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I like supporting slash better than any other couple, espcially Drarry, in my mind, just a cute couple -. I STRONGLY hate/dislike Harry and Hermione pairings. I mean really even in Deathly Hallows Harry says that he loves Hermione LIKE A SISTER AND SHE THINKS THE SAME! I mean, if you're and Harry and Hermione supporters go ahead, it's you likes it. I'm just saying what I want to. Um...I like Ron and Hermione, however, surpise. I never pair them out. Never have read them in fanfiction. But book, still waiting...lol...anyway. I'm terrible sorry, if you don't like slash, therefore, makes you never read my work. However, I'm thinking about doing a Harry/Ginny, which might or might not go ahead, depending on our a feel at the moment.

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