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Hey everybody! My name is Sara (Sarabella to my mom) and posting (and reading) fanfiction is my way of keeping sane while waiting for my favorite authors to put out something that I haven't yet devoured. It annoys my husband for me to stay up late reading and writing, but it keeps me from getting too grouchy, so it's really in the public interest! (You know how it is. Sometimes you just have to write! The story just won't shut up and if you try to ignore it, it haunts your dreams. Other times it gives you the cold shoulder and you get all those cranky e-mails from people who think you're ignoring the story rather than the other way around. It's really frustrating, actually.)

I hope you enjoy my work and drop me a note to let me know what you think! I am a total sucker for compliments, but I appreciate constructive criticism, too!

Thanks for stopping by :)


Just to eliminate any confusion, Truth or Consequences is not dead, nor is it discontinued. It is alive an well and thriving happily on this site's sister site, Fiction Press dot com. I moved it there after some very good advice that I received from an enormously helpful reviewer. Never underestimate the power of a well written review! I began this story as a fan fiction inspired by Twilight. It was my own version, all the things that my characters would do. All the changes I would make to the mythology. It rapidly evolved into something more, however. As a writer, I can only work with what the characters give me, and they weren't giving me Bella and Edward. It seems that they have decided to remain Becca and Ian, whatever that may mean for the story. There's really no denying that it no longer follows Twilight canon (not even close) nor has it for a while. Because this story has become my own (despite my best intentions) I decided to move it to FP under my account of the same name. It is available there in it's entirety (plus some chapters that I've written since the move). If you ever had any attachment to the story, then I invite you to pick it up over on Fiction Press and come along for the ride. There's still a few twists and turns left before it lets me go. If not, then I wish you well in your pursuits and thank you all heartily for your support and kind words.



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Very AU & Alt Reality. Legolas never left Middle-Earth, but stayed behind to look after Aragorn's children--most specifically the first-born daughter of each generation. This generation's daughter was never prepared to believe in Elves, much less Legolas.
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Definition?: To Imply by Stup1D-sk00LyarD-CRUSH reviews
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Truth and Consequences reviews
Set in West Virginia, Rebecca meets the new guy in school who seems to have an incomprehensible interest in her.What is it about her that he is interested in? Read to find out. Rated M just in case.
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