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Author has written 2 stories for Resident Evil, Heavy Rain, and Haunting Ground.

Previously evilinsanity.

Proud gamer, survival horror being my favourite genre, but I'm also into action adventure and puzzle games.

Non-gaming: Nature and science, Ylvis (the fox guys) and Orphan Black.

High school science teacher. Non-native English speaker.

I read and write mostly non-fiction, however I do love Dan Brown's and Kathy Reichs's books and get a lot of my inspiration from them. For me, writing fanfictions is a fun and enganging creative outlet and great way to practice the English language.

New story: from the 2010 game Heavy Rain by QuanticDream.

My story takes place in Sept/Oct 2011, but Norman is assigned to the OK case one week earlier, resulting in certain parts of the canon storyline occurring at an earlier point. Focus will be on the police investigation, especially the forensics, an indispensable and highly crucial part of a murder investigation that sadly was more or less ignored at the cost of the futuristic ARI, as well as giving poor Norman Jayden a friend and a proper ally. Canon events and locations & stats like date, time, rainfall, choice outcomes character dialogues etc are otherwise mostly maintained, but I’ll be trying to ‘fix’ some of the numerous plot holes and inconsistencies in the canon story. Dialogue in quotation marks, thoughts in italics.

I'm threading into the dangerous territory of OC's here, hoping that someone out there will still give my story a chance. This tale is told through the eyes of Lisa (32), a PhD student at the George Washington Uni, hoping for a future career at the Smithsonian’s Natural History museum. She is currently at an internship at the Philadelphia PD forensic section as part of a university course in forensic science and epigenetics. Though creeped out by the Origami Killer case, she also sees the possibility of studying the forensics of a serial killer as a unique learning opportunity, and has her fingers crossed for an opportunity to be involved in the actual investigation. She’s intelligent, analytical, methodical, skilled with computers and a bit of a geek who enjoys quiet nights in or a chat with close friends at a cozy café or a bar. She tries to see the best in everyone, making her a bit naïve and insecure at times, although she can certainly be snarky if annoyed, met with arrogance or treated in a condescending manner. She’s seen as friendly and talkative but can be rather absentminded, and even a bit of an introvert at times, preferring to stay at home studying or watching TV. She’s been at the PD for three weeks when Norman arrives (Sept. 26) and she’ll be staying out October.

Inspiration and motivational drive behind Fiona's Nightmare:

I've been into gaming from when I was old enough to use a controller, but it was Haunting Ground that truly made me the avid and dedicated gamer I am today. Through Haunting Ground I got involved in online gaming communities, I got inspired to write and draw and I've met some lovely people over the years. Haunting Ground had such an impact on me when I first played it and still today it remains one of my favourite games of all times.

After my first experience with Haunting Ground back in 2007 I was so awestruck I had to 'get it out of my system' somehow. So I started drawing, participating on online forums etc... and writing. My original intention was to put into words the initial events of Haunting Ground, which was first just the opening, then up to when Fiona met Hewie, and then thanks to positive reviews and encouragements, turned into what is now Fiona's Nightmare.

What I wanted to accomplish with Fiona's Nightmare was to offer something not just for long-term fans but for people who hadn't experienced Haunting Ground as well. Fiona's Nightmare was written for anyone, even if they'd never heard of Haunting Ground before. That made FN very detailed and I find it amusing how people have even been able to use it as a walkthrough. It was a delicate balance though, as I tried not to bore the reader with a tedious amount of details.

I added some of my 'headcanons' as off-screen events and dwelled deep into characterization while elaborating the different character's (canon and OC) thoughts, relations and motivations as I interpreted them. I tried to cover some 'missing parts' in the canon story, like what happened between the ending in the House of Truth after Lorenzo burned up and up to when Fiona unlocked the main gate. I also wanted to include the investigation of the car accident and Fiona's dissapearence as we learn nothing of that in the game itself. During my many playthroughs I often wondered about the outside world.. surely someone must've found the wreckage and the bodies? To what extent (if any) did Riccardo go to cover his tracks? Surely Fiona must've been reported missing, surely they must be looking for her... with FN I wanted to provide answers to these questions, which meant including OC's. It also gave me the perfect excuse to introduce Leon as I'm a huge LeonxFiona shipper, and a RE4-themed exploration of Belli castle. Yet, the story was almost halfway done before I made the final decision of including him.

Update: I want to thank you all so much for all the support and feedback on my Haunting Ground story. I am so humbled and grateful for all the hits, kudos and reviews it has gotten over the years and that even after all this time reviews are still popping in now and then.


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All the main ones in Modern Family
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Leon x Fiona - Resident Evil and Haunting Ground (crossover)

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