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Hi all! I have decided to update my profile yet again.


Colors: Pink is my absolute favorite, but I also like lime green.

Movies: I have a lot so I'm narrowing them down by genre. And I'm sure I forgot a lot of them, but there's really too many.

Drama- Up Close and Personal, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Titanic, Australia, Magnolia, and The Hours.

Comedy-The Ace Ventura movies, Airplane, Juno, Love Actually, Conversations With Other Women (more of a dramady, but whatever, I thought it was funny), Baby Mama, Extract, and Role Models.

Musical-Moulin Rouge (my soul movie!), Hairspray, Sweeney Todd, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Little Shop of Horrors, Chicago, Mamma Mia, Evita, and Nine.

Classic- Bringing Up Baby, The Philadelphia Story, Holiday, and Breakfast at Tiffany's

Action- (I don't particularly like action movies, but I do have a few) Underworld, Kill Bill I and II, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and Pulp Fiction.

Horror-The Others, Drag Me to Hell, the Scream movies, and What Lies Beneath. I've seen loads and loads of horror movies, but rarely like any of them, or think they're that scary.

Books:Harry Potter series :), Anna Karenina, His Dark Materials, A Great and Terrible Beauty series, The Princess Bride, the confessions of Georgia Nicolson series, Memoirs of a Geisha, Marry Higgins Clark books, and A Liittle Bit Wicked.

Musicals:I absolutely adore Wicked it is amazing, Jekyll and Hyde, Promises Promises, Hairspray, Sweeney Todd, Legally Blonde, Spring Awakening, Grease (one and two), the Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Spamalot (I love Monty Python!), Seussical, and Rent.

Actors/Actresses:My all time favorite actress is Nicole Kidman, she is just amazing! I also love Michelle Pfeiffer, Kristen Wiig, Kristin Chenoweth, Kate Winslet, Helena Bonham Carter, Katharine Hepburn, Miranda Richardson, Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore. My favorite actors are: Luke Wilson, Paul Rudd, Will Ferrel, Robert Downey Jr., Jim Carrey, Ewan McGregor, and Hugh Jackman.

TV shows:Desperate Housewives (completely pointless and ridiculous, but I'm addicted), Alias, Pushing Daisies!, Grey's Anatomy (not as good since Addison left :(), Ugly Betty, Glee, United States of Tara, The Office, Lost, Private Practice, Will and Grace, Project Runway, Extras, Dexter, Ally McBeal, Sex and the City, and... best for last... CSI!! (Vegas, not the others).

Music:I'm pretty lame and like mostly music from musicals, but some other singers I like are: Lady GaGa, Joni Mitchell, Madonna, Kristin Chenoweth (aka the goddess of song), Celine Dion, Bonnie Tyler, Pat Benatar, Dolly Parton, Usher, Damien Rice, A Fine Frenzy, Kate Nash, Ne-Yo, Vonda Shepard, Eminem, Lily Allen, Queen, and The Bangles.


These are just ships I like, love, read, write, or just think are kinda cute.

I love Catherine/Grissom (CSI)! Anyone who has an ounce of common sense can see that they are perfect for each other!

I also like Catherie/Warrick and Catherine/Vartann. But only as a second choice, Grillows will always be my favorite.

Addison/Sam (Private Practice) are so stinking cute!!! I can't get enough of them. I will start reading/writing about them soon.

Olive/Ned (Pushing Daisies). I liked Chuck at first, but after a while, especially in the last few episodes, she turned into a total bitch. Love her clothes though. :)

Asriel/Marissa (The Golden Compass)

Bree/Carl (Desperate Housevies)

Irina/Jack (Alias)

Sweeney Todd/Mrs. Lovett, I just think it's cute! Minus the murder part...

I like the idea of Bellatrix/Voldemort (Harry Potter), but I've never really found any stories that I think are believable. But it is really hard to do any kind of romance with them, since Voldemort can't experience love and what not.

Oh, I also do fanvids on youtube, and had never thought to shamelessly promote them through my ff account until now! I do mainly Grillows and Cath/Vartann videos. Here's the link: So anywho, check those out if you so please!

I also recently got a tumblr, basically I vent about TV shows I watch. If you're interested follow me at:

You stay classy ff readers. ;)

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