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I'm Adam, but I like to be called Zake. I'm a fan of Digimon, Pokemon, Dragonball-DragonballV, Yu-gi-oh, Zoids, Medabots, and Cardcaptors.

I like the couplings Tai Sora, Kari and Davis, Kari and T.K., Mimi and Izzy, Mimi and Joe, Ken and Yolie, Takato and Jeri, Takato and Rika, Rika and Ryo, Jeri and Henry, and Takuya and Izumi(Zoe).

I'm getting back to writing chapters for "Mystic Golden Miracle" and "Digimon Tamers", and I'm hope to get them finished before Digimon Season Four starts. I'm sorry that I haven't been writing chapters for awhile, but it's because I had no ideas at all, and now I'm continuing.

Veemon(Zakes): Yeah Zake!

Zake: Thanks Veemon, and by the way, this is my own Veemon. He digivolves to Veedramon, then to AeroVeedramon, then to AeroVeedramon Zero, and finally to Goldramon, a golden god-like digimon.

Davis: You have a Veemon too?!

Zake: Yep.

Both Veemon eyed eachother almost as if they were two cowboys in the west getting ready for a shoot-out.

Zake: So you see, I'm going to hurry with my Season two and Season three stories. And maybe when I'm writing my first Season Four story, I'll write my second Season Three story.

Takato: Yeah! Now that's what I call a devoted writer!

Tai: You still haven't written a Season One story that only has Matt, Sora, Mimi, Izzy, Joe, Kari, T.K., and me!

Zake: Okay, okay. I guess I could write a Season One story.

Agumon: Make it two.

Zake: Hey, are you taking advantage of me!!!

Agumon: No, Tai put me up to it.

Tai: Agumon, you're not supposed to tell him that, you're supposed to make him think you agree with me besides the fact we're partners!!!

Izumi(Zoe): When exactly are you writing that Season Four story?

Kouji: I was wondering the exact same thing.

Tommy: Me too.

Junpei: Same with me.

Zake: As soon as I can.

Izumi(Zoe): What!? I want an exact time!

Zoe held Zake up to the wall in a rage. Zake was really, really scared of Zoe right now.

Zake: I don't know, but please put me down.

Takuya: Okay Zoe, I think you can put him down now.

Zoe put Zake and and he wiped the sweat off his head.

Terriermon: Man, Zake got it good!

Henry: Terriermon, no nachos for a month.

Terriermon: Aw man!

Zake: One thing is for sure, I'm going to make the leaders look good!

Tai, Davis, Takato, Takuya: Yeah, we rock!


After my long rest from fics I'm going to start up again, but instead of going back to "Digimon Tamers" and "Mystic Golden Miracle" right away, I'm going to write a two chapter season one fic and get it done in one day. And it is going to be long. Not so long that it takes an hour and a half to read each chapter. Each chapter will probably take at least thirty to fifty minutes to read.(Unless you read at hyper speed)

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