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(The thing in my icon is my greatest joy in life...My 10 month old puppy Zane...who yes, I tortured by putting antlers on him. He wasn't too happy...but oh welps.)

So I really don't know what I want to write in here, although I can guarantee it is going to be extremely long and boring. I'll try my best however, at reigning myself in.

I'm Canadian, however I only have 50 percent of the true Canadianism, we're supposed to have. I use 'Eh' probably about 10 times daily (and to all of you Canadian's who boast that we don't use the expression 'Eh', stop lying to yourselves and try tape recording one day of your life...You might be suprised how often you use it!) But I don't like beer, and hockey only excites me when the players are duking it out (I morbid that I like me some fightin' action)

Anyways, enough with the cultural aspect of me.

I graduated high school (or secondary school here) last year, and I've spent my entire year healing (after a car accident).

I had been a fanatical reader (love me some Jeffrey Deaver) that read everything (Yeah, I'm one of those rare people who actually reads the instruction manuals and guarantee policies...), until after the last Harry Potter book, and my reading slipped. Then I discovered the Twilight series. I was extremely apprehensive about reading it at first because I had never been a huge Vampire reader. However Harry Potter had broadened my literacy world, and my friend told me the books were fantastic. At first I admit, I didn't really like them (don't hit me!), but I contiued reading, and about 60 pages later (you know..when Edward becomes more of a character) is when I fell in love with the series! I finished all three books in less than 4 days (in which I started to look like a vampire from lack of sleep!).

Oh yeah, here's some random piece of advice! Last year I tried very hard to read 'Crime and Punishment'. Very, very hard. I thought it was interesting to see into a characters head who thought they were superior enough to kill a 'lesser' person. So I started reading, and got about 70 pages into it when (which I think must have been Dostoevsky with really bad writers block) the bed came into it. I honestly didn't think there were so many adjectives to describe a ragged bed. Apparently there is however! So long story short, the book ended up being thrown across the room at my wall and I've never picked it up since. Moral? Don't read Crime and Punishment unless you want a really good adjective for an ugly bed. (I'm sure I'll get some slack for this, but it's totally true)

But anyways, I'm very much a normal teenager..or I guess young adult now (19 is such a cool age in Canada)

I'm a severe movie critic. I swear I only go to the movies to watch horrible movies so I can go home and tear them apart. It's very rare I find one that I would actually buy. (Speaking of which...Juno is one of those rare ones that I actually was hilariouuuuuus!)

Also, I don't watch a lot of television. I've never been a primetime gal (yes, I was one of those rare girls who didn't go insane over OC, personally I didn't think it was that entertaining and the drama made me laugh)..However I do love me some Family Guy. For some reason, I fell in love with that show! And I think it had something to do with this line;

Peter: Brian, there's a message in my alphabits. It says 'ooooo'.

Brian: Peter, those are cheerios.

That show is all kinds of awesome!

Oooo also a little tidbit about me, I'm a huge animal addict! I have a 10 month old great dane puppy (who weighs upwards of 150, and is already 6 feet when on his back legs), which I spend every dime on (well him and's an expensive lifestyle!)

So yeah...That's pretty much me in a nutshell.

To all of you who have read this..I'll fedex you a cookie.

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Between the laughs and cries, truth and lies, time extensively flies. And when it's too when you realize. AU.All Human..Edward and Bella have been best friends since second grade..But growing up effects us all...
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