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Hi. My old bio sucked. I wrote it a year and a half ago. It must've been at least 4 A.M. for me to write like that. Anyway, this is what I'd like to tell you about myself...

What I do:

School (I'm a Senior),

Write stuff (It's on this site),

Watch anime (DBZ, Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam, Inuyasha, Trigun, FLCL, Blue Gender, Tenchi, Yu Yu Hakusho, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Case Closed, Lupin III, and varied others)

Watch other shows (Simpsons, Adult Swim shows)

Console RPGs (I'll get to that)

Go places (School, my friends' houses, etc.)

Homework (If I feel like it)

My favorite food is fettuccine alfredo.

My best friend is Maverick6 (his pen name on this site).

My favorite RPG story-line was FF7's.

I am working on (creating) two RPGs: Crystal Legend and OMEGA: The First Legend

My favorite drink is Mountain Dew.

My favorite candy is Hot Tamales.

I have no life (as you can clearly see).

The name Stilleas is derived from the name of the main character in OMEGA: Skye Tilleas.

The RPG list:

Final Fantasy I (NES,PS1)
Final Fantasy II (NES,PS1)
Final Fantasy IV (SNES,PS1)
Final Fantasy V (PS1)
Final Fantasy VI (SNES,PS1)
Final Fantasy VII (PS1)
Final Fantasy VIII (PS1)
Final Fantasy IX (PS1)
Final Fantasy X (PS2)
Final Fantasy X-2 (PS2)
Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA)
Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
The Legend of Zelda (NES,GC)
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Adventure (NES,GC)
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES,GBA)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64,GC)
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (GBC)
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (GBC)
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64,GC)
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GC)
LUNAR: Silver Star Story COMPLETE (PS1)
LUNAR 2: Eternal Blue COMPLETE (PS1)
Legend of Mana (PS1)
Sword of Mana (GBA)
Alundra 2 (PS1)
Golden Sun (GBA)
Golden Sun: The Lost Age (GBA)
Breath of Fire (SNES)
Breath of Fire III (PS1)
Pokémon...all of em... (GB, GBC, GBA)
Suikoden (PS1)
Suikoden II (PS1)
Suikoden III (PS2)
Legend of Legaia (PS1)
Legaia 2: Dual Force (PS2)
Chrono Trigger (PS1)
Chrono Cross (PS1)
Super Mario RPG (SNES)
Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA)
RPG Maker (PS1)
RPG Maker 2 (PS2)
Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland (PS2)
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (GBA)
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (GC)
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (PS2)
La Pucelle: Tactics (PS2)
Star Ocean: The Second Story (PS1)
Dark Cloud (PS2)
Dark Cloud 2 (PS2)
Xenosaga Episode 1: Der Wille Zur Macht (PS2)
MegaMan Battle Network (GBA)
MegaMan Battle Network 2 (GBA)
MegaMan Battle Network 3 (GBA)
MegaMan Battle Network 4 (GBA)
MegaMan: Network Transmission (GC)
Wild ARMS (PS1)
Wild ARMS 2 (PS1)
Wild ARMS 3 (PS2)

I'm not bluffing, I have played each of these for a long period of time, and beaten most of them. I'll think of more, too...

Anyway, now that you know how BORING my life is, you can understand why my fics are so hyperactive. Especially Ghaleon's Peril. I love, no LOVE that one.

Also, I'm now an author on, so if you like anything here, please check me out there, too. That's pretty much it.

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