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Author has written 7 stories for Harry Potter, Van Helsing, and Pokémon.

Latest News: I haven't written much since my mum, it hasn't been easy for me.


My mum - 1/10/2012

Internet Places:

VampireElfWitch (just as it's written, 3 capital letters, and no spaces), it's the combinations of the three things I love the most, (except dragons, white tigers, books, and Anime/cartoons).

I've been called a "chatterbox" before, so feel free to just skip all my profile stuff [just click the hide bio at the top right corner ;) ] and jump down to the bottom, and read my stories.

Even though I now have a place to write my stories, I will not stop writing fan-fiction, because I love writing and have a very wild and vivid imagination.

The stories I am lagging behind in are either having their plot gelled, or I'm currently stuck on them. I will post a chapter to those stories, ASAP, unfortunately not before.

I love animals, and am very against animal cruelty.

I love knowledge, I believe that "common sense" is not so common.

I love learning, and I respect others, and try not to be rude, offensive, or condescending. It is true that sometimes I can come off as having a "better than you" attitude, but that is never the case. I am shy, and tend to hold my thoughts to myself in the fear that I will be ridiculed no matter how ingenious the thought.

I'm not racist, blasphemous, sexist, or sacrilegious, since I don't like hurting people’s feelings. If something offends you in my stories, I don't mean to. I do no hold the feelings or veiws of my characters (unless I specifically state thus).

I love comments, in other words I love to know what people think! Also I try not to use bad language, except when there's no better word for it, or it's a part of the characters personality.

Everything I do (and don't) brings me inspiration. You would be surprised at what you could get ideas from. I have! I'm a very imaginative person, so much so, that I have difficulty focusing on what I'm supposed to be doing, but I've managed - so far, at least.

I have a very vivid imagination, as if I'm really seeing what's in my head, I like to think it's a bit like the movie Inception, although not in a crazy way; reality often feels like a dream for me, while fantasyland feels more real, however I do know the difference. I've been told I'd make a good story writer, actress and even artist (as in art) though I love music, and it's my soul, but unfortunately I'm not good enough. (I need lessons...)

I draw or write stories a lot of the time (When I'm not watching Doctor Who, or reading a book). Sometimes I'm so caught up that I don't even notice the time, so I tend to miss my TV shows anyway (except Doctor Who, and CSI:Miami, Sherlock - which currently isn't on tv - pretty much anything listed under), so I don't watch much TV.

My stories may contain humour, though that may depend on the reader, (I'm not guaranteeing anything). Maybe some romance here or there (even if I didn't intend it, it just always seems to happen), as well as some violence, (mainly sword fights, vampire fights, werewolf fights, etc. Nothing too violent, I hope...thinks for a moment... Meh!)

I love it when people review, it helps me write more, especially when you ask a question, or give advice. Like I said, I like to know what people think, no, love! And if you say it's crap, please specify, don't just say, 'Oh, I don't like this', And if you say you like it, let me know what's so good about it, (you don't have to, but it helps. If you already do that? GOOD! Don't change).

I'm the type of woman who needs encouragement, but encouragement comes in more than one way - like criticism!

It doesn't matter if you say something bad or good it all helps me - especially if you give suggestions or advice!

News: I haven't written much since my mum, it hasn't been easy for me.



I apologise that I had to re-write Chapter 6 of Dracula's Return - Mysteries. For full apology, please check the said chapter.

I apologise that you have to wait so long for my updates.

Thank You's:

Thank you, to everyone for reviewing, and for continuing to read my stories.

Special Thank You's:

Stacy Vorosco


I'll most likely write about is ('cause I'm big fan):

Harry Potter

Van Helsing

Lord of The Rings (LoTR)

Doctor Who

Yugioh (not GX, or 5d's)

Vampire Hunter D



Knight Rider (original)

Blood Plus

Though I can write about something else, but these are just my most likely ones.

My Fan Fiction

The following about my fan fiction isn't really about what's in the fan fiction itself - though may contain hints - it's more an information about the story flow. Like whether there's going to be a sequel or not, though I'm not a one shot type of writer, I find that impossible, so all my stories will at least have several chapters, even if they don't have a sequel!

(In the order they were posted)

Slytherin Pure Bloods- this one’s a series, there will be at least 7, though there will be more then 7, cause it continues after Hogwarts. The first 7 will be her Hogwarts years, but then it will go to her life afterwards. There are several interesting twists throughout the series, plus an interesting twist after Hogwarts. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! (What? Why are you looking at me like that for?)

Dracula and Anna - As you know I finished the first part. part 2 is being difficult so just please be patient.

Dracula's Return - this one I'm quite certain will be a sequel, but I'll try and part the different sections of the story. The first part's mainly about discovering about the mysteries in the story, such as, the Celestrial Black Angels, the fact that Dracula's not dead (how is he alive? As a vamp of course!) and what Van Helsing has become? Can you guess? If anyone can guess, (with fact/theory backing it up, mind you!) what Van Helsing has become. Then you are very smart indeed, or very astute! Of course if you just randomly guess, I won't tell you! I don't know whether or not I'll get Van Helsing to meet/find out about Dracula's survival in the first one. I'll just have to wait and see.

I Am In The movie - is where me and one of my best friends get pulled into the movie that is Van Helsing, (it's like Last Action Hero, except without the ticket). I might turn it into a series. So miraculously we somehow go back into the movie... I don't think so. I'll have to find a way of going back into Van Helsing - I am open for ideas on this matter.

Connection of The Hearts - Cassidy And Pokemon - (Don't know if it will be a series or not) It is the story of a girl who wants to be a Pokemon trainer. She is connected to Pokemon in a strange way. Little does she know that when a hurt Pokemon that she doesn't recognise, causes the world to fall into danger and darkness, or does it? She's the only kid in Pallet Town who truly cares for Pokemon. What can she do to save them?

Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You - (Don't know if it will be a series or not) A noble woman with a secret leaves with her friend and guardian, but they have a fight in Budapest, the only solely vampire populated city in the world where it is unwise to walk its streets without a vampire guard, or friend to guide and protect you. They split, but something changes her life forever. She wants revenge, to kill the creature that made her what she is, but nothing is that easy, considering he's the son of the devil. Can she succeed, or will she fall, like his other brides, into his power forever? Contains an evil Dracula, violence, sex, bad language, Dracula brides, and a hell of a lot of sins!

Coming Soon: hopefully!

A Lord of The Rings fan fiction that I haven't managed to start, yet, though I'm not going to give up hope. I'll get it eventually. (it's just the start that's really got me buggered.)

Also a One Piece about a girl called Cassandra. There will be tragedy and of course pirates! I'm not sure yet when Luffy and his crew come into the story, along with some other pirates, but one you'll recognise is in the first chapter!

One, or two, Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic's.

I will be writing a Yugioh! Fan-fiction, sorry, it won't be an AtemxTea, YugixTea, or even a "love triangle" with Atem, Tea and Yugi. However there will be an AtemxOC and a YugixOC (not sure about any other pairings at this time, thinking of maybe a MiaxJoey, but am not sure whether that will be in this one). It will of course include parts from both the modern day, and the ancient past, when Atem was Pharaoh.

Vampire Guardian: (Van Helsing) - A woman with a dark past is hired by the Vaunt brothers three, but what for? To find Dracula of course! Dracula is being held by the government. The Vaunt brothers know where he is, the only problem? How to get in. But this problem is solved when she and Valax are arrested by the government police force outside her apartment, and are led where? Right where Dracula is being held prisoner against his will. May contain violence, romance. Rating not known yet, but thinking maybe T, just to be safe. Genre: Horror, and maybe romance.

You Are Not Alone: (Doctor Who) - When Angel, a Timelady, manages to escape to Earth, with the help of her best friend, Vorey, she finds herself alone, and thinks that she is the last of the Timelords, only to meet the Doctor at the most inconvenient time, and the worst is yet to come... Adventure, Tragedy and Romance. This story is written for the Doctor, and his loneliness, (what with all the times he has to say goodbye to the people he cares about?) DoctorxOC (a 10th Doctor story)

Quincy Love: (Bleach) - A love story for Uryu Ishida, he falls in love with a Quincy from another family. There will be blood, there will be war, there will be love, it's not all smiles, but will it be a happy ending? Bleach Characters include (but not limited to) Uryu Ishida, Ichigo Kurasaki, Rukia Kuchiki, Orihime Inoue, Isshin Kurasaki, Ryuken Ishida, Soken Ishida.

About Me:

Name: Sarah

Name in LotR Elvin: Aranel

Star Sign: Aquarius

Chinese zodiac: Horse (Metal)

Birthday: 26/01/1991 - 26th of January, 1991, that's Australia Day, aren't I just lucky that my birthday is the Australian national holiday? (When I was little, I used to think the fireworks were for me - hahaha!)

Celebrity Birthday: Ellen DeGeneres, Van Halen

Country: Australia

Nationality: Australian, but my great-grandparents came from the UK (some as children).

Sexuality: Straight

Religion: My own, since I find that there's no religion that fits my beliefs! I'm one of those people who have a strong desire to get out the paintballing gun when those religious people turn up on my doorstep, because I'm sick of it! Although it is true that I am very open-minded - although I am not gullible, naive, or Baka (that's idiot/fool in Japanese) - please don't try to "convert me", or try to push your beliefs on me either, no, I'm not being blasphemous or sacrilegious, I already said above that I'm against all that stuff.

"I beleive in God, but not religion."

Language: First and foremost English (Australian), but I do speak (very little, like only a few words, but would like to learn more) of Japanese, French and German. I would also like to learn Russian, Latin (as in "draco dormiens nunquam titillandus" not as in Latin rhythm or Latino), as well as perhaps Hungarian and Romanian. Perhaps even a few other languages.

Pet: None (currently), only animal in the house is the cat, and shebelongs to one of my brothers, her name is Kitkat (yeah that was nanna's idea, lol).

Colours: As an artist, I love all colours, but my favourites are Black, Blue, Red, Green, Gold and Silver.

My Passion: My greatest passion is animals - I want to help save the White Tiger, but I'm not sure how to go about it at this point. If you've got any advice - please share it! Oh and does anyone know where I can buy a White Tiger plush where all proceeds go to the helping the White Tiger?

Writing stories that people enjoy reading. I love to make people laugh, and also to have people go through emotions when they read my material.

Hobbies: Drawing, reading, writing, acting, making things with Scoobies, using Windows Movie Maker to make movies, watching movies, playing or making music, there are more hobbies, which I will add later.

Writing and drawing (mainly fan stuff, but will try to draw/write some of my own things)

Watching movies, and TV shows. Van Helsing/Doctor Who anyone? As well as Anime!

Reading - mainly books (like Harry Potter, along with a lot of other books, but mainly Harry Potter! My fave characters are, Snape, Draco, Dumbledore and Hermione, though I do like Luna. Although I haven't told anybody this, but I also like Peeves, he's one of my faves too. Also Fred and George).

Fave Genres:

horror, horror! HORROR!! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!! (suddenly stops doing her evil laugh. What? Why are you all looking at me like that for?)

Romance (but sometimes it depends on my mood)

Humour - always!

Fantasy, Supernatural... Umm aren't they the same thing?

I guess I like Sci-fi, since I'm a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who...


Brad Pitt, Paris Hilton (and Nicole Richie), Brittany Spears! (I'm suddenly feeling nauseous, does anyone have a bucket?) Oh, also perfume, sorry to say it, but I just can't stand the stuff.

Music: backstreet boys, and anything I find disturbing, or annoying.

TV Shows/Cartoons: Sponge bob square pants, Underbelly, - just to name a few.

Movies: Don't really have movies that I dislike, if I come up with any, I'll add them.

Things I don't watch/read - and never will: Yugioh GX (watched a little, but didn't really like it), Yugioh 5D's, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (I prefer the original with Gene Wilder) and the Twilight series (not going to bother with either...books/movies). I didn't much like the new Knight Rider either.


Computers, books, art, music, designing stuff, shopping - but I'm not a drop 'till u drop chick! - Scoobies, Dragons, Unicorns, Pegasus', Unisus'/Pegacorns, Phoenixes, and several other things... like chocolate (especially Clubs dark chocolate - and mint).

Music: I like just about anything! P!nk, Evanescence, and lots of other stuff, like Within Temptation, Nightwish and Muse. Weird Al Yankovic.

If you want/can suggest me some cool music.

TV Shows/Cartoons: Doctor Who, NCIS, CSI (it's not the same without Grissom :'( ), CSI:Miami, Knight Rider (original), Moonlight, The Simpsons, Charmed, Dragon Booster, Cyber Girl, and much, much more...



Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle, Yu-gi-oh!, Blood (Plus), and a friend of mine introduced me to some new anime cartoons - Hellsing, Bleach, Inuyasha, Wolf's Rain, The Legend of the Four Kings.

Movies (just to name a few): Van Helsing (obviously!), End of Days, The usual suspects, Ultraviolet, Ghost, Road House, Lord of the Rings (LotR), Pirates of the Caribbean (PotC), Harry Potter, The man in the iron mask, The league of extraordinary gentlemen, Police Academy. Arnold's movies, like Terminator, Twins, Kindergarten cop. Anything starring Jim Carry, Rowan Atkinson, Bruce Willis, Adam Sandler, John Wayne (especially his westerns), Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Steven Seagal, Gene Wilder, Leslie Nielsen and Robin Williams. Also Spaceballs, Supertroopers, "scary movie" (only seen the first 4), and Epic movie, super heroes. Yea, I like comedy, but I Looove HORROR!! --Insert Evil Laugh Here--

My Actor Crushes: (What? Everyone has a crush on someone famous, it just depends on how crazy you are). In case you don't know them, I'm giving you a reference.

Orlando Bloom - LotR, PotC, Elizabethtown, Black Hawk Down, Troy

Tom Felton - Harry Potter

Richard Roxburgh - Van Helsing, Blue Murder, East of Everything (TV series), The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Moulin Rouge

Alex O'Loughlin – Moonlight, The Back-Up Plan (movie, which I haven’t seen) - does anyone know of somewhere else I can find him?

David Tennant - Dr Who/Doctor Who, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Casanova (TV series, which I haven’t seen)

I’m a big fan of Dracula - especially the one in Van Helsing - love the LoTR and PoTC. A devoted Harry Potter fan... NO the rumours aren't true, I'm NOT stalking Tom Felton! Or any of my other crushes, thank you very much! (besides, they live too far away... and, I'm not a stalker...)

As for David Tennant, I'm a Dr Who fan - my dad got me into it before the original series came back to television, I was a fan before I even saw an episode - unfortunately I'd miss one or two, on occasion, anyway, it was after I watched the episode about the Titanic as a spaceship (Voyage of the Damned) the first time, when I realised that I had a crush on David Tennant.

My Fictional Character Crushes (TV/Anime/Movies): (Come on, everyone has one of these too! If you say you've never had a crush on a fictional character at some point in your life, you're lying! references here too, except, the reference comes before the character(s) - will add more when I can remember them all, or discover new ones :D). This is of the actual characters themselves, not the actors - since the actors list is above - does not include characters that I think are cute/cool/hot, these are just the crushes, (though I do find them cute/cool/hot too).

Vampire hunter D: Bloodlust - D

Van Helsing - Dracula

Bleach - Uryu Ishida

Hellsing - Alucard

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Yugi, Pharaoh Atemu/Yami Yugi

LotR - Legolas (The real reason we all love elves :D )

Duel Masters - Knight/Mr Knight

Blood Plus - Haji

CSI:Miami - Horatio Caine (the only redhead)

Doctor Who - The Doctor (come on, how could you not?)

Harry Potter - Draco Malfoy (oh come on! You knew that was coming!)

The funny thing is most of them tend to be intellectuals >.> have long hair, or are "bad-ass" (ok so one of them in totally psychotic, but still he's bad-ass), or in little Yugi's case kawaii! (cute)


Harry Potter - J.K Rowling (I got my dad into this series)

The Morganville Vampires - Rachel Caine (I got my freind into this series)

Selby - Duncan Ball (almost got the whole series, only missing four books)

Inheritance (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance) - Christopher Paolini (I haven't had a chance to read, “Inheritance” yet, I bought it when it first came out)

The Spiderwick Chronicles - Toni CiTerizzi and Holy Black

Ivy Cole & the Moon - Gina Farago

Dracula - Bram Stoker (which I have, but I haven't had the time to fully read it - but I'm going to make the time - I gave my second copy away to my freind, yes the same one I've been mentioning, and the same one that got me into some of the anime)

The Parliament of Blood - Justin Richards (going to try the rest of the series, - Department of Unclassified Artefacts - apparently it's the second book).

Roald Dahl: Charlie and the chocolate factory, Charlie and the great glass elevator, (which Mr Wonka calls the Wankavator), Matilda, The BFG, The Witches, The Twits, George's Marvellous Medicine.

The Immortals (quartet) - Tamara Pierce

Rowan of Rin - Emily Rodda (I want the rest of the series, which I've read, but I've only got the first one)

Books I like to read, but don't have (yet):

Carpathian series - Christine Feehan (My freind got me into this series)

Dark Hunter series - Sherrilyn Kenyon (My freind got me into this series)

Tamara Pierce: The Song of the Lioness quartet, The Circle of Magic quartet, The Protector of the Small (but I haven't had the chance to read it all, yet!) The Circle Opens (same for this one!). I hear she's got some new books coming out, I hope to read them!

Books I've read some of at some point:

Wicca - Cate Tiernan (unfortunately I don't have any!)

The Illmoor Chronicles - David Lee Stone - I've only managed to read a few, but I like them, and will try to read them.

Books I'd like to read:

I'm thinking of reading The Saga of Darren Shan, (by Darren Shan, strangely enough) but I haven't gotten around to it.

Vampire Hunter D - I've heard their good, and I liked the movie. D is sooo COOL!

There's at least one more, but I can't think of what it's called or who wrote it! (I hate it when that happens!)

If anyone knows of any really cool books, with Vampires, elves, magical creatures, like dragons, or just magic in general. Just anything you think I might like. I'm looking for some new books to try my mind to, so some suggestions would be lovely. (You could even suggest stories here on Fiction Press).

Yes I'm a bookworm, and proud of it!

Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ... - THUD! - shut up bookworm, I'm busy!

Final Note:

I am currently stuck on one or two plot points of some of my stories, which may cause a slight delay, but I'm going to use all my spare time to get over this small bump, and bring you some more stories and chapters!

Keep your eyes peeled, and don't eat the kitty litter! Umm... never mind.

I update this every now and again - for whatever reason - so please do visit the silly house again!

Thanks for wondering into my world! Hope you visit again soon...

xXx VEW xXx

(because I used to think x's were hugs :D)

Save the White Tigers!

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