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Author has written 6 stories for Naruto.

Likes: cats, sushi, drawing, kitsune, weaponry, anime ,candy, ribbons, red,dark blue, purple, black( am not that Emo), changing avatars, it's fun, specially when we get mood swings.

Dislikes: Roaches, Spelling, Onions, plastic people ( No, I don't mean the figurines you buy in cardboard boxes) Making ten chapters of the same story and not getting a single review. (Writers who have been in the business for a long time. How long do you guys wait?)

Real Name: Tch! we are not revealing that...now at least. We mean think about. What If you make a fan fic that infuriates viewers. They could track you down and poke you with pitch forks. I'll just give you a nick name. if Safrana sounds to old fasioned. Safy!

I am currently a fan girl of Gaara...yes the sand weilding phycopath...

Sometimes I just don't get it when people say Deidara looks like a girl. He looks a lot like a guy to me. It's like calling Neji a pansy( don't do that though, I swear the last thing you'll ever see in you're short pathetic lives is his crazed expression)

" When you live in a self made, rusted cage of insecurities, you have nothing to lose. When you realize the cage was always open, you stumble to the light and warmth. When you except things as they are, you are the leaves playing in the spring air. Let it be."

I'm also a fan of Akatsuki! They're totally awesome! Way better than any of Orochimaru's lackies Wahahaha! And who ever designed their cloths sure has an eye! The black and red is a perfect color combo!

93 percent of American teens would have a severe emotional breakdown if someone called them a freak. If you're a part of the 7 percent who would ask the person, "What was your first clue?", copy this into your profile and add your name to the list: Sunlit Goddess of the C.O.C.A., Moonlit Goddess of the C.O.C.A., Evil Genius of the COCA, Invader Miley Phantom, dAnnYsGiRl777, BloodySalvation, Lady Lost-A-Lot, bellabookworm9, Bella Masen Cullen, Alice001,HeartOfAgony,sorceress-of-faith, Ribbon-chan03, MyObsessionIsGaara, kage kui, NejiTenfanforever, 9shadowcat9, Safrana

"Art is eternal "- Sasori Akasuna

Things We've got to say about Naruto characters:

Tayuya ( love the hair and the flute)

Hinata (Weak? Have you seen her take on the bee people from rock village)

Anko ( she's so... bizare, phycotic...I like her)

Kakashi( he should try reading J.K. Rowling)

Naruto ( I know Ramen's good and all but have you ever seen him eat veggies...?)

Sasuke (duck-butt head! I'ts not that I don't like him. It's just that about a third of the other writers don't...I wonder why)

Sakura ( Chaaaa!)

Tazuna ( How can you build a bridge with a stomach like that)

Inari ( luv the bucket hat)

Deidara (Last time I checked, art didn't involve blowing up you're partner to kingdom come)

Zetsu (Were you ever a potted plant?)

Tsunade ( If you keep punching ignorrant shinobi, you're going to lose all you're employes)

Shizune ( How do you run around the Hokage's office in heels?)

Orochimaru ( ... You're scary, ya know that?!...how do you see through you're messy hair...?)

Kabuto ( Fan girl eyes for about a second...you're such a gentle man...how can you be a bad guy?!!)

Gaara ( Nice hair I luuuv you 'Fan girl glomp'! )

Neji (...I will never, ever be able to beat you at a staring match, ever...stop staring at meee!)

Ten Ten (Who's your supplier of fascinating pointy stuff?)

Itachi (You can kill with a spoon, can't you?)

List of OC characters(WARNING SPOILERS)

Rinn Asakura, from Glass kunoichi,

-this blue haired kunoichi is a tough cookie. As a shaman as well as a shinobi, she uses numerous paranormal means of getting a job done. These include summoning Shikigami, sending souls to the soul society(cross over of Bleach), occasional Shinigami duties, as well as having a third eye. She can also use both lightning and water jutsu. Not much is known of her past at the moment except that she was abandoned by her clan, due to the fact she was female. She is calm, yet protective. Find out more about her by reading the story 'Akemi of Akatsuki'. She was later assigned to team 7.

Mayuri Uchiha, from Glass kunoichi,

-the fiery red headed, is an Uchiha from her mothers side and was lucky to have been with Rangiko in the Sand village at the time of the Uchiha massacre. Her mother, Aru Uchiha was killed during a mission when she was still an infant, Rangiko being a member of Aru's special unit took her in and became her sensei as well as the leader of the S.L.T.C unit (Shinobi Leading Training Course). Although she can use her Sharingan and a wide variety of fire jutsu, she can also use certain lupine or canine jutsu, due to the fact she is personally trained by Tsuma Iniuzaka in order to follow her mother's footsteps of being the best wolf and dog herder outside of the Iniuzaka clan. She was later assigned to Team 8.

Kiniko Hatake, from Glass Kunoichi,

- is the younger sister of Kakashi Hatake. Due to the fact that he is often out on missions and unable to take care of her and raise her, she was put into Rangiko's custody under the S.L.T.C unit. She uses aerial jutau and wind jutsu and although the Hatake's are famous for summoning dogs, she on the other hand, summons various types of birds. She, like her brother, can be considered a progidy since she made her own original jutsu when she was ten. Also, she is a bit shrewd, and very intelligent, often seen with numerous puzzles and puzzle books, she gets along well with Shikamaru. She was later assigned to Team 10, then to Suna as a peace enforcer, along with Naomi.

Naomi Yuuhi, from Glass Kunoichi,

-is the Jinchuuruki of the five tailed demon, Nekomata.In this story she received the Nibi instead of Yugito when the Asakura clan left it in Konoha along with Rinn. She uses fiery attacks and inhuman speed and agility, and because of the Genjutsu skills she inhereited, mixed with the power of Nibi, she has a special eye jutsu called Nekogan. It allows her to see far ahead of her , like the Byakugan, as well as glimpses of the near future. Also, she can order a person to do anything she says once per person, but it consumes most of her chakra and has a seventy two percent chance of failure. She appears to have had some sort of relationship with Gaara but that is yet to be proven.

Akemi, from Glass kunoichi and Akemi of Akatsuki

- the daughter of the Sannin, Tsunade she is the second oldest in her unit. She spent her first four years in the care of the Third Hokage but was then given to Rangiko when her talent became noticeable. She has her mothers insane streangth and healing, as well as a knack for setting traps and using any instrument she is provide with to the fullest. She knows various jutsus wherin objects are involved but is not of the same calibre with weaponry as Ten Ten Jin. She appears to have a small grudge on Tsunade for having abandoned her. She is assigned to team Gai. After the failure of the retrival of Sasuke Uchiha, she defects from Konoha with the excuse that Konoha is too weak, however, her true goal is to streangthen Konoha, indirectly.She then gets a strange power due to a contract with a wolf gaurdian as well as a strange jutsu which she developed.

Kari no Sasori, from Glass kunoichi and Akemi of Akatsuki

- she is the oldest in her group , and is very skilled with poisons. She coats all her weapons in Poison and although there appears to be a connection between her and Sasori Akasuna, this is actually false. She is assigned to Kabuto's team and defects from Konoha with him. She is wry and deceiptful and her true intentions are yet to be found. Although she tries to harden herself, she still caries ties with her to Konoha especially, her former unit.

Rangiko Hagashi, from Glass kunoichi-

she is the commader of the S.L.T.C unit and was once part of the original S.L.T.C. project which was discontinued when Orochimaru who had been the lesder of the unit, defected. Her old team mates included Anko Mitashori, as well as Shizune who had been pulled out to travel with Tsunade before the events that led to the discontinuation of the project. The other team mates where Aru Uchiha, Sorara Kijuki and Chiaki Ota. Rangiko has a curse mark as well, having been tested on by Orochimaru. She uses a pair of metal claws, that conduct electricity as well as occasional explosives. She also summons lynxes and carries a katana, for emergency use. Jonin have paired her and Kakashi once in a while but that is yet to be proven true.

Tatsumi, from Akemi of Akatsuki-

a former Oto nin, she was made by Orochimaru from scratch by taking various cells and blood and transfering them to an embryo. She could be considered some what as a clone of Orochimaru since she can also expand her appandages. Due to the fact that her cell strucuture isn't very firm, she can inject her self with blood samples of other people and temporarily use their jutsus or she can permantly add them to her system. She uses blood samples of Kari, Anko, Kabuto and Sasuske as well others. She meets Akemi when she leaves Oto learns from Akemi what it means to be alive and to belong to herself instead of being made and belonging to Orochimaru. She has two summons, snakes which she uses for small jobs and a scorpion which she aquires in Tsukigakure. Why a scorpion is yet to be revealed.

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Glass Kunoichi reviews
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