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Hey, there. How’s it going? I’m Lady Redemption (in case you didn’t catch the big bolded name up at the top), but you can call me LR, Lady R, or whatever else you think fits. =) I’m a young aspiring writer (and actress, but that’s another topic altogether), and I love writing fanfiction, especially for my two favorite fandoms: The Chronicles of Narnia and Avatar: The Last Airbender, but I'm also working on some Harry Potter fanfics as well (I just haven't gotten anything up yet). I do like writing original fiction, too, but that isn’t coming along so well at the moment (due to my laziness ;)).

I also love to read a large variety of books, and some of my favorites are by Ted Dekker, C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling, and Rick Riordan, just to name a few.

Anyway, onto fanfiction that I like. I mostly read fanfics of Narnia, HP, and ATLA, but I do sometimes browse others, like the musical Wicked and some anime/manga that I like. As for particulars, I’ll read fics of any genre, and I can tolerate most pairings, as long as they aren’t slash (not my thing really), incest (would you do that with YOUR sibling/relative? No? Didn’t think so.), or some older person/minor pairing (pedophilia is sick and wrong). As for Narnia, I’m far more picky and canon-oriented. I just can’t handle reading any sort of pairing that C.S. Lewis didn’t write in (prime example: Susan/Caspian (*shudders*)). In other words, the only romantic pairing I really like is Caspian/Ramandu’s daughter and Aravis/Cor, as those were really the only romances written in Narnia. I may accept a Jill/Eustace pairing, depending on how it’s written, how old they are, how in-character it is, and so on.

OR, to put that whole paragraph into much simpler words, these are the pairings I like (note: the most) in each fandom (minus each anime/manga fandom, as I don’t really want to list them all because there’s quite a few)… and just because I like making lists =) :

Avatar: The Last Airbender:

~Jet/Azula (Do not deny the depth and character development this pairing possesses. Just don’t.)

~Katara/Aang (They’re already such great friends, and they understand each other so well; they really complement each other and bring out the best in one another. It’s just a really sweet, beautiful ship.)

~Mai/Zuko (This ship gets a lot of hate, and I can’t understand why. These two are made for each other. Mai actually smiles and shows her emotions while she’s around Zuko, and Zuko acts so adorable and cute when Mai’s around. They’re both willing to sacrifice for the other’s benefit, and they can learn so much from each other.)

~Sokka/Azula (I’m not sure how I came to like this ship, but I do. Sokka is such a goofball that maybe he could get Azula to loosen up, but he also has a big heart that I think could forgive her for all her wrongs and try to look past it. And it possesses great character development for Azula.)

~Toph/Sokka (They’re both so hilarious together, and they’re such great friends. Need I say more? ;))

~Toph/Zuko (Now this pairing would be REALLY cute once Toph grows up a little bit. Right now, they’re great as friends, and I think that’s what I like it most as, just a friendship, but it could be quite amusing to have a Fire Lady Toph. ;))

The Chronicles of Narnia:

~Caspian/Ramandu’s daughter (For one thing, it’s canon. For another, it’s quite sweet, and I like the amount of mystery that was left around it, especially with Ramandu’s daughter. We don’t even know her name, and she’s not in the books for very long, but she’s a very important character, and from what there is in the books, she’s a great character. If only she/the romance was shown more in the movie. Freakin' Suspian got more screentime/attention than C/RD did. *grumbles*)

~Aravis/Cor (Again, canon. And it’s a really humorous yet also very sweet couple. Both characters change so much during the course of the book they’re in, and they’re relationship changes and grows along with it. They’re great characters and a great King and Queen of Archenland. And who can't love the line, "Aravis also had many quarrels (And, I'm afraid, even fights) with Cor, but they always made it up again: so that years later, when they were grown up, they were so used to quarreling and making up again that they got married so as to go on doing it more conviently.")

~(Older!)Jill/(Older!)Eustace (These two, I think, would make a very cute couple, but honestly, I don’t think I want it in the movies. At the moment, I don’t trust any of the filmmakers with any un-canon pairings (see the terrible Suspian disaster), and I just really don’t want any romance in Narnia other than the canon ones. Jill/Eustace is really just my fun little fanfiction couple, and that’s all.)


~Elphaba/Fiyero (Just because these two are so sweet and adorable around each other and they both changed quite a bit because of one another. They were absolutely meant for each other.)

~Boq/Nessarose (If only Boq had loved Nessa in return, maybe things could have turned out differently for them. Ah well. That’s what fanfiction is for, right? ;))

Harry Potter:

~Snape/Lily (I never can quite decide if I really wish Snape and Lily had been together or if I prefer the way it is in canon because, honestly, I love how tragic this pairing is in the series. And it's because it's so heartbreaking and tragic that I think Snape is the best character. So I don't know. I like the pairing either way.)

~Hermione/Ron (These two are just so adorable, even when they fight. They remind me of Aravis and Cor, too, which is awesome.)

~Lupin/Tonks (This pairing didn't get very much "screentime" (for lack of a better word) in the books, but I really enjoyed it. It's terribly sad when they both die in the seventh book though, especially since they just recently got married and had Teddy.)

~Harry/Cho (Yes, I know they broke up in OotP. Yes, I know Harry got with Ginny (ugh) in the sixth book and married and had kids with her in the epilogue (I'm actually a big fan of the kids, specifically Albus Severus). But I still hate Harry/Ginny as a pairing and prefer Harry/Cho to it. Why? Because they were so cute. I absolutely love the build up to their romance (because unlike H/G they actually HAD a build-up). Harry's crush on her beginning in his third year and his shyness around her was incredibly endearing, and I think Cho herself is a great character who has a much more well-rounded personality than Ginny does. And yes, perhaps part of the reason I like H/C so much is because I hate Ginny so much. 'Nuff said.)

~Cho/Cedric (Regardless of how much I like H/C, I also like Cho and Cedric together too. They really were quite adorable together and obviously Cho loved him a lot, considering how she behaved at times after his death, and I'm quite sure he loved her too.)

So now that I have that out of the way, I’ll move onto some notes/updates about my stories:

Changing the Past Changes the Present: This has been on hold for awhile and will continue to be because I just haven’t been at all interested in continuing it. Maybe I’ll start again eventually, though if I do I’ll probably rewrite it because I don’t really like how some of it’s written, and I need to figure out the rest of the story and everything. I apologize to those who were reading it for the extremely long wait.

Anyway, I think that’s all for now. Thanks for taking the time to read if you did. Hope I didn’t bore you too much or anything. :) Now onto the disclaimers:

DISCLAIMERS: I do not own Avatar, its characters, or anything else. It's all the creation of Mike and Bryan and all the other awesome people who help create such an amazing show. I do not own Narnia, its characters, or anything else either. It is all the creation of C.S. Lewis and whoever has the rights to the books right now. Any OCs and storylines, however, are mine, unless stated otherwise.

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