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I'm known as many names but you can call me Evie or Yumie-chan whichever you prefer. I'm 14 going on 15, strongly influenced by art, in love with photography and I'm greatly interested in writing. Take a look through my stories and give me some feedback, rough critique is greatly appreciated how else am I supposed to get better. One more thing, tlk 2 me liek dis n i will hirt u i srs. so annoying >_

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anime: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Pairings: KiryuxYusei, aka Treasonshipping/Inverseshipping
I realize why I am alive, With every step I take I draw closer to him, to my purpose, to my revenge. Yusei will pay, with his blood on my hands I will truly be, satisfied.
updated: On Fridays
Note: This story is told from Kiryu's point of view and is therefore told from first person.
The rating of this story has been changed from 'M' to 'T' because I think I was just being overly paranoid about under rating it. If violence offends you then just don't read it.

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I realize why I am alive, With every step I take I draw closer to him, to my purpose, to my revenge. Yusei will pay, with his blood on my hands I will truly be, satisfied. IMPORTANT:Story told from Kiryu's point of view.
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