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Hi! So I guess you've come to my profile page, eh?

Well... let's see... what do you want to know.

To start off, I'll do the basics:

Name: You can call me Seiriyu... that's all for now ;) Actually, my name can be found in that penname...

Age: between 14 and 18

oh I am a girl.. haha

I am japanese and... hmm yeah that's about it for the basics..


In General~ drawing, reading manga, playing racket sports, playing video games, bishounen, yaoi (involving bishounen), boys..., japanese and korean dramas, umm I'm not that unique.. oh... I LOVE asian music haha.. of course I do... It's kind of a necessary thing. I especially love j pop and k pop. Oh! I love ikemen... do you guys know what ikemen is (pronounced eekeh-men)?? If you don't, they're like beautiful/handsome men... usually like idols who are in talent agencies (teehee like YamaPi and Ikuta Toma.. oh and Gackt is an old ikemen). Ah recently I've had a sweet spot for bubble tea and vanilla soft serve ice cream... normally I don't have much of a sweet tooth though.

Anime/Manga: I've really been into Code Geass recently (KYAA Lelouch huggle) other than that I guess I enjoy bleach, naruto, hanazakari no kimitachi e, ouran, Kyou kara maoh, only the ring finger knows (actually they're more like novels.. anyways they're soooo lovely!), Gals!, anything by hisaya nakajo, escaflowne, gundam seed destiny, penguin revolution oh man I feel like I'm missing so much.. anyway you get the jist of it.

Games: Kingdom Hearts series (DUH haha who's excited for 358/2 days? I sure am), Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X, and versus XIII (I assume I will love it haha), soul caliber, halo, guitar hero, rock band, ddr, etc...

The Pairings Section:

So I've gone through this in my head a lot and I decided that I really needed to write it down haha. So here it is.

AkuRoku (my OTP?)- Although neither Axel nor Roxas are my favorite KH characters -get's pummeled by fans-, this has got to be my otp/at least a tie for my otp... Just the fact that the whole 2 games, Axel was looking for Roxas, has got to mean something. "He made me feel like I had a heart" really is that much of what you say to a best friend haha maybe lover?! I love the tragic part of this pairing too, it's so sad and cute and makes me cry! The balance between Axel and Roxas is PERFECT. Without the other, they don't seem complete.

Riku x Sora- I don't really know what to call this pair. haha unlike AkuRoku or Zemyx, they don't really have a good name that fits. Riku is my favorite character. Ever. Period, no questions asked. haha but this isn't my OTP. I don't know why (maybe it's because I want to be Sora HAHAHA). Anyway, I just find it cute how they're so determined to find each other and they're all buddy buddy and awww. It's just one of those best friends turned lovers thing that gets to me...

Leon x Cloud (my other OTP?)- I don't know what it is about this pairing... They're just both soooo beautiful! It's like... I think I'll faint if I EVER see this pairing in real life. I think both of their silent/stoic attitudes just really fit together somehow. And that scene with the back to back fighting of the heartless in KHII just sparked it all. The pairing just feels so versatile, and sometimes are so beautiful it just makes me want to cry. XD I think that their personalities match so well and the fact that I love them both individually.. maaan oh man and if you put them together, it's just heaven.

Zemyx- This pairing... I didn't really like it at first. Well not to say I didn't like it, I just didn't have any feelings about it. I thought it was odd and was like "They never had any interaction!!" but then, reading some fics, it started to grown more and more on me. The fact that they're so opposite is just too cute. This is one of those opposites attract couples and I like it!

Well I guess my writing is primarily KH.. I think later I may do some ouran or naruto.. depending how my summer goes and if I have some inspiration (haha I get like a bazillion ideas for stories a day, but I rarely put one into action). I used to write in japanese but now I decided to practice my english skills, since I am in america haha. Oh and did I tell you guys? This account is a pen name... for a pen name! haha I wanted to try a new pen name so I decided to make this account. Hmm let's see if someone is clever enough to figure out who I really am...

oh oh oh and I forgot to put dislikes!! haha because everyone knows I have a lot of dislikes

I dislike:

Yuri (I just... don't like it... it's not like I'm gonna bash on it but I just find it unappealing), inuyasha (I dunno it goes on foreverrrrr), sunny days, humid days, my poor eye sight, disney characters (HAHA I just really want kingdom hearts to be... non disney? XD it makes it too cheesy), my hair, lolicon/shotacon... too pedophile for me (except haninozuka and morinozuka of course!), final fantasy XII, american drawn manga (I don't know.. it just shouldn't be called manga you know? I don't have like a Japan superiority complex but can't they call it something else? Like korean comics are manhwa..)actually I don't have that many dislikes at the moment.. sooo

Duplicity reviews
Everyone admired Axel, their "flawless" student council president; except for Roxas. He figured that he liked, maybe even loved, Axel's flawed side behind the fake persona of the model student. AU AkuRoku, others
Kingdom Hearts - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,966 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 13 - Updated: 7/16/2011 - Published: 6/21/2008 - Axel, Roxas