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Welcome to my profile!
My current feel on writing
(In other words, what I am planing/thinking of writing next)

Rosario + Vampire

I am currently watching

re-watching Hunter x Hunter

Games I am currently playing


Animes that I like or watched. (Not in order by the way)

- Full metal panic (all series)
- Samurai X / Rurounin Kenshin ( This has got to be the best anime, I've ever laid eyes on. )
Avatar : Last Air bender. (Yes, I know it's not considered Anime.. but really it is an AMAZING show )
Love Hina
Absolute boyfriend
Hunter x Hunter
Hana Yori Dango
Flame of Recca
Suikuden III
Ninku (A very very very old anime. I managed to be one of the lucky ones to see it when it was airing, back when I was young )- Chobits
.//Hack : Legends of the Twilight (First Manga I read and owned )
Tsubasa Chronicles
Ouran High School Host Club
- Ah My Goddess!
- Death Note (A bit disappointing but still VERY interesting)
- Naruto
- Dragon ball (almost all the series)
I mean really, who has never heard of Dragon ball :P
- Inuyasha
- Rosario + Vampire
and more...

Games I've played

- Final Fantasy 8 ( IM A REALLY HUGE FAN. )
- Metal Gear 1,2,3 (Still working on 4. The second one disappointed me ): )
- Suikoden II and IV ( The forth one was okay, I just didn't finish it. )
- Kingdom Hearts I and II
- Final Fantasy 10 ( It was okay )
- Final Fantasy 12
- Soul Calibur
- Bloody Roar 3
and more...

Books I know
A walk to remember ( I actually read the book. :/ and It was very touching. )
- Harry Potter ( Never read, just watched the movies. )
- Ender's Game ( Heard of. )
- Twilight ( I just know of it... I would never read it. Really, It looks like a waste of time. )

PM me any suggestions for stories,
or any constructive criticism on my published stories.
I'll repeat that,
constructive criticism, not flamers.
I would love to hear them.

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