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General Information

I'm a new avid fan to the world of Final Fantasy XII. I'm in love with the characters and I just wish to do them justice. For now I am having as much fun writing stories about them, as I did playing the game.

I'm quite easy to speak with, perhaps even friendly! If you would like to get in contact with me, please do so! The more friends the merrier!

I'm easy to reach via LiveJournal, which is my homelink. Visit me their if you wish. When I am not writing, I am probably writing about the writing process itself or certain issues in fandom! You are always more than welcome to join and discuss! This profile will hopefully contain all the latest writing developments, news, and other things of interest to you- the reader!

Happy reading!

Story Updates

4/6/08 - Chapter 6 of "A Forgotten Requiem" is now in the editing process. I am also in the process of writing chapter 7. I suppose the main delay for the chapter is my concern over whether or not it should be broken into two for readability purposes. Once I edit the chapter I will have a better sense of its format and if it should be split into two.

4/6/08 - Chapter 1 is finished and I am working on chapter two. I do not want to publish this until the first two chapters are up. Perhaps the long wait is cruel, but eh.

Story List

"All You Want" - A "what if" story focusing on Fran should Balthier and Ashe have become involved at the end of FF XII. Inspired by comments in Revenant Wings and details from a story by BaschAshe. Credit is due, where credit is deserved. Title may change.

"Serendipity & Me" - A prequel to 'A Forgotten Requiem'. This story focuses on Larsa and Penelo and how they came to be.

"A Forgotten Requiem" - An in progress piece detailing Esper rebellion and Basch's inner psyche. A BASHE piece.

"Nabudis Treasure" - A one shot piece describing Ashe's connection to the Zodiac Spear.

Writing Style

I tend to write longer pieces as I like to explore the inner workings of my favorite characters. They can be considered epic in nature, though I think novel length or novella length is more appropriate. I do favor short stories, but lately my muse has been wanting to reveal more complicated plots, which is fine as long as I enjoy it!

I have no preference for humor or drama, though most of my creative inspiration has been of the dramatic variety as of late.

Critiques are always welcome! I enjoy praise much like anyone else but, it is the honest insightful suggestions that help me better myself as a writer. No matter the content of the review, I will make it a point to reply to everyone. I believe if you take the time to be kind, give advice, or otherwise, I can do the same for you! (And if I do not reply to your comment head over to my LJ. It was most likely just a honest oversight.)


Now here is where I shall list a random collection of things that interest me.




BASHE - Basch/Ashe

Disney Movies

BALFRAN - Balthier/Fran

Audrey Hepburn

French Fries

Fruits Basket

Fushigi Yugi

The letter "F" apparently. (Just kidding!)

Soul Calibur series

X-Men - Especially the Scarlet Witch, Rogue, Gambit, and !EVIL! Phoenix


Plain ol' research!!

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