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If anybodys looking at this, (for some odd reason or another) I really don't have anything to say... Random Fact Time!

~Stange theme music~ ~techno music~ ~jazz~ ~rap~ ~elevator~ ~coutry~ ~no music~ ~your sigh of relife~

I'm a girl

I am extremly disapionted to find this thing won't save the asters.

If you go straight down a road at 100 MPH for 2 hours... the road is probably gonna turn and you will crash.

I'm going to come after you to night when you least suspect it and poke you!

The longest lake in Europe is the Volga.

My favorite color (officaly) is red, because its the same color as blood, symbolises death and so on... (can you guess my unifessial favorite color?... WHAT!? . No, it is not pink.)

However the Volga is fourth longest in Russia.

I'm prone to becoming insane for short intervals.

The Baltic Sea is the largest freashwater lake in the world.

I like; Animals, Chocolate, MY computer, TV shows, Family, Friends... and food and water, yeah, food and water are good... (WOW not much... Anyway...)

In a fight between vampires and werewolves, let me tell you; werewolves are gonna win.

The caspian sea is the largest lake on earth and is located in Russia, it is called a sea because it has lots of salt in it.

Some of the information I give you may be slightly jumbeld up.

If a plane crashes in the middle of nowhere and 15 people die, don't burry the survivors.

If something disapears from you room, it was enividably somebody elses falt, and will pop up in THEIR room.

If something disapears from the kitchen, YOU are ultimatly the one to blame.

Their are really four states of matter; Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma. (plasma being heated gas, and is found in places like the sun, valcanos and other stars.)

Ganghas Kong means something, but I can't remember it right now, their for, I am not a true nerd.

You can see people playing the 'lets trade glasses game and see if we can remember who's is who's', IF and olny IF you wait around long enough. (or you are friends with a whole bunch of people with glasses, AND you your self ware glasses.)

I, sadly, do not have glasses.

My english teacher would probably be going insane if she could see the grammer on this page right now.

All civics teachers are crusing maniacs who like to hand out bad grades but are somehow still maried... 0o

I actualy prefur to right that face like this o.0 or this o0

I LOVE that face, it is MINE!

Nobody really knows what happens at the end of pie. (3.14 something something something pie)

The book of Azar is not a toy. (Raven said so.)

Cocoroaches are pained by light. (Garfield knows it.)

Thier is no hope. (Monk, the smart one.)

If I kill you, you will die. (Me.)

I don't have a good ending to these random facts, so this is it.