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Hello everyone!

I'm fairly new at this, seriously call me a fetus even. I've always written many stories and as an avid reader of fanfiction.net I've always been a fan but I was never confident enough to post any of my work. After all, I had found this site when I was 12 years old. I'm older now so my writing skills, I hope , have improved. Although I spent half my life on this site, inspired by many talented writers I will start out small. I don't think I'll able to write a large scale story anytime soon. I suffer from intense lack of inspiration for a multiple chapter story and intense writer's block (Seriously, F you writers block!).

Anyway, 23 Little Luxuries is up and running (or so I think, I have no idea - fetus here) and it'll be my current project from now on. It's my first so be nice! Haha. It's fun though, Honestly I don't have a clue why I hadn't started sooner, my life basically went down the drain when the writers strike was still around. One after the other and I had nothing to do so I could've written something.

Ah, well so here's my little pointless introductory about yours truly in which I haven't actually given much information about myself haha...ah well.

And Happy February 6 2008 the official birth of my account. How momentous!

May 3 2011

Oh hai der (not sure if anyone reads this stuff anyway) but hello!

It's been a year since my last update and you can call me every negative thing in your mind if you want. I'm sure everyone's forgotten about my stories ahaha. I did update 23 Little Luxuries and hopefully this is just one of the many updates that will soon to come. I really hope to receive doses of inspiration by the mouth full! *prays* Also I uploaded a Gundam Seed story called Straight to Center in November 2010 (not that long ago...LOOOL jk) but please check it out! :)

Later days!

"Sometimes even to live is an act of courage."

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