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Author has written 5 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers, Frozen, and Newsies.

Hey. I'm Hannah.

I am seventeen years old and want to major in music history.

I LOVE to write (duh!), read, draw, sing, and act. In my spare time, I'm most likely going to be on the computer :)

Favorite Shows:





Law and Order: SVU

Royal Pains

South Park

Axis Powers: Hetalia

Fruits Basket

Soul Eater

Favorite Movies:





Indiana Jones

Dead Poet's Society

Beauty and the Beast

Any Disney Movie :D



Phantom of the Opera

The Secret

The Breakfast Club

Citizen Kane (It's about Hearst sorta. The don't use his real name though)

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Got this from huflebibin

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For the Dixie series, there are going to be 3 installments: Two multi-chapter stories and one single chapter story.


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