back together kind of sort of in the season finale! It was so great! I was soooo happy! Same with Izzie and Alex, yay them! Are the rumors true though? Is there going to be a season 5? There better be, or I'll have to write in and beg Shonda not to stop the series. Though I'm really happy Derek and Meredith are back together, it was a little too "happily ever after" for me. I don't know. Just my opinion!


Actually, I don't have a "next." -.- heh heh heh... oh well.

Okay, so, see you on fanfiction! And remember to check out my stories and comment and review and such...


--CC4ever =D

Here's a bunch of stuff I've copied and pasted onto my profile from other profiles. I think the first one is hilarious, lol!

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