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Hello, all!

Go read Twilight, now. Otherwise I shun you. :-)

So anyway, I am an official Twilight Fangirl. I have a t-shirt and everything that declares me a member of Team Jacob AND Edward. As it says, Vampires...Wolves...Why should I have to choose between them? doesn't fit anymore, but I still have the shirt. :-) I love Jacob for all I'm worth, but Edward is Edward and Edward is Bella's and Bella is Bella.

My name's Shay. If you want to contact me, send me a PM anytime. I've got a site on fictionpress (.com) also, that has some of my poems. And I have a blog, to anyone who would like to know what goes on in my life outside of writing. The link is Or at least I have one, but I haven't gone on or edited it in...what, when I was ten? My myspace exists, but I go on maybe, oh, once a year or so? There's really no point of giving you that.

I L-O-V-E reading sexy Twilight fanfics, but I'm just now starting to write them. It's almost embarrassing to me - what if someone walked in while I was typing it, or my dad stumbled across it while he was trying to fix my computer because it got (another) virus? This thing is ancient. I don't even have Microsoft Word. I have to use wordpad.I haven't used that since I was in third grade. And then, I got this computer. I'm begging him to find the stupid CD to install my precious Word. Too bad he's not trying. Maybe I'll go download open's free, and better than wordpad, at least. Anyway, if you know of any naughty Stephenie Meyer fanfics, tell me about them! I like the host, too.

Some stuff about me? Not that you care, but I'll put it on anyway.

Name: Shay Woodland

Age: 19

Hair color: (see beloooowwww)

Previously: My parents were blond and black-haired. Picture that combo. It's not actually a color, by the definition of colors according to any fashion magazine you look at.

Current: Well, I dyed it, so now it's reddish blond. Mostly red. But it's much the same as before: still not actually a color, by definition of Colors According to the Fashion Magazines.

Height: 5'5"

My dream: To publish a book before I'm 25. Ya, it's probably not going to happen, but if I could just complete just one story, I could get a hold of a self-publisher and it wouldn't matter if everyone in the world thought it was stupid. muahahaha.

My grades: I'm in a math class three years ahead of my grade level and I only understand half the stuff. There are too many big words. What does that tell you?

Sexual orientation: Hello, straight. The end.

Religion: Christian, though you wouldn't assume so by the stuff that I read and write. heehee...or do!

My secret: Why would i put a secret on the internet? do i look stupid to you? don't answer that.


My pets: 2 cats, my little girlies. One of them, lily, is licking my arm right now. she has a licking issue. if you try to make her stop licking something, she will try to lick the inside of your mouth. she knows you don't like it, but she lurves it. Taz is a maniac cat who will claw your face if you rub her tummy or you won't let her lick your cereal bowl.

Favorite Smiley: -_-" ...or T-T

This is me. The only child whose parents are still together but sleep at opposite ends of the house. lol, If you think I'm screwed up, get a life far, far away, because I WILL screw you up more. On second thought, i might just screw you...--please note sexual orientation if you have an offer. thank you.--

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