Blackened Heart of Malice
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Author has written 2 stories for Evolution, and Crow.
July, 11, 2004-

Basic Rundown:

Name: Too many, some are:
Nikki, Omega, Meggy, Malice, Twiggums, Nixxwee, etc..

Gender: Bi female

Age: 5

Location: In a box on the road to Nowhere

Current occupation: Annoying the hell out of Julie, harassing religious people, making life miserable for anyone on my hitlist, and learning how to play that one goddamn song.

Horror movies, foreign movies, industrial/black/gothic/death/full out heavy metal, classical and techno, Madonna, and a lot more shit, Silent Hill, Vincent from SH3 violates profuesly, Black/purple/red/orange/neon pink, permanent markers, Brandon Lee, Any Nightmare On Elm Street movies, nailpolish, my sexy guitar, , and a lot more shit.

Chick-flicks, yellow, not being able to write, Claudia Wolf, homophobes, any show about sluts or robots, shittily drawn fanart/animes, pencils that break easy, did I mention not being able to write? --;;;

Favourite Movies: The Cell and Heavenly Creatures, along with many others.

Favourite Bands: Currently HIM, Paradise Lost, Edible Clowns, Marilyn Manson, Katatonia, and Poe. I've also been listening to Every Time I Die and the Score music from 'The Crow" a lot.

favourite games: Jet Set Radio Future, Soul Calibur( I and II), DOA3, The first Buffy game, GTA3, Sonic Adventure (SEGA!), All of the Tomb Raider games, and a lot of other ones.

What else? Nothing significant, I suppose. Check out my artsy bullshit on webshots :

Better yet, read my shit on ficpress. It's damn sure to be better than any of my fan stuff. Peace, love, and muffins. By the way, I love Vincent.
I know I only have 4 things currently, and they're all almost two years old and really shitty, but hopefully sometime I'll submit something new.
"What you call faith is nothing more then a child, crying out for love."

July 16-
Going to attempt a Silent Hill opera/musical parody type...thing. Probably going to call it something like Silent Hill goes to the Opera. Meh. Look out for more of my lovely less than thoughts.

November 15:

Deleted almost every off here, I may start off a clean slate with more fanfic shit. Go read anything by

my precious Juliekins, she's a million times better than I ever will be. I currently have ideas for a Soul calibur Fic.


November 29:

Currently working on a Crow Fic, called "Rain Forever". I'm up to Chapter Four right now, I'm posting chapters 1-3 here, to see what people think. I'm extremely proud of it so far.

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