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Okay, yes I have changed my name yet again...*groans*

Biography Ramble:Hey Ppls! How ya doin!(oh god i now sound southern) Okay, Im beggining to make a new biography everyday! Why, because I can, and its none of your damn buisnesse thats why!So Hmph!

Okay, Now for The Good Stuff!

Name: Stardust (seriously, thats my real name)

Last Name: Why the hell should I tell you!

Date Of Birth:January 11th, 1989

Age: Do the math

Hair: Just dyed it burgundy

Eye Color:Currently Bright Green.(it changes from blue, to green, to gray, spontaneously)

Height:about '5,8'-'5,9'

Weight: I'm not tellin!

Glasses/contacts: I have glasses, that I choose not to wear

Favorite Food:Chinese, I love all chinese food, and hot&spicy chicken strips from Wal-Mart.

Favorite Soda: Pepsi!!!!!!!!!!Yes, Pepsi is the grandaddy of all sugary drinks, and the world as a matter of fact.

Favorite Bands, and or singer:
Linkin Park
Savage Garden
Limp Biskit
Course of Nature
The Goo Goo Dolls
Michele Branch

Braces/retainers: I have braces( its sooo sad )

Cutest Actor(s):
Orlando Bloom*drools*
Keanu Reeves
Tom Cruise
Chris Klein

Obsession: Legolas Greenleaf( aka Orlando Bloom)*drools*

Things I'm good at:
Getting on peoples
Singing(im okay at it).Playing Matchmaker(hey its fun)Rollerblading
Reading( I read at a college leval, but I cant spell to save a life)
Fighting(I try...O_O;;)

Things I'm bad at: Teaching

Taking care of little people(a.k.a. any people two years of age, or younger than me)Talking to adults
Spelling and grammer
Matching clothing
Doing makeup

Things I absolutly Love Doing:
Writing Fan-fics for you internet ppls!!!!!
Getting on peoples nerves
Reading fan-fiction
Getting e-mails, and reading them
Reading positive reviews
Hanging out with guy's(they're not airheads)
Hanging out with my brother(He's actually okay to talk to)

Things I absolutly Hate Doing:
Wearing dresses
Reading reviews from other peoples storys, that have been flamed.(Its not right to flame people.I mean everyone try's, right)
Wearing make-up

Pets:Dog-Lucky(border collie)cat-Luna(shes black, and has green eyes)Snake- Bynx( python)Hedgehog- Sticky( hes white, and very cute)

Favorite Anime Couple:
Brad Hunter x Naomi Fluegal
Meier Link x Charlotte Elbourne

Favorite Anime:
Blue Seed
Dragonball Z
Ranma 1/2
Gundam Wing

Favorite Anime Movie:
Perfect Blue
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Favorite T.V. Show(s):
Fear Factor

Fave Time Of Year: End Summer, Early Fall

Favorite Month:July

Favorite Holiday:Independence day

Favorite Book(s): Broken Sky, Harry Potter, and all horror novels!!!!!!! Lord of the Rings
The Songs, and Swords series.

Favorite Author:J.K. Rowling, Betty Wren Wright, Christopher Pike, Chris Wooding(although I hate him at the moment for killing Ty in his book)and my absolute favorite thing now is Lord of the Rings by: J.R.R Tolkien( Legolas is a babe !!!!!!!!)Elaine Cunningham

Favorite Fan-fiction Authors:
Daishi MkII
Cowlman(my brother)
Tobias Horn

Thats enough rambling from me, I suppose.

All of my friends on ff.net: My old aol account got cancled, and my new one is Godessfireflyz@aol.com

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