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Real Name: Aaron Michael Orr (don't care if you google it, also don't know why you would bother)

Gender: Male

What can I say, for the past years I've really enjoyed reading fan fiction and the variety of unique and original ideas that spring up from time to time, though some things are just more annoying than their worth. I'm not likely to enjoy a story if its yaoi, extremely dark, is poorly executed with no focus (though i'm sure this applies to everyone), has the same tired old concepts where a character who was originally reasonably powerful reaches uber-Mary Sue, or is really just a rehashing of other story ideas.

Fanon: Naruto primarily due to the prevalence of the source material, and the somewhat ambiguous way canon is written. There is a lot of potential for creative writing where Masashi Kishimoto gives you a little info on the characters and you get to expand on those characters to your hearts content. Of course there is always taking an established character and turning it on it's head. That's always nice.

I personally think one of the greatest things about Naruto as a ninja is his drive to succeed, hell if I had to try a bunshin over and over again and again and found the result to be the same I would have given up a long time ago. Instead he persevered and even though he has not managed to perform the Bunshin No Jutsu he was able to perform the Kage Bunshin No Jutsu in a way that no one can copy. He learned the rasengan, a jutsu which cannot be copied, in a little over a month, he developed it even further into the Oodama Rasengan.

Concepts I can't stand in Naruto Fanfics would include, doe eyed love interests falling all over Naruto. It's fricking awkward to read about. Same as having Kyuubi (Kurama) comment or even offering advice to Naruto on bagging said doe eyed love interests. To paraphrase from my favorite internet meme, Kyuubi don't give a shit. Another concept I can't stand is the Nefarious Danzo. Danzo was added as a b-grade villain that Kishimoto never brought up to the level of master planning that a lot of fan fic authors try to portray him as having. Danzo is a Dolt when compared to Orochimaru and his level of planning.

Unless an author includes the establishment of a clan council or a "civilian" council as part of their AU it immediately kills what could have been a great story. Fan fictions are rife with this particular brand of stupidity. It's a military dictatorship under the Hokage and the Daimyo. No more no less. The Hokage can flip the bird at anyone he feels like. That being said the Hokage also doesn't kill his populace in mass. Canon proves that he has problems killing one "wayward" student. He won't order civilians or Ninja to be put to death or sent to T &I or Put in Anko's care (there is no evidence that Anko is even a part of T&I, rather it seems like she is an exceptional tracker from canon).

I'm sure there will be aspects in my own fan fiction that will annoy people (especially when I take potshots in the story at others tired old concepts). You can feel free to complain in the review section, you can privately message to complain. Depending on how I'm feeling i'll either answer or I won't.

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