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(Rest in Peace Dark Maelstrom)

Hey, Dark Maelstrom here, or Dark for short, of Darky, or DM, or DS92, which was my former signature. I will provide you with good action/adventure stories mostly in the Sonic the Hedgehog category with a tinge of some other stuff in there. I hope you enjoy my stories and the other things I have to offer here!

Name: You don't need to know, really. STALKERS! Just kidding, just kidding...(lol)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Interests: Playing guitar, hanging with my friends, soccer (the only sport I'm good at), playing Wii and DS games (that's all I got), playing guitar (which I'm pretty good at), rock music (any, I like all of it), photoraphy, and if it isn't obvious, writing

Dislikes: Show offs, losers, discriminators, etc

Favorite Video Games and Anime: Sonic, Bleach, and Naruto (mostly shippuuden), Red Steel 2, Mini Ninjas, MadWorld, No More Heroes 1 and 2, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Borderlands, Modern Warfare 2, inFAMOUS, Kingdom Hearts

Favorite Character: Aqua from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. She's not too innocent like Sora and Ven, not too emo like Terra, Xion or Riku, and much stronger than Kairi and Mickey. Plus, she's pretty damn strong, too, mixing magic and cool teleporting and blade attacks

Gayest Character Ever: Orochimaru from Naruto and Naruto: Shippuuden. He loves to flop that tongue like the homo he is. All he can say is "I want Sasuke" in the gayest way possible. I mean like, god! Good thing Sasuke took all of his good stuff, and killed him, with Itachi's help later! I couldn't take him any longer...plus he really likes to invade the bodies of males...hmm...

What I Like in Fanfiction: a few but good fan characters, a good and clear plot, lots of action, and tons of twists

What I Hate in Fanfiction: yaoi, too much love (that's why I hate almost all of the fanfiction on the archives, unfortunately), too many fan characters, and bad action scenes, and an unclear story, which are too many of on the archives.

Note: If you don't like fancharacters, or mine in particular, and it bother you a lot, turn away from my stories now. I have quite a few of them, and they influence the plot greatly. My stories wouldn't be the same without them.

Another Note: Most of my stories will be about Sonic, and only when I get done with my first five stories will I even think about doing a story outside the sonic archive. Sorry, but I stick to my fanfiction series when I make them.

Update Time: Whenever it feels right. When I have lots of inspiration I crank them out, but if I don't have any, I don't force a chapter and sacrifice quality. But either way, I usually manage to update once a week, and usually 2-3 times a week.

Sonic Universe: I use the games universe of the Sonic realm, and while I usually just stick to this I sometimes get influenced by other things, and I fix all of the plot holes and connect certain events with my own explanations while adding some of my own to help with character backstories.

Forums: Check out Babylon Sky Hawk's Sonic Leaders Forum, modeled after my own which unfortunately did not survive despite its overwhelming popularity. If you want to talk lots of Sonic, chill out, or if you were a member of my old forum looking for a place to go, then that is it since I am pretty much second in command over there, so it's relatively the same.

Friends on the Site

AGoI - His Chaotic Power and Chaotic Memories are some of the best stories here, and if you don't like them, you need a psycholgical evaluation. Seriously, he's just amazing.

Azure Millennium - A really cool writer with some awesome stories and OCs, I consider him my equal, and he's pretty cool on forums and such. If you wanna talk about anything or get story help, go to him. You won't regret it!

Babylon Sky Hawk - This writer has some of the best stories on this site hands down! He is very helpful with fan characters and such (he can think of some on the fly), and he is a great reviewer! You must read his stories, because they are even better than mine! He was one of the authors that inspired me to join this site!

Blue Kaous - This writer is so interactive with his fans and such on the site! He's really down to earth and nice, a great friend of mine, and incredibly helpful! His story that is inspired by my ancient deleted story Armageddon's Attack, Violet Dreams is really cool, and a must-read!

The Brawler - Another good friend from the forum. He's got great ideas, good OCs, and is a very understanding person to talk to. Love his stories.

Ciel the Hedgehog - Her Bounty Maelstrom and it's remake Bounty Hunters: Recommence are amazing. She has written so many stories, and whether they're complete or not, they all are amazing. You sure are missing out if you don't read her stories.

DJ-SlashMusika21 - My former apprentice and a great friend and writer. His main character in the Shades of Night series, Damien is such a cool OC. His stories are pretty cool, so I recommend them greatly, escpecially the Smokin' Aces story, my favorite.Force Wielder - At first I thought his ideas were cliche, but then I realized that he was just starting out, and now his writing, ideas, and such are amazing. He's BSH apprentice, so that helps, and his OCs are great.

Force Walker - A new writer with lots of potential, he has some unique ideas and cool villain OCs who you don't just hate, but sometimes feel bad for. His Shining Hope series is pretty cool and combines his OCs and the canon characters to make some cool situations, so he's one to look out for!

Kiba Sniper - Babylon Sky Hawk's mentor, her stories may not be as well known as say, mine or her student's, but their quality ishands down amazing. She was one of the three writers that inspired me to be an author on this site. Now that's she left us for difficult reasons, I look to her for her amazing writing, as even more inspiration for me. May her writing be long lived, I'll surely never forget it.

Kitsune Disciple - This writer has an amazing action story, The Devil Within, that you must read! Kitsune Disciple is way beyond most writers in skill, so you got to read The Devil Within, there's nothing to lose!

Mystery001 (Myzuno) - We're not close on the site or anything, I barely know him, but he still has some of the best stories on the site, and he is another writer that inspired me to become an author on this site. Plus, he gives wicked advice that I still follow to this day for his usefulness. All of his stories are on Mystery002's profile, basically anything published before In The End.

Mystery002 - Myzuno's successor. He's not the original, but probably just as good, knows how to write, and can really give his own flair to other things while working the community with things like contests and forums.

Skaar - He has the coolest OC, Morgul, that I just love to death with his little creepy psychological games and soul eating katana, and he can give plenty of help with yours! He has a very good story, Dark Storms, that is a must-read! So that means read it!

Sonic Phantom - We didn't get along at first because we're both stubborn people who hate it when people have something bad to say about us, but eventually we set aside our differences, and honestly, we've become really close. His stories are awesome, especially if crossovers are your thing. Check him out or die!

SparktheHedgehog123 - This dude has some great stories, and though he is still learning, he has a great start. He has some cool OCS like Spark and Goldeye, and he's always willing to help other out! Even though he doesn't visit here much, he's a great writer.

SS Armageddon - This dude has a great story, The Hour of Chaos, that I love SOO much! He even has a sequel that is even MORE AMAZING! He's also a very good friend, and his reviews have some great advice. His OC, Apollo, is a villain that is truly terrifying, and adds so much to his series.

SupergamerGreg79 - He may be new to the site, but he has a great story and an original OC, which gives him an awesome start! Read his stories! There's nothing wrong there!

Jarkes - He's not really a friend on ths site because he's anonymous, but he is probably my number one fan, reading my stories from the start. He just loves my stories so much, it's beyond words...(he did get a profile lately, but he doesn't really use it)

Fan Characters

Present OCs:

Gemini Rose the Hedgehog (Rough Images: and )

Alice the Fox

Tain the Wolf

Luxi the Dog

Aersus the Jackal

Terra the Ferret

Frost the Cat

Leo the Lion

Refuu the Monkey

Xi the Virus Nobody

Pain the Komodo

Havoc the Lynx

Sol the Dove

Phase the Salamander

Repul the Ram

Chrono the Tanuki

Bang the Falcon

Cerebral the Wolf

Lance the Wolf

Harmony the Hummingbird

Mintra the Rabbit

Nightmare Nexus the Coyote

Cyrus Tech the Fox

Typhoon the Rabbit

Past OCs:

Xavnu "Mach" the Hedgehog-elite of the Wind Tribe in the Adabat, Chosen, Hero of Freedom

Taurus the Bull-chief of Wind Tribe in Adabat, trying to lead to the other villages against the gods

Sera the Eagle-elite of Sky Tribe in Adabat, joins Mach on his journey to stop the Gods and end the war

Karo the Tiger-traveling hero, joins Mach on his journey to stop the Gods and end the war

Nase the Chameleon-part of Team Uprise after leaving Mountain Village, journeying to help defeat the Gods

Eclipse Starlight the Raven-part of Team Uprise after traveling, journeying to help defeat the Gods

Umbra the Echidna-part of Team Uprise after leaving the Nocturnus Clan, journeying to help defeat the Nocturnus and the Gods

Zerus the Echidna/Butterfly-apprentice of Nebula from Wind Tribe and controller of light, working to find and defeat the Chosen

Cecil the Dark-member of the Dark sect of the Darkness Colony, works to defeat the attacking Nocturnus and recruit Darks

Tidal the Shark-apprentice of Chaos, stays with the gods and become Nebula's other apprentice, working to find and defeat the Chosen after leaving the Aquatic Tribe

Isa Opel the Snake – A mercenary for hire, she crosses paths with the heroes many times in her assassination hires from opposing sides.

Nurel the Gizoid Prototype-A prototype Gizoid who escapes the Nocturnus labs, he stalks Isa and becomes her aid in her assassinations in the God War.

Night "Corrupt" the Dark-formerly Mach's best friend of the Wind tribe, though something about him seems to be changing.

Crater the God of Fire and Earth-God over his elements and the fire elemental monsters, he works with the other Gods to make the other races submit once again and stabilize the earth

Redos the God of Death-God over death, he works with the other Gods to make the other races submit once again restore the balance of life

Solun the God of Day and Night-God over the day and night, he works with the other Gods to make the other races submit once again

Aelogun the God of the Sky and Winds-God over the air, he works with the other Gods to make the other races submit once again

Lord of Ragnarok: Nebula the God of Rebirth-Lead god over the Divine Army, he works to hold the Gods' place over the world for the sake of order

(Under Construction!)

Favorite Sonic Characters:

5. Knuckles-A little gullible, but he's strong and he always tries to do what's right.

4. Silver-Psychic powers and absolutely determined? Awesome!

3. Blaze-She is pretty awesome, totally dedicated to what she does, and awesome fire powers! What else do you need too know?!

2. Sonic-Super speed, attitude like me, and world famous hero? Oh yeah!

1. Shadow-His own game and Heroes made him look bad, but he is still super awesome. So many uber attacks, guns, vechicles, physical strength, I mean he has the best of everyone!

Favorite Couples:

SonAmy-I know the one day Sonic will slow down, and when he does, Amy will be there, so this makes quite a lot of sense.

Knuxade-It was between this and Knuxouge, but this one is far more official, and if you played the game, you would understand how much more these two have in common.

Silvaze-Their pasts are intertwined, and Blaze did actually admit this, and what's most important to me is which one has been shown more.

Shadouge-I know Shadow needs someone, and he has a big relationship with Rouge that could sprout into love. Plus Knuckles's taken by Shade.

JetWave-Um, duh.

Okay Couples:

Knuxouge-If Shade was out of the picture, this could happen.

Tailream-Um, they're way too young, but if they were older, then no problem!

Sonaze-It could happen, I guess. Their personalities are different, but complement each other.

SilvAmy-Eh, it could happen, not really.

Terrible Couples:

Sonadow-The Sonic characters aren't gay, so no one should try to make them gay, even if they want things to support their beliefs.

Sonails-Same thing as above, hell no.

WaveStorm-Hell no!

Shadamy-Um, hello? Randomest pairing ever? They abrely even talk, and he barely calls her by name!

Favorite OC characters:

5. Damien (SlashBandicoot43)-A little cocky for my taste, but he's super powerful and is so much like my own Lunar! Hell yeah!

4. Rector (Babylon Sky Hawk)-Overprotective of his sister and super strong? Oh yeah!

3. Hex (Blue Kaous)-Um, he's amazingly powerful, and I love his cold but devilish and demanding personality! He's like the most powerful villain I've ever seen! I don't know how anyone could beat him!

2. Genesis (Blue Kaous)-He has such a unique ability of manipulating people's actual blood, he's so creepy too despite his seemingly lazy personality. An his Demon Eyes are so terrifying, but still, who wouldn't want those!

1. Mor'gul (Skaar)-Horrifying and deadly with a soul sucking sword and unbelievable power. I don't know how he does it, but he's one of the best villains I have ever come across. He inspired me to make Cyrus, and his mind games are freaky!


King: Corrupt Darkness (My OC)

Queen: Kyira the Fox Demon (Winner: Babylon Sky Hawk)

1st Bishop: Naga the Snake (Winner: Babylon Sky Hawk)

2nd Bishop: Erazor Djinn (Real Villain from Secret Rings)

1st Knight: Apollo the Hedgehog (Winner: S.S. Armageddon)

2nd Knight: Mor'gul the Wolf (Winner: Skaar)

1st Rook: Jax Rozette the Lynx (Winner: Blue Kaous)

2nd Rook: Seth the Hedgehog (Winner: Kitsune Disciple)


Completed Stories:

Sonic the Hedgehog: Series (Chapters: 80-chapter 81 is an author's note and this is a different canon from my current one.): After Eggman's death and new heroes showing up, peace reigned. But suddenly, the heroes end up in their greatest conflicts yet against Eggman Nega and the mysterious group, DARKNESS. Will the heroes be able to protect the world from them? This story won 2nd place for Best Original Plot, 2nd place for Best Multi Chapter Story, 1st place for Best Action Story, 1st place for Best Characterization, and 1st place for the grand daddy Story of the Year in the Fan Fiction of the Year Contest 2008.

Meeting of Masterminds (oneshot): A ms.smiely-and-qwerty/Dark Maelstrom project oneshot. Cytosine never thought that her universe could be changed so much, but maybe it wasn't just hers...maybe it belonged to this Cyrus as well.

Crisis of Ivory (Chapters: 60): Sonic may be in over his head this time. Eggman's tougher, GUN is corrupted, new allies have solo agendas, and a mysterious group is bringing about total chaos. With Sonic now opposing a God's vengeful apocalypse this last conflict is far from normal. This story won 2nd place for Best Original Villain (Nebula), 1st place for Most Creative/Original, 1st place for Best OC, and 1st place for Best Mixed Genre in the Fanfiction of the Year Contest 2010 (may win Story of the Year as well).

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It’s not like there’s anything here to live for. The people here are desperate; anyone who comes in has no place to look forward to, and nowhere to go..." Of course, no one ever said it had to stay this way. Saving the world? That might just fix things.
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Crisis of Ivory reviews
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A ms.smiely-and-qwerty/Dark Maelstrom project oneshot. Cytosine never thought that her universe could be changed so much, but maybe it wasn't just hers...maybe it belonged to this Cyrus as well.
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Sonic the Hedgehog: Series reviews
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