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...excuse me for a moment.

*Punch*...(insert explosion and sound of ambulance rushing to the scene)

Thanks for waiting! Random generic anime guy here, as you have seen, is pretty annoying so you might see him in some of my fanfics as someone the main characters can vent out their anger on (by kicking, punching, slapping, attaching to an atomic bomb etc.) so as not to damage the plot too much. Please do not copy him since he was mine and my friend's idea first. Anyway back to what I was saying earlier, I'm just new so you might not want to expect much from well, me.. So here's my bio...

Names: none of your business

Age: also none of your business

School: do I even need to say it?

Traits: we're kind, charming, sometimes lazy and we're anime addicts.


Why am I saying 'we'? Since it's because either one of my friends help me write the me the idea.

So moving on...

Likes: I'll get back to you on that one.

Dislikes: ...!

Favorite animes: Naruto, Bleach, D.Gray-Man, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, aaaand Hetalia. Yes, I am a girl, yet I like cool animes, why? Since I'm sick and tired of those romantic ones that makes my heart melt and wish that my boyfriend's like that...then I'll remember that I don't have a boyfriend...then I'll feel sad...

Genres: Mostly Humor / Romance (but sometimes we put in a little drama)

Let's see... Pairings? OK! 1. NaruSaku - Duh?! Who wouldn't love this pairing? They are absolutely made for each other! We especially like it when they start bickering, don't you?(Too bad Sasuke-teme. It's your fault you left Konohagakure) 2. SasuSaku - Of course, every starting fanfiction-er should start with this pairing! They always seem to quarrel but can't you see? That's what makes it even cuter! 3. NaruHina - Aww... It's the kind of pairing thet touches the heart. Hinata's love for Naruto is barely noticed by the latter but she still likes him! Isn't it cute? (And of course we want to see Hinata happy right?)


Sasunaru shipping is slowly happening right now, and I'm in the middle of it. Like, I'm inching towards it. I have two groups of friends: One, are those who cheers me in shipping to yaoi. Two, are those who are pulling me from yaoi to stick to normal pairings.

Like I said, two sets of friends. *Rolls eyes*

So anyway, I have this friend of mine who was against anime and would rather watch cartoon in THAT AGE...I don't particularly know what had happened, but right now, she's into Naruto and even made videos and posted them in her youtube account.

Like, that was a completely 180 degrees turn.

But I, being her supportive friend, have no qualms, complains, etc.

So I was hoping if you'd be kind to check her youtube channel. XD


Let's talk about one of my stories, which is, Mission Completion. Err, I had a problem with this one. I mean, this is an old fic I posted 2 years ago. Yes, that long. I'm ditching this fic not because I'm tired or well, just I am not continuing this fic because I have lost my hard copy AND had my computer reformatted. Yes, I was stupid for forgetting that I have this saved in one of my folders and not remembering it ever since. I'm a busy person, with the highschool thing and teenage rebellion going on, so I guess I can't finish this fic after all.

Just kidding. I meant, I'm not really busy...I'm just, well, lazy...and I had written the perfect story yet to have it completely gone is depressing. So I guess...well, maybe.

Or maybe I'll just re-write it again.

And when is that? I don't know. Maybe after I graduate? Haha. XD

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