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Heya everyone, thanks for visiting my account. Me? Well, I'm an European girl who has completed her first fanfic, yaaaay. I had never thought it would be that long. When I first started writing Fiona's Nightmare, my estimate was 45.000 to 50.000 words and it turned out to be over 96.000! It was fun, but a bit time consuming as well so I need a lil break from writing now. Due to very demanding University studies I haven't had the time to write, but maybe someday...

So as you've probably guessed from my story I'm a big fan of the video game Haunting Ground aka Demento. Video games have been one of my favourite past times since I was 4, other games I've had a lot of fun playing are Super Mario, Track and Field, Tekken 3 and 4, Silent Hill 3, Resident Evil games, Clock tower 3, Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly, theDaVinci code, Amy, Uncharted 2 and 3... However, I do enjoy good old fashioned board games as well and simple games like minesweeper and solitaire.

My other past time activities includes spending time with friends, both online and offline, traveling, shopping, going out to dinner with my boyfriend, drawing, making jewllry, listening to music and occationally solving crosswords:) When it comes to reading I have to admit I read mostly non-fiction, but I'm crazy about Dan Brown and Kathy Reichs's books. Here on ff.net I read mostly Haunting Ground, Resident Evil or Silent Hill stories as well as HG/RE4 crossovers, but only the ones with good ending:P
I also enjoy House M.D and Phantom of the Opera fanfics. House MD is one of my favourite TV show together with Lie to Me, NCIS, Prison Break and The Amazing Race. If I ever write a fanfic based on a TV-show or a movie that I really like, it'll most likely be an oneshot.

I'm not the biggest romantic on this planet, but these are the pairings I support and don't support.

I absolutely can't stand:
Leon x Ada - I'm as anti LeonxAda as you can get!
Any Haunting Ground pairing where Fiona is involved.
Leon x Ashley - YUCK!
Nate x Chloe - nooo waaay and they remind me too much of Leon x Ada

And I don't appreciate:
The Phantom(of the opera) x Christine - sorry I just don't
House x Chase - I'm absolutely not homophobic, I just don't feel any chemistry going on between them
House x Cameron - I know she had a thing for him and I don't really mind that terribly, but it was never meant to be
House x Cuddy - no, to me that's just... wrong
Leon x Claire - Not that I mind that terribly, but in my opinion, Leon thinks of her as a sister, not a girlfriend
Leon x Helena/Leon x Anglea/Leon x Manuela or any womean that isn't Fiona.

So my top fifteen pairings are:

15. Dante x Lady - althogh I have a hard time picturing Dante as a one-woman-man
14. Ada x Excella - if Ada is gay then AdaxLeon are totally unlikely to happendXD Besides, it's not that hard to picture her as a lesbian
13. Kyrie x Dante - don't ask, I really don't know why...
12. Jill x Carlos - they don't exactly rock my world like the final 5, but they're OK...
11. Chris x Jill - they're kinda cute together, aren't they?
10. Ada x Wesker - they do kinda deserve eachother
9. Christine x Raoul - sorry again, but in the end I just think thats the right couple
8. Claire x Steve - only too bad he died:(
7. The Phantom x Meg Gyri - she's so much better for him than Christine
6. Sarah x Riccardo - an OC/HG pairing
5. House x Wilson - I don't see neither House nor Wilson as gay in any way -except when it comes to eachother. The chemistry and eye contact between those two
can't be ignored, they're perfect for oneanother. As far as anyone can be perfect for House, that is.
4. Chris x Sheva - why not? XD
3. Jake x Sherry - I haven't even played RE6 and I'm already in love with this pairing _
2. Nate x Elena - they're just sooo damn cute together _
1. Leon x Fiona -yaaay *boogie*

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