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Welcome everyone to my page. I would like to put this out there that the stories up at the moment are quite old. I like most of them, though, so I will keep them up for the time being until I decide they really need to go. So I hope you enjoy the stories a young, inexperienced 16 year old wrote. The ones that I am working on now though are, in my opinion at least, better. I have come to learn new things about writing and hope that I can now make my stories more readable and related to real life.

I keep thinking about putting up my story ideas up on here so those who do come onto my profile (all two of you) know what may be coming soon. But I'm a little too superstitious about that. I don't wanna put anything up then not be able to finish the story and never post it. That's not fair to those who do like the idea and look forward to it. So, unless I lose that superstition, I will not put those up. However, I am open to anyone messaging me and giving me recommendations for stories to both read and write if you so choose.

I will be straight and tell you if I don't think I can write it. Those who message me, I hope, should have an idea of what kinds of stories I do write based on what I have already posted as well as the kinds of genres I delve into.

Anything else you wanna talk about, too. I love letting people rant and vent to me so feel free! I'm a super nice person unless you piss me off!

Until next time!
Princess Lo (Renny)


My stories will specifically say if they are slash in case that squicks out some people. I may not tell the actual pairing in the summary, even though you may be able to guess if you know my preferences.


Everybody's Paid For: My first oneshot, inspired by the scene in the beginning of 'Go Hollywood.' Drake was about to tell the people at the old folk's home an "interesting story" behing his song 'Don't Preach' but that old guy interrupted him before he could tell it. So I made up my own. Song title appropriately by Drake Bell (Drake & Josh)

Instant Karma: My first slash fic. This is the start of it all and now there's no turning back for me, since now no fandom is safe from me slashing at least two of the characters. Here, Drake decides to do something nice for Josh after the whole ‘I’m done with you’ ordeal and Josh pays him back better than Drake could’ve ever imagined. Written for Livvy 'cause she's that awesome. Song title by John Lennon (Drake & Josh)

Straightjacket Feeling: My first mentions of Craig and Eric together. I noticed there are no fics about Mindy’s time in the ‘Mental Rehabilitation Center’ so I thought this out and made Mindy think about some things only she knows while in her little room. Song title by The All-American Rejects (Drake & Josh)

Come Into My Life: My first five-things fic, this one with Drake thinking about everyone he thought he loved. I've noticed that when I write five-things fics, I don't have to really think too much on the story line, so my five-things are more of 'resting periods' for my brain. Song title by Robert Plant (Drake & Josh)

Hey Hey What Can I Do: My first stab at a fully Craig/Eric fic, based on the episode Dance Contest. I had a lot more success writing this than I thought when it took a totally different turn than I expected it to. Nerds in love do that to me. Written for AyanamiEraclea 'cause we really do need more Craig/Eric writers and stories. Song title by Led Zeppelin (Drake & Josh)

Don't Worry Baby: A fight with Drake and want to prove himself brings Josh to the altar. Absolutely my favorite story so far. I just have a thing for Drake!angst apparently. I still think it needs a bit more to it, but that's just me, I'm hard on myself. I like the wedding part though, I think I'm gonna do another one like it in the near future. Inspired by my friend’s future wedding song by the Beach Boys (Drake & Josh)

Sister Morphine: Wow, my first genfic since Everybody's Paid For. I'm not extremely proud of this one, since it's pretty weak, I think at least. Another five-things fic, since those are fun plot bunnies to write all the time. We all know Drake does stupid things, and in the future not everything is going to go his way. He can fuck things up in five different ways, but he can also make it better. Song title by the Rolling Stones (Drake & Josh)

Kiss Off: Something to pull me back into Stand by Me, so it's kinda short and to the point. Chris and Gordie just have a moment while trying to do homework. How awesome is Chris/Gordie, like seriously? I sincerely need to write more of it ASAP. Song title by the Violent Femmes (Stand by Me)

Left Me Wondering: Going from a Drake/Trevor fic to an epic Drake!slash fic with like...everyone I could think of that took me a month to write. It made me realize that Drake/Trevor is officially AWESOME! But, mostly, this fic was my way of showing that no matter what happens, Drake and Josh rule completely. (Drake & Josh)

Premonition: A tenth grade English assignment when we were reading All Quiet on the Western Front that I went a bit overboard on. The assignment was to write a half page, double-spaced dialogue between at least two characters from a passage in the book. I felt that wasn't creative enough, so I wrote a 3-page mini prologue instead, with the school boys (Bäumer, Kropp, Müller, and Leer) talking about what they think the war will be like before they see it. (Misc. Books)

Devil May Care: Shorter than I had hoped, but a oneshot on a missing scene in Blades, inspired by Jimmy telling Katie that Chazz helped him practice his kissing. (Blades of Glory)

Monsters Under the Bed: My first MASH fic I wrote instead of doing algebra homework, sort of as a continuation of the episode Hawk's Nightmare. Kinda shows at the end my love for Trapper John and how sad I was to see him go (MASH)


My Own Private Paradise: A cliché story of the Stand by Me category. A girl, Shawn Collins, is in the group of boys and goes with them when they look for the infamous body of Ray Brower. My first story that is cute and sweet, with no inter-friendship romance, set from the great '59 summer and their 1960 school year. My first story written a hell of a long time ago, like before I knew how to properly use punctuation, but it's still a somewhat ok story. (Stand by Me) COMPLETE

Bell Bottom Blues: My first multi-chap slash story. The kids are graduating in just about a week, and Drake and Josh enter it with a rocky start. Complete with nerdslash and brother love and mad parents. Can someone say Romeo and...erm, Romeo? Song title by Derek and the Dominos (Drake & Josh) COMPLETE

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For my original stories:

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