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Author has written 8 stories for Danny Phantom, and Hey Arnold.

If you're reading this, chances are you'd like to know a little more about me. That's creepy. Leave me alone.

Just kidding. I'm flattered! Although there's not a lot about me to say.

I like watermelon and nail polish. I don't like it when you try to take a drink from a cup full of ice cubes and at first you don't get any delicious beverage so you tilt the glass upwards more and all the contents, including ice, nail you in the face.

I like the DannyxValerie pairing, actually, because ironically, despite the fact that Technus was forcing them together, it felt more natural to me. Besides that, it's more interesting. I've listened to a lot of people argue that they can never be together because she hates him and if she found out that Fenton was Phantom she'd blow his head off. Really? Really? She's vindictive, yes, but she's not heartless. And she accepted Danielle, didn't she?

Besides that, Sam is kind of a Mary Sue by the end of the series. She starts off as a character I can stand, but when she's Danny's walking, talking, self-righteous conscience and the writers don't even portray it as a flaw anymore: I just kind of give up.

Other than that, I don't really care. I'm not even that particular about the romance; I just tend to avoid it when the DannyxSam is blatantly obvious and poorly written. I'm also not a big fan of pairings that come out of nowhere, though. I mean VladxDesiree? Are you serious? Did they even ever interact? I'm pretty sure they didn't, or if they did it was very briefly. It doesn't make any sense at all.

But you know what? I don't want anyone leaving just because they find out I don't like the same pairing as them. I don't write romance anyway, so unless you're looking for a piece of light-hearted DannyxSam fluff, please stay. I have some crap from when I was younger that gets better when I pick it up again later - I promise. "Specters and Spies" is kind of dead to me, though. I'm sorry, I started it a long while ago with no particular direction for the story and I've lost what little inspiration I had for it. "The Avatar's Alliance" (stupid name. I'm sorry) is still being slowly continued. It just takes a while because I get this feeling that I'm doing it wrong. If you read the first few chapters, you'll probably agree, but wait until chapter nine or so. I think that's when I come back after an over-a-year-long hiatus with a few new tricks up my sleeve. And a better spelling of 'yeah'.

I had some other fic ideas up here too. If you remember them, and chances are that you don't, I may or may not get to them in the future. I have a deeper, edgier story planned than what I had originally had posted and I think I'd rather work on that.

Other than that, there's not a lot about me for you to care about. I'm not goth, I eat meat, don't sleep much...normal stuff. I won't mention my age either, because I find it to be irrelevant. If you're twelve and think you're all hot stuff because you can publish yourself on fanfiction and get reviews for it, you go brag about that on your profile, but I actually find it as a bigger deterrent than an attraction or cause for admiration. I'm pretty sure a lot of people do. I'm not saying that at twelve years old you can't be a good author, you very well can, but experience can be just as valuable as talent and it's generally assumed that the older you are, the better you will be. At sixteen, you're more grown up than at twelve, with more brain connections and are generally better at conceiving and speculating on abstract thoughts. That kind of thinking can result in amazing pieces of work. It's fact.

Oh, and I like birds. :)

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