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"Challenge the norm - never follow the crowd!"

Hi. I'm TokoWH. My current goal is to one day become a writer for several animated series, and hopefully one day get my own animated series produced. You can say I'm using FF.N nowadays as practice for that eventual goal.

I always try to listen to constructive criticism, though I completely ignore anything I consider a blatant flame comment. I'm always trying to improve, but that can also be a pain as it causes me to take forever to write my stories because I'm always second guessing myself and I like to add as much detail to everything as I can, without reaching into purple prose territory, which often ends up driving me mad in the process.

The most infamous example of this would have to be my 'Two Stinky Tails' one-shot, which took me three years to write because of how much I stressed over. Of course, nowadays it's nowhere near my current writing level. Pretty much the only reason I keep it up is because of that fact, and I sure as heck don't want to take another three years rewriting to get it up to my current writing standards, besides the fact that I'm not really into the Sonic fandom anymore. XD;;

Nowadays though, I mostly tend to write for fun, while generally improving my writing skills to one day reach the eventual goal. I rarely RP, but I only join non-"Serious Business" ones where fights won't break out every other week. My fics always come first too, so forgive me if it takes a long while to reply in them. Though I do prioritize my fics and stories, I still tend to take a while writing them, though it's nowhere near as bad now as the 'Two Stinky Tails' example above.

If you're someone who is waiting for me to update a specific story, please understand that I am only human, and don't try to rush me when it comes to updating them. That only causes me to take longer because it adds unnecessary stress. I'll post them when I feel like they're ready, and sometimes that can take a while.

On an unrelated note, fanart is always appreciated. Just saying. You don't have to feel intimated by it. Again, just saying. :D /maimed horribly

My deviantART account:

My FiMFiction account:

My A3O account:

The obligatory 'what's going on at the moment' Section:

This is probably the biggest update I've done in a long while now, and after being silent for so long, it may come to a shock to a lot of people, but...

... I'm ending the Spyro loops, or at least, I'm no longer going to head them.

This has been something I've been mulling over for some time now, and with recent events dealing with the loops community, I feel it is for the best. The loops are just too limiting for the stuff I wish to write, and several of my future plot threads will likely be vetoed for not fitting with another writer's views. Even though a mod had to step in and threaten everyone with a ban hammer over how it's been handled lately, there's still people acting up and throwing tantrums over people doing stuff they don't like, which was kind of the reason I left RPing to write fanfics in the first place.

I started the Spyro loops for fun, and it's become more of a chore lately because of all of this. I'm not having fun with it anymore. It's eaten up all my free time because of the reasons above, and I haven't been able to write anything else because of it. The Halloween fic I was writing during my break doesn't seem like it's happening anymore because of loops drama, which seriously p*ess me off.

To sum it up, I'm just flat out not having fun with it anymore. I've had to force myself to write it for the past few months, and I can't even take a break from it because everything seems to hit the fan when I do, and I have to conform to an ever-changing set of rules that can change on a whim and completely screw over plots I was setting up for, with no forewarning that it was going to happen.

I'm sorry to the readers of the Spyro loops. I am sorry to my fellow writers such as AbZ, Ukelele, and anyone else who has written for the loops, but I can't handle this anymore.

Does this mean that the loops are going to end off where it was? No. I'm going to write a "final" chapter that explains some of the stuff about the mega-arc and plots I was setting up for, similar to what Riv did for her fic. After that, it's up to the loops community for what they want to do with the Spyro loops from there. They may continue it, they may leave it off where it is, it's all up to them. I, however, will no longer be leading the charge.

So, what does this mean for future Toko? I will likely pick up Scattered Embers again and continue from where I left off. Depending on what works out, I may end up doing a collab with GoldenGriffiness set in her Legend of Cynder canon or another fic that uses the "Spyros swap worlds" plot I never got to write for the loops. I would also like to see if I could rewrite the plot I had for my Halloween fic into a normal fic in the future. This may all be on-going at the same time, but I am unsure on that. I have also started work on an original book/series I intend to publish, with similar themes to the Spyro loops, so be on the look-out for that in the future.

Again, I apologize to all my readers of the loops, but I just can't continue on with things like they are in the community. I talked to several of my friends about it, and they agreed it was for the best. I may never have a fic quite as popular as the Spyro loops again, but regardless of popularity, it's not a thing I enjoy writing anymore. I hope you can all understand.

In the meantime, this is TokoWH, signing off. Hopefully, you'll still have a good day despite this rather disheartening news.

Fandom's I'm into:

Spyro the Dragon: Obviously. I'm a bit odd though in that unlike the two camps the Spyro fandom seems to be set in, I like both Classic and Legends series equally. As for Skylanders, I don't really see that as an actual Spyro series as I see it as a series which Spyro and Cynder guest star in, kind of like Sonic and Snake in Brawl, but I'm mostly indifferent to it. Some things interest me about it, but I hate how it's basically a massive merchandising ploy Activision started up because they drove Guitar Hero into the ground. Would love to see Spyro get his own series to himself again in the future, though.

Pokémon: Again, obviously. Been a massive Pokémon nerd since I saw the original anime series way back in the 90s. Now I'm indifferent to the anime series, but am still massively into the games. Though I don't do competitive battles anymore like I use to.

Ace Attorney: Who would have thought a series about court room antics could be this awesome? I love this series, and it has some pretty awesome murder mystery plots to it. This is a series I really want to write more for, but coming up with original complicated murder mystery plots is really hard...

Friendship is Magic: Yes, I do like this series. I wouldn't say I'm a 'brony' though, since sadly that phrase has gone from 'male fans who like the show' to 'semi-insane fans who take their obsession with the show waaaaaay too far'. I like it, but no where near the point I'm obsessing over it 24/7. Would write for this more, but I have a hard time getting the characters personalities right when I write them. Also: Rainbow Dash is the best pony. Anyone who says otherwise is clearly in denial. /shot

Minecraft: Uh, yeah. If you ever wondered what a good part of why I take sometime writing my fics, this is it. /shot/ Would write for this, but it's kind of hard figuring out how to write something that's basically building stuff and surviving.

Megaman: Have you ever had that one video game series you love, but are absolutely terrible at? Yeah. That's Megaman for me in a nut-shell. One of my favorite video game series, but I'm complete s* when it comes to playing it. Would write for it, but have no good ideas for it.

Yu-Gi-Oh: You can blame The Dragon Knight and JetH7 for getting me into this (and possibly GoldenGriffiness too), though granted I did watch the original anime as a kid. Recently started getting back into it and learning all the new things that have been introduced in that time though, and completely addicted to duels now. If you're interested in dueling me and have a Dueling Network account, feel free to PM me!

Fanfiction goals:

Have one of my fics suggested on TV Tropes.

Have someone else make a TV Tropes page for one of my fics without asking them to do so.

Stuff I've achieved that I feel note worthy:

Had someone draw fan art of one of my fics without requesting/commissioning them to.

Actually completed one of my multi-chapter fics.

Made a multi-chapter fic that exceeds thirty chapters.

Have one of my fics break thirty three thousand views on Fanfiction.Net.

Had one of my fics break one thousand views on DeviantART.

Had one of my fics break six thousand views on Archive of our Own.

Got one hundred reviews for one of my fics.

Made a shipping name that widely became accepted as the fandom term. (BlazingAurashipping: Riolu X Vulpix)

Make a fic that exceeds 300,000 words.

Comments on my writing style, what I tend to write the most, and what not:

First off, I'd like to keep in mind that I'm still working on how I write, so it's not perfect. As I said before, I'm still working on my 'show, don't tell'. Though that's what I consider my biggest flaw when it comes to writing, I'm making great strides to over come it. As for when it comes to describing environments and details in my works, I like to thing I have a good grasp of providing enough detail without going straight into 'purple prose' territory, though admittedly I do tend to get a bit 'chinsy' if I'm feeling a bit tired or stressed at the time, or if I'm on a deadline.

When it comes to my writing style, generally I like to go against common fic trends and 'clichés' in the fandom. For example, if someone is usually portrayed as a 'death eater' in most fics they appear in, you can bet I'm going to do everything to go against that characterization. At the moment I'm mostly writing Spyro fics set in the 'classic verse' because I generally find it easier to write for. I try to work on my 'show, don't tell' style a lot, though mostly it just results in people raising their eyebrows a lot. XD;; /shot

In general, I prefer developing characters than using static personalities established in canon. This is why I tend to use Ember and Classic Spyro in my Spyro fics a lot. Legends Spyro (in my personal interpretation of his character) has more or less been shell-shocked into being a 'perfect hero' due to his involvement in the war, and Cynder is pretty much limited to being 'depressed because of her past' and the general populace in-universe hating her. That doesn't really leave room for a lot of different character development potential in my personal opinion.

Meanwhile, Classic Spyro is a cocky, sarcastic, and a bit of an ass. True, that's a pretty generic character type, but there are also many ways you can go with that characterization. He could be a cocky jerk who eventually develops into a more decent hero, a cocky jerk who's actions go a bit too far and he has to suffer the consequences, or a cocky jerk who deep down has a good heart, and just needs someone to bring it out more. The same pretty much goes with Ember. She's just a fangirl in canon, but there are many ways that can go to. She can be a naïve girl who just needs to grow up a bit more, a girl who has an adventurous nature deep down and her crush on Spyro is her way of 'living through him' so to speak, or a girl whose a bit more smartest than she lets on.

In other words, while Legends Spyro and Cynder can't be developed much because they've already gone through their own development in canon, and thus leaving fewer development opportunities, Classic Spyro and Ember have more development potential because they weren't developed much in canon, hence why I tend to write classic Spyro verse fics instead of legend verse.

As for what I tend to write the most, currently it's a tie between Spyro and Pokémon, with Spyro currently in the lead. Spyro has always been one of my favorite franchises, and the multiple canons make it easy to write for. Generally, I tend to write for the 'classic' series despite it not being as popular as the 'Legends' series due to the fact that classic series fics tend to come more easily to me than the Legends series. Regardless, I enjoy both series equally.

As for Pokémon fics, generally I tend to write fics that actually focus on Pokémon. I know, quite the shocker given what normally gets written in this fandom, huh? I prefer fics that focus more on the titular Pokémon themselves than ones that focus on the anime/manga/game characters.

Stories I'm reading, as well as plan on reading in the future: (Note: I only take three story reading request at a time. Please wait until I have an empty slot before requesting one. Thank you.)

GoldenGriffiness' 'Legend of Cynder' series: The one I'm currently reading at the moment. There are several reasons for this, a few of which are personal and secretive. Currently up to mid-way in 'Night Terrors'. Will likely stop after certain events Goldie has stated will happen in her DotD adaption, partly so I can move on to the next thing I need to read, and partly because of other secretive reasons.

Dardarax' 'Dark Legacy' series: Again, kind of goes hand and hand with the main reason I'm reading through Goldie's 'Legend of Cynder' series. Not sure how far I'll get in it though. Mostly, it's going to be for more secretive reasons, as with Goldie's above series.

Currently empty slot: Yeah. Other than the above two, I don't have any others I need to read at the moment, so that means this is currently empty. If anyone has any suggestions of stories they'd like me to read, or even recommendations of stories they want me to read, feel free to do so.

My fanfiction 'pet peevs':

'X Canon character the Death Eater': If there is one fanfiction trope I absolutely can not stand, it is this. It's stupid, pointless, and a terrible plot device that shows how much of a n00bish writer the person using it is. You should never, ever use this trope in a fic. Even if you hate the character, even if it gets in the way of your favorite pairing, NEVER. USE. THIS. TROPE!

Sorry if I'm stressing this too much, but you should always, always try to keep characters as true to their characterization as possible, regardless of feelings. Even if you want a character to play the alpha b* to break up the main couple so your favorite couple can have a chance, you should always consider making an OC to fill that role before you derail a character to make the plot work. Derailing a character just make your story work is never a good thing. EVER.

The 'Post-Dawn of the Dragon' template: Obviously, this is a Spyro specific pet peev, and I'm sure anyone who's a verteran of the Spyro archive should know what I'm talking about. If you don't, allow me to present the summary I posted to the 'Fandom Specific Plot' page of TV Tropes:

"A new ancient evil emerges, and Spyro, Cynder, and a ton of OCs (one of them possibly a human turned dragon) must stop it. A long the way, they encounter Flame and Ember who some how managed to survive the temple raid at the start of the first game, and nine times out of ten Ember is derailed into a death eater to make Cynder seem more likeable. While all this is going on, Spyro and Cynder are struggling with their Super Powered Evil Sides while also trying to admit their feelings for one another despite Cynder already admitting her love for Spyro at the end of DotD, with some contrived situation (Usually caused by Ember) breaking them up, only to get back together a few chapters later with little to no problem. Also, double points if Malefor shows up and pulls a Dr. Wily by hijacking the plot."

Granted, there are some more minor details in it that most people either don't follow or know about, and some of the fics that follow this template can be really good regardless, but that explanation up there basically sums up like 90% of the Spyro fanfic archive today. Seriously.

I get that it's easy to follow and come up with a story for, and that the way the Legend of Spyro series ended didn't really leave room for many other plots, but come on writers! When you see what is basically the same fic with some minor details changed over and over again, things tend to get old and quick. At least try to think of something new and different instead of following the norm. That's why I tend to mainly write fics set in the classic series, to help add some diversity to the archive. I'm not saying you have to write classic series fics, but at least try something new or different that hasn't been done a million times over.

Pokémon... Without Pokémon: This is something I have never gotten. Despite being the freaking title of the series... The number of 'Pokémon' fanfics that don't actually have Pokémon appear in them is insane. Pretty much if it isn't a fic set in the PMD (which everyone is a Pokémon by default), or about some Mary/Gary Sue/Stu trainer starting his own Pokémon series... Chances are it's a highschool AU or a fic that rips off some movie staring the anime/game/manga cast... Minus their Pokémon.

All I can say is... Wut? Okay, while I'll admit that I don't like highschool AUs or 'fusion fics' as people call them, not having the titular monsters in a fic about 'Pokémon' is just... No. I get that you want to focus more so on the trainers relationships and what not, but hell, at least include their Pokémon in it as some way. I don't care if it's just someone petting their Pokémon, just make some nod that their still there. The main theme of the franchise is the bond between people and their Pokémon, and by removing them you're basically missing the whole point of the franchise!

In short: There's absolutely no reason to take Pokémon out of your fic Pokémon fic, even in Highschool AUs or 'Fusion' fics. It's incredibly pointless to do so and is an insult to the franchise if you do.

'Novelizing' the plot to the PMD games: Yet another Pokémon pet peeve I have, I find it shockingly common that whenever someone does write a PMD fic, it's usually just copying the plot straight from one of the games with whatever Pokémon the writer got as in-game characters for the main characters.

This pretty much goes hand in hand with the 'Post-Dawn of the Dragon' template rant I posted above, as well as me always striving to be as original as possible. I get that the PMD games have a rather touching story to them, and it's what gets a lot of people into pure Pokémon ships (I myself got into my Riolu X Vulpix ship this way), but... If I wanted to experience the story of the games, I would, I dunno, actually play the games.

Besides that fact, copying the base plot down from something else is an incredibly lazy thing to do for a fic. If you want to write about the characters you've become attached to, then how about writing a fan sequel to the games about what could possibly come after it? If you really want to 'novelize' it though, then at least add a crap ton of new content to it that wasn't in the games to make it worth reading instead of just playing the games again. Using the base story as a general idea of where to go is fine, but always strive to be original and creative in some way by spicing things up that weren't there before, and never just copy a story down to the very last sentence.

Speaking of which, while we're on the topic of copying stories from other media...

'Fusion' Fics: Or, as I like to call them, 'Copy-and-paste' fics. If you've been on fanfiction for even a month, I can almost guarantee you've read at least one. Usually in the cross-over section, it can easily be summed up as this:

"'X' series plot but with 'Y's series characters!"

Yeah. Like the I said above in the 'Novelizing' the PMD games, basically 'Fusion' fics boils down to taking the plot from one series and replacing the characters from it with characters from another franchise. Personally, as with the 'Novelizing' rant above, I find this an incredibly lazy thing to do. If I wanted to read the plot from a series, I'd actually watch that series in the first place. It probably wouldn't bug me as much if not for the fact that, instead of having the alternate characters react in-character to their own franchise at the different scenarios, basically they completely replace the characters personality with the ones from the franchise ripping off to follow the plot to a T.

In my opinion of what a 'Fusion fic' should be, instead of blatantly copying the plot and completely bastardizing everyone's character from the other franchise in the process, a 'Fusion fic' should be a good combination of both plots from both franchises. Characters can replace other characters, but new situations and scenarios should rise from having this new characters and personalities, and the plot from one series should just be used as a 'reference' and never copied down to the last letter. As always folks, be somewhat original with your fics. Don't just copy!

'Trapped in TV Land' fics: Or, as they're more commonly known in the Spyro fandom; 'human turned dragon' fics.

Yeah, not much to say about this one. They pretty much boil down to blatant wish fulfillment, often have plots that are made up as they go along, and even disregarding the blatant impossibility of it, are a very unrealistic portrayal of what being trapped in another world where you technically don't exist would be like.

No, being turned into a member of the major species there will make you good at fighting, especially if your quadruped and had no prior combat experience. No, the protagonist/whoever is going to believe that your a being from another world based on your word. No, they most definitely aren't going to let a crazy person who thinks they're from another world crash at their house, and no, your not going to win your fantasy girl/guys heart, especially if they're already in a relationship.

Your life isn't going to be cushy there. If anything, you'll have a much harder time there. Not only do you not have any money, and if you do, it likely means nothing in that world due to different currencies, getting a job will likely be hard as you likely won't have any proof of education, I.D., or birth certificate to prove you are who you say you are, or prove your qualified for the job. (And again, if by some miracle you do, it's likely meaningless in that world because where you got that education from likely doesn't exist there, there might be a different form of I.D., as well as birth certificates.)

You'll likely spend many nights out on the streets, having to do grunt work with no questions asked if your lucky. Even then, you'll have to worry if your body can take what this world has to offer, even if you transform when your there. Different diseases, bacteria, food that's not fit for normal human consumption...

Basically, what I'm saying is that it just doesn't work like people portray it would. At the end of the day, the only people who read this blatant form of wish fulfillment are the people who write it, and other who also write this stuff. For the rest of us grounded in reality though, it's not entertaining to read about some shmuck who we barely know twist the characters we love to his whim in a deluded fantasy. If there's a deconstruction of the concept that addresses all the problems pointed out above and has the character struggle in the world, then that would be great because it's not blatant self indulgent wish fulfillment. Its taking the concept and addressing it in a way that would be interesting for everyone to read because it's playing it as realistic as it possibly can be.

Playing it straight, however, only results in rolled eyes.

Fun things you should check out:

The Spyro Fanfiction Drinking Game: A fun thing listing a lot of common Spyro fanfic clichés that plague the Spyro archive. There's no fic specifically targeted here, and its mostly a for fun thing that's not met to be mean spirited or anything. I and a few others mostly put this together to list several things that should really be avoided in Spyro fics if it can. If your a new aspiring Spyro fic writing, I highly suggest checking it out.

Forums I frequent:

A Load of Pokeballs: A general Forum under the Pokémon category.

Shadows Come from the Light: Another general Forum under the Spyro category.

Spyro Loops: One of my Forums for my fic, the 'Spyro loops'. Works like a general Forum to discuss anything, as well as a way for people to submit their own 'snippets' to be featured in the fic.

Funny quotes from true conversations I've had, be them with or without context:

Sixxus: Comes to be expected about the lessons, and which is OP again, the pineapple, or the Dual Luna collapsible Scythe-Staff?

Me: The pineapple.

My fics:

Name: The twelve days of Pikmas.

Status: Complete.

Description: 'Just something silly I came up with for Christmas.'

Fic style: Poetry/Parody.

Comments: Basically, the twelve days of Christmas with a Pikmin twist. As said, it was just something silly I came up with for Christmas... 2010? 2011? I dunno. Just something fun that shouldn't be taken very seriously.


Name: Alone

Status: Complete

Description: 'Why? Why did this have to happen? Why to them? Events take place before the first Pikmin game. Rating might be bunked up in later chapters. Please R&R.'

Fic style: First person.

Beta-reader: none

Comment: My first multi-chapter fic that I actually finished. It's... Too be honest, it's not one of my favorites. I only wrote it because I was PO'd at the time, and there are gammar and spelling errors galore in it. If you want to read it and get a idea of where I started, you can. Just be warned, being one of my oldest 'serious' fics in my archive, it ain't pretty.


Name: Distant Memories.

Status: Oneshot, complete.

Fic style: First person

Beta-reader: none

Description: After the events of Explorers of Sky, a Riolu reflects on the past he can't remember... Short oneshot. BlazingAurashipping and Heroshipping.

Comment: Just something cute I wrote just because. Nothing really too outstanding, and it feels a bit weird sense all the characters are anthro and wear cloths in a canon where it's established they don't normally do such things. This is the fic I usually the one I tend to forget about the most.


Name: Two Stinky Tails

Status: Oneshot, complete.

Fic style: Thrid person

Beta-Reader: Tailsisreal

Description: Actually a redux of an older fic I made long ago, this was based off a dream I had where Tails traveled to Acme in search of a Chaos Emerald and ended up in a classic Fifi/Pepe short. Took me three years to write this monster, and even longer if you consider the original draft I wrote when I was dead tired... Though that's not really saying much sense it's only around 10,000 words. I mostly blame procrastination and constantly second guessing myself at the time. XD;;

That said, I do consider this the turning point for myself as a writer, as I put everything I had into it at the time and didn't give up on it for three years when I use to abandon my stories left and right back then. Keep in mind that I was just really starting to develope as a writer at the time, so some parts might feel a bit stiff in both dialogue and narration, and back then I was firm believer that 'said is an evil word and must die in a fire', so a lot of people end up 'stating' stuff in it. There's also a part at the end which I personally consider to be an Ass Pull due to finally starting to get tired of how long it was taking to write, but that said many people also consider it a massively awesome character development moment for a certain character so... YMMV on that.

Still, all that said, I hope you'll still enjoy it. (Hopefully a lot more than I did writing it towards the end there. lol XD /shot)


Name: Scattered Embers

Status: In limbo until I finally figure out what I want to do with it, and likely get better at handling multiple fics at once.

Fic style: Third person.

Beta-reader: Riverstyxx

Description: She was his number one fangirl, though he just found her as nothing more than an annoying pest. However, when a series of events thrust the two into an adventure spanning a multitude of worlds, she just might be his only hope of returning home in one piece.

Comments: Originally started out as a 'self imposed challenge' fic to see if I could pull off a fic with Ember as the main character, this would have to be the fic I've had the most fun working on so far. Trying a lot of new things I haven't done before, and so far I'm enjoying it. To get to the main core of it, thanks to the three major villains of the classic trilogy, the Ember from the classic series ends up getting flung into many different fanfiction worlds and canons. I'll list each fic visited on my profile as they appear in the fic. (will continue the description once I don't have to worry about spoiling anything anymore.)

Fics that have appeared in it so far:

Kendell's 'The Legend of Spyro: A New Dawn'


Name: Budding Feelings, Broken Hearts

Status: Complete/one-shot

Fic style: Third person

Beta-reader: Riverstyxx

Description: All Elora wants is to make sure the realms are upholding the holiday truce. All Spyro wants is to give his Valentine to Elora. All Ember wants is to give her Valentine to Spyro. Oh, and Agent 9 is convinced Ember is a rhynoc spy for the Sorceress in disguise. Yep, it's Valentine's day in the dragon realms.

Comments: Quite possibly the longest one-shot I've ever written, and from what people have told me, my current 'Magnum Opus', this massive thing was something I made for fun on Valentine's Day 2014. Considering I marathoned it in little under a week too, I consider it a marked improvement over my previous one-shot, 'Two Stinky Tails'. The description pretty much says it all, we have a classic 'love triangle' with a twist. Though there were a few things I had to cut out due to time restraints, I still consider this one of my better works. If you have the free time to read through all 23,000 plus words, I'd suggest giving it a chance.


Name: The Infinite Loops: A Tale of two Realms

Status: On-Going, and will continue to be on-going until I or my fellow authors writing this run out of ideas for it, or the quality of it starts to slip.

Fic Style: Third person

Beta-reader: Riverstyxx

Additional users who have contributed snippets to this series: Barryc100588, AbZHz101, Ukelelenarwhal, Masterweaver, GoldenGriffiness

Description: 'Two separate realms are stuck in a time loop with only a few of the beings living there aware of it happening. Though initially distraught from having to do everything over again and again, soon enough they begin to resort to some interesting ways to blow off steam and keep their sanity. Though no one knows how it happened, only one thing is for certain. Hilarity quickly ensues.'

Comments: Currently the most popular fic I've worked on so far! Originally started by Innortal, 'The Infinite Loops' is a popular new fanfiction trend going around the net where characters from any franchise get locked in a time loop and have to repeat the events of their series over and over again. Many other people have given this a try for other franchises, so I decided to give it a try with Spyro... Both the classic and legends series, to be exact. Mainly because I couldn't decide on either of them. /shot

This fic is a massive collaboration of authors either submitting their own snip or working together to write a snip. To tell who worked on who, next to the loop number when a new loop starts in the fic, there will be some text along the lines of "(Feat: example username)" to give credit to those who worked on it. If the loop number doesn't have any text like that next to it, it's a loop skit that I personally wrote myself. In addition, writers who wrote for this will also be credited on my profile above the description.

Sense this is a highly episodic series that is worked on by multiple authors, it likely won't have a definite 'end' to it. Rather, it'll likely go on until people lose interest in writing for it and I run out of ideas for snips, and even then I might comeback to it later if any ideas hit me for skits. It's mostly intended to be a comedic series, but that say it can still get rather dark at times. As such, reader discretion is advised.

If you'd like to submit a snip to this, check out the SpaceBattles thread (The current thread at the moment), or the Official FF.N Spyro loops Forum. Also, the Infinite Loops as a whole has it's own TV Tropes page that covers all the loops in the shared universe.


Plot bunnies I've had that I may or may not ever get around to:

Currently unnamed Recursive Fanfic: Yeah, this is probably the first time ever I've attempted anything like this. I don't want to reveal too much about it, but I will say it has to do with the Pokemon anime, Dawn appears in it, and it focuses more on her Pokemon, Buneary in particular. There's also going to be an OC appearing in it that from the fic this fic is based on. It'll likely be a chapter fic, and I though I have specific scenes already planned out, I'm trying not over think it too much, and just write a lot of it as I go a long. Will post a link to the fic it's based on once I have the first chapter up.

Status: Most likely dead, as I have no idea where the chapter went to, as well as a fading interest in Pokemon.


Sequel to 'Distant Memories': Someone in a recent review asked if I would do this, and my response was pretty much: 'Sure, why not.' Likely would just be a short one-shot detailing Sky and Aura's son and his first adventure in Wigglytuff's guild. Doubt I'll continue it past that.

Status: Unlikely, due to a fading interest in Pokémon and not really being into the Mystery Dungeon...


'Two Stinky Tails' sequel: Thinking about it. I'm beginning to think of a possible sequel idea, but... I don't know. I still like the Fifi and Tails as a pairing, even though I'm honestly not that big of a Sonic fan anymore. If I did write it, Tails would likely be the only character to return from the Sonic portion of the cross-over, and references to other characters from the Sonic series would be spares. Would I say it's unlikely that I'll get around to writing this...? No. Will be a long while before it happens? Possibly.

Status: Most likely dead. I'm actually thinking of taking the original Two Stinky Tails down, to be honest, despite the hell it caused me.


Ed Edd 'n Eddy-Death Note cross-over: Now, before anyone groans, I promise you... This won't be 'Death Note's plot BUT WITH EEnE CHARACTERS!'. I feel there are waaaaaaay too many Death Note "Fusion Fics" on the internet, so I plan for this one will be a completely original story that deals with how the Eds will deal with the psychological affects the Death Note can have on people...

Status: Most likely dead. Considering taking this plot bunny down.


'Turnabout Dragons (Working title)': On the first anniversary of Malefor's defeat, a party is held at the dragon temple in Spyro and Cynder's honor. However, things take a turn for the worst when someone is murder in the library, and the being looming over him and covered in his blood is... Cynder!?

The dragoness swears she didn't do it, but due to her past transgressions, no one believes her and she is now facing the death penalty for all she's done. No one willing to defend her due to believing she has once again back to her villainous ways, Spyro and the Guardians are forced to summon a legendary defense attorney from another world in a last ditch effort to save her. However, is this one case even the 'Comeback King' can't turn around...?

Status: Idea still burning in my head, but a fading interest in Ace Attorney isn't helping.


'The Adventure Continues!': An episodic, 'slice of life' series based on the classic Spyro trilogy. Mostly it'll be a series of one shots that will eventually include other Spyro canons in one way or another, though I do have some mini-plots planned that will happen in between each one shot.

Status: Maybe once I get some of my other current up and coming projects out of the way...


'The Seven Winged Dragon (Working Title)': Based on the 'Legend of' Spyro trilogy. It has been a few years since Malefor's defeat at the paws of Spyro and Cynder. Though things have been peaceful and Cynder has slowly been accepted back into society as a whole, Spyro begins to wonder what happened to the purple dragons in between him and Malefor. When the guardians inform him of the library of Zephyer, headed by a philosopher purple dragon who ran away to escape Malefor's war, Spyro is eager to go check it out with Cynder by his side.

However, when they get there they find it in massive disrepair, old and tattered books scattered all over the place. As the two search to see if Zephyer is still a live, Cynder hears a voice that compels her to journey deep into the libraries depths. There, she discovers a book, the cover riddled with claw marks and the words 'DO NOT READ' hestily sprawled on it. Though she at first heads the warning, natural curiosity and an odd compelling feeling eventually gets the better of her. Taking the book back with her to the temple to read later, she begins to feel an odd uneasy feeling as she and Spyro make their way back.

Little does she know though, someone, or rather, something has followed her back as well... Something that even Spyro might not be able to save her from.

Status: Not sure. May just pull this, to be honest...


'Big City Pokémon!': Not based on any specific branch of the Pokémon series, this is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. A group of Pokémon and their misadventures of living in a big city.

Stacy is quite the prized Vulpix, having won countless Pokémon Contest under the famous coordinator Kyle Johnson, stage name 'Kyle Styles'. Living a very pampered life and having quite the rather pompous personality to go a long with it, she and her trainer have decided to take a break in Lucia City, the 'city of dreams'. That night she is almost kidnapped by a pair of common thieves in hopes of selling her on the black market for loads of money. Managing to get away, she is now faced with a problem. Almost never having been left alone before in such a 'lower class' place, she now must navigate back to where she and her trainer were staying.

Along the way, she meets Rioli. The unofficial leader of a group of rather eccentric Pokémon that live in the alleyways, Rioli is more than happy to help her in her attempt to get back home. Though Stacy is initial put off a bit by this 'hyperactive ruffian', after he and his friends help her get home she admits she's rather intrigued by the group. Unfortunately for her, despite what her opinion of them may be, the group has also taken quite the liking to her.

Like it or not, she now finds herself routinely caught up in their daily misadventures, and now has to try desperately to hide this new life forced upon her from her trainer. Despite the general annoyances and problems they cause though, Stacy slowly begins to admit that they certainly make her life much more interesting...

Think of it like a 'slice of life cartoon series' focusing on the titular Pokémon, in other words.

Status: Unlikely, due to a fading interest in Pokemon.


'Amethyst Gone': Yet another classic Spyro verse fic... of sorts.

No one's sure how it happened. On that one morning, Spyro and Sparx had just vanished, not a single trace of them anywhere in the realms. A frantic search begins, but all leads turn to a dead end. With a heavy heart, the beings of the realm have no choice to face facts by proclaiming them legally dead.

Now with the two greatest heroes of the Dragon Realms gone, who's to stop the bad guys from running amok? How will the characters deal with the two of them gone? And what did happened to the two of them? Only time will tell...

Status: Still find this an interesting idea, but I'm worried it'll fuel Classic fan fodder...


'Spyros unwanted Hoard': A fic set in the 'Legend of Spyro' verse. Yes, you read that right. I don't just strictly write classic fics after all... Though I am still wondering what the f*k was going through my mind when I thought of this...

Spyro is the legendary purple dragon, destined to guide the fate of his era. He's faced many challenges in his life. Nearly dying many times trying to stop a war, fighting the Dark Master, and pulling the planet back together. But now, he must face his greatest challenge yet... an unwanted harem of dragoness'.

Status: Maybe? I'm thinking about combining this with another series I may be writing, since I'm not sure if I can get a solid plot out of this alone.

I'm generally not into shippings, but the shippings I support:

BlazingAurashipping: Riolu X Vulpix. Besides being my top two favorite Pokémon, I fell in love with this shipping since I first played through PMD:EoS (Needless to say, my team was Riolu and Vulpix.). It also helps that I actually created the name for the shipping too. (Proof: ) I named it after my team's name in-game, BlazingAura. (Despite that Riolu was the lead and Vulpix was the partner. I mean, AuraBlazing doesn't have the same ring on it to me. XD)

Hunter X Bianca: Don't believe there's an actual shipping name to this... Regardless, I really like the pairing. It's cute, and their personalities really work off each other in fics. XD

Pretty much any pairing including Spyro that's not with an OC: Keep in mind that before I say anything, I see there being two Spyro canons with two different Spyros, (three, if you count Skylanders), so yeah, I don't have a particular favorite "Spyro X 'Character'" pairing in the Spyro fandom. For my comments on the 'big three' pairings though:

I like Spyro X Cynder mainly because it's canon, and after all the hell they went through they deserve to be happy together. Generally if this fic is based in the 'Legends' canon, I'll prefer this pairing. The fic would have to do a pretty excellent job explaining why they would ever break up and be with someone else, while keeping all the characters perfectly in character and not turn someone into a dreaded 'Death Eater' for me to consider otherwise. (A feat which, sadly, I have yet to see anyone properly pull off. Shame, sense that would actually be a rather good fic if pulled off well, but that's another topic entirely.)

I like Spyro X Ember because it allows for great character development potential and hilarious situations, though as for the reasons I said above, it would pretty much have to be set in the 'classic' Spyro continuity as opposed to his Legends for me to go with it right off the bat.

Out of the 'big three' though, Spyro X Elora is probably my least preferred of the three because I'm not a big fan of pairings with a massive species gap like that. Sorry, folks. I'm not oppose to interspecies pairings, but when they're a big gap like a dragon and a faun... Yeah. Plus there's the rather massive age difference between them, as I believe Spyro was like around twelve in the classic trilogy and Elora looks to be in her late teens.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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