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Pagan, nerd, wife, mother, and general reader of things.


Historical Notes & Issues with the Ballad of Hua Mulan -- (General Notes)

The Ballad of Hua Mulan has no definitive source in Chinese history, and is unlikely to tell a tale of an actual historical figure. The Ming Dynasty record that we know of today is, most likely, nothing more than propaganda to promote Confucian ideals of filial piety. The poem does not necessarily pertain to portraying a living figure from history. As with the Biblical Esther (a make believe woman from a Jewish fairy tale who exists solely to represent when a particular feast fell in the Jewish calendar), there is little physical evidence available to prove the existence of the Lady General Hua Mu Lan in China's history.

The most common concepts are taken from the play about the mythical heroine by Xu Wei, an artist, author and historian of the Ming Dynasty (a period of Manchu reign, thus aggravating a level of conflict between the older Han records of the Ballad and the presently famous Manchu variants).

Hundred Leaf Blossom (Mulan) -- CANCELLED/REPLACED

Originally this project was based off of a theme challenge, then it grew into something bigger and then it became its own story.

However, when I started to investigate where the themes had originated from, I found that they had been lifted from a NaNoWriMo board (and not cited as such). Whilst I don't have a problem with this, the User who posted this list should have stated that they'd borrowed the theme concepts from somewhere else, they should have also respected the fact that they broke Fan Fiction's site rules when they posted that list as a story. Due to this, and other personal reasons, I have decided to discontinue Hundred Leaf Blossom. At present, I am going to attempt to write a fictional work based off of a couple of subsidiary short stories from within the piece.

Once again, thank you for all your support since 2012 regarding Hundred Leaf Blossom. Whether or not I post the replacement is neither here nor there at this stage.

Beyond Reasonable Doubt (Mulan) -- UNDERWAY

Modern Retelling (Crime/Drama/Angst/Thriller/Comedy). Sjuzhet Narrative (non-linear timeline).

Inspector Li's life is difficult enough with three officer's that won't listen, a mother that won't leave him alone, and a parolee he can't find. The last thing he wanted is a trigger-happy partner with a vendetta against ex-boyfriends, an illogical hatred for pop ballads and the emotional comprehension of a dead fish. Then again, she might be just what he need.

Author's notes on BRD:

Currently (09/01/2015) editing this. If the chapters get a bit jumpy, that's why. There might not necessarily be new content, but some chapters will be split into smaller chapters for the sake of improving continuity. I hope this makes the story easier to follow. Please remember that it is a Cantonese Crime Thriller, and that by nature of those themes, the story is going to be confusing at times.

PTSD Reference I personally do not believe any individual's pain, suffering, particular experiences or private traumas should ever be trivialised. Unfortunately, in Fan Fiction (and other fiction), over recent years, such issues have become ratings fodder, and a supreme negligence of respect has been afforded to any survivors and/or victims of such horrific crimes.

As a victim and a survivor of such things, it is obvious as to why I am not keen on such themes being exploited and flaunted for the sole purpose of entertainment. As someone that has been a victim and a survivor, it is obvious that my natural understandings are going to become topical as I am also a believer in writing what you know. I know what it's like to wake up each day and wonder what the point of living is. I know what it's like to recognise that this world is, and can be, a far more devious incarnation of Sheol than any imaginary hell a layperson may postulate and pontificate upon. The malevolence we blame on the fantastic does not live in the created world, but in this our daily lives, thick and raw and rampant.

I also know that there are always other people in the world that have similar experiences to you, or relatable experiences, but talking doesn't always work. It gets to a point where you've talked it to death, and then you've talked about it some more, and then there's nothing else you nor anyone else can do. The talking doesn't work, and the truth is, unless you are the one that crawled through the paths of hell on your hands and knees, you don't have an ounce of understanding as to what we, as survivors, have to live with every day, day to day. We [survivors] are not a fascination to be examined. We [survivors] are not a quandary to be studied. We are people. We are your friends and your family. We are the women and men online, writing stories and sharing pieces of ourselves with you. I didn't want to become personal with this, but I'm not going to leave this issue open ended without an explanation as to why these themes have occurred. They are not here for the sake of a cheap thrill. Those themes are here because they are a part of my life, and a piece of who I am. I wanted to handle them respectfully and delicately, because when I was in this space (dealing with these struggles), and when it was still fresh and raw, I would have given the world to have been treated delicately and with respect.

As for my Pagan path, it is as a friend of mine says: "Jesus is for people who feel a need to believe in hell; spirituality is for those that have already been there." We don't need someone that can help us find heaven; we need someone to stand by us as we walk through hell.

Hermonthis, if I could physically be there, I would stand by you, and walk through this hell with you. I don't know your private demons, but I've crawled through hell and I believe you can do it, too. Right now, you are not alone. Inside of you, beyond this endless winter, there is an invincible summer.

BRD (Anonymous Review Responses and General Responses)

Re: Canadarulz's Review (review #86)

"...I thought, three chapters! I get one short chapter. (head hits desk)..."

I've had some issues with the chapters registering as active once I've uploaded them. They had been acting very, very peculiar in some cases.

Basically, what should have happened (when I posted the newly edited chapters) is that they should have loaded in order, correctly, and then there should have been three new chapters. This, however, is not what happened. The chapters uploaded randomly over a week long period, and shuffled and weaved around. Believe me when I say this was as annoying for me as it was for you. (If I was logged in, everything looked okay, much the way my child(ren) look like they're behaving themselves when they're being watched, but then you look away, everything falls to pieces.) I wanted to get the edited chapters up before the story was finished, not that it's near the end, but I thought it would be cruel to wait until it was finished and for the story to appear as if new material had been added.

The reason I've been delayed in posting anything is that I was one of the victims of the Great Cascading Debacle of 2015. I could log in on all three of my phones and my iPad, but I couldn't access anything from my laptop for nearly two months. ACCESS DENIED. I think it came up with the error code 503: Page Illegitimate at one stage. I just wanted to clarify this because I know you are not fond of my fragmentary posts broken by extended periods of hiatus. I know you would prefer consistently regular updates. I would, too, and it would be brilliant if technology agreed with us both.

Lastly, I wanted to say thank you for always reviewing. It means a lot to me that you bother and I love discovering what you've enjoyed or been annoyed by. Both you and Bao Li Na were supporters of this nonsense (of mine) from very early on, and you've both been there (at least in my mind) ever since. I often have your thoughts in mind when I'm hashing out scenes in the storyboarding phase, wondering if I will have annoyed you or amused you by what I've written. The next chapter has a scene I've thrown in just for you. I'm not a fan of writing "Purple Literature" or "Turtledove" scenes, because frankly, I struggle to take it seriously. Sex is funny, and writing these type of scenes for me, goes in one of two directions: the heavily intimate or the ridiculously sarcastic. As someone who is A Sexual, I feel very well entitled to thinking these scenes are mostly hilarious anyhow.

Re: Shevi's Review (review #41)

"...There are some problems with the dialogue, such as punctuation in questions..."

Yes, there was. An example of such was that I would place a comma exactly where a question mark should have been. This was an intentional experimentation that I toyed with about a month ago (09/01/2014), when I decided to modify all (commonly understood) proper grammar into "fan fiction" standard grammar. I did this to see who would notice, and to see what people would say when they commented on grammar et cetera.

Fan Fiction is not the best place to come to learn grammar, English language usage, or correct punctuation. It is a forum with an abuse of semicolons, commas, and a general misunderstanding of attributions in dialogue, along with many other trivial faux pas in language and punctuation etiquette. Paragraphing, in general, is best not spoken of here, at all, as it appears to be completely open for interpretation. Although, I would argue this is probably best explained by paragraphing generally now being taught in schools as a very subjective feature of writing, not as a necessary component to clarify content changes. I do admit to some abuse of this, as I do occasionally use paragraphing for stylistic emphasis, as you will now see most editors do with actual published works. While this is not clinically correct, it is also not poor grammar either.

If, however, you are slighting my preference for inverted commas over quotation marks to outline dialogue, that is not incorrect punctuation either. Inverted commas are British standard. Quotation marks are American standard. This occasionally becomes confusing as people often believe that thoughts should be written in single inverted commas, and speech should be written in quotation marks. This is not a strict rule. With thoughts, there are a variety of correct ways of punctuating, the only set rule is that you vary the punctuation from whatever format you are using for dialogue. Inverted commas and italics are both correct, as is a comma at the end of the thought, and the thought having no inverted commas around it if it is followed by an attribution e.g. I don't understand women, Mulan thought. There was no way I could have ever been a committed lesbian. A thought being surrounded by asterisks is blatant disrespect for the English language. As far as I am concerned, using asterisks to signify thoughts is a mortal literary sin, and those that do this should be figuratively shot.

I also use all four ways of correctly writing attributes in dialogue. Sometimes, I have no attribution. Sometimes, I place the attribution before the spoken word. Sometimes, I place the attribution after the spoken word, and sometimes, the attribution interrupts the spoken word. These are all correct uses of grammar. They also illustrate that when used correctly, dialogue does not always belong in its own paragraph. This, on the whole, is a fairly general misunderstanding on this site.

I also use both indirect and direct speech, depending on what works better for the scene. These are both correct.

Now, we get to the tricky part. (Please believe that I am not attacking you, I am just attempting to understand you.)

If the problem is how the dialogue is written, and occasionally, punctuated, then I have to admit this is deliberate and intentional. I personally can not stand when you read a piece of writing where everyone speaks with correct grammatical English. This is not realistic and it makes the characters stale and boring. If you actually listen to people when they're talking, you'll understand what I mean.

If it's something I've missed, then I should explain that I haven't intended for that gaff to be there, and probably haven't noticed due to the fact I do most of my editing in a half-dead state after work. I do not believe in the use of a Beta as I think you need to be your own worst enemy when it comes to writing. You'll never really learn if you let someone else clean up your messes for you, and if writing is something you care about, then you need to learn the hard stuff as well as the fun stuff. There are plenty of great books out there about grammar, some of which are very user friendly.

Common errors, like double periods, are simply because there is a lag of about ninety seconds between my typing speed and the visual representation on FF (within the Document editing/publishing features). Yes, I do type that quickly. This can be confusing (for me) when I'm editing, and is also the reason I may have the odd bit of weird grammar happening. When I notice these errors, I fix them immediately. I do random spot checks to ensure this.

Other differences may again fall into the realms of basic differences between British and American grammar standards. Commas can be used a little differently, along with many other basic functions, so sometimes it may look as though someone is using incorrect grammar when they are simply using a different standard.

Lastly, I hope you enjoy the story as it continues, and please, if you notice any grammatical gaffs, let me know. It takes guts to say, 'Dude, you are doing weird things with those semicolons!'

Beyond Reasonable Doubt (Mulan) -- CHARACTER GUIDE

Hua Mu-Lan (Mulan) = "Fa Mulan" /Fa Ping (and other aliases)

Hua Hu (Hoo) (Mulan's Father) = "Fa Zhou", later Hugh "Hughie" Hua

Hua Yuan (Mulan's mother) = "Fa Lee", later Maria Hua (nee Yuan)

Hua Mu-Lian (Mulan's older sister) = "Liqin Tsui", later Lily Tsui* Tsui is pronounced Shoo

Hua Xiong (Mulan's little brother) = "Fa Xiong", later Arthur "Bear" Hua

Mulan's nainai = "Fa Xiaoping", later Ruby Hua

General Li (Mulan's love interest) = Li Shang/Chauncey Yi (and other aliases)

General Li's Father = Li Feng

(His Father (Shang's paternal grandfather) = Li Zhang)

General Li's Mother = Li Yi Liling

(Her Father (Shang's maternal grandfather) = Henry Yi, OBE)

Mushu = Detective Murphy Tsui, married to Mulan's older sister

Cricket = Christine "Cricket" Tsui, Murphy and Liqin's eldest daughter

Cricket's younger Siblings = Zen Tsui, Ruby "Ru-Ru" Tsui, Sean Tsui

Khan = Khan Jun, a childhood friend of Fa Mulan's and one of her former lovers

Great Stone Dragon = Detective Rian-Soo Hsieh, one of Fa Mulan's former lovers

Shan Yu's Falcon = Lie Ying/Ito Toriko, Li Shang's fiancée

Xiang Yu (Disney's Shan Yu) = Yu Shan, Dragon Master of the Heijing gang

Shan's son = William Yu

Shan's brother = Yu Huangdao

Yao = David Yao

Mei = Mei Yao

Ling = Percival Jonas "PJ" Ling

Tingting = Christiana "Tina" Chen

Chein Po = Qian* Po, Qian is pronounced Cheen

Su = Susan Kwan

Chi Fu = Chester Fu

The Matchmaker = Dr Emily Tzu

One-night Stand (Mulan) -- COMPLETED

Modern Retelling/AU (Rom/Com). Adult Themes.

Of all the things Fa Mulan had wanted for herself, being a sex ninja wasn't high on the list. (Can be read as the prequel to Over the Edge.)

Over the Edge (Mulan) -- COMPLETED (...for the time being...)

Pseudo-Sequel to One-night Stand. Modern AU (Rom/Com). Language and Adult Themes.

She was a nomad without a home who'd shared his bed on occasion, sometimes, in the past. She'd arrived earlier that evening, prepared to squander a few more days in his company and a few more nights in his bed.

AN: This is not exactly a sequel-proper as Over the Edge can be read on it's own, without knowledge or understanding of One-night Stand. However, the story does follow the plot the line. It may be expanded into a small chaptered piece but I have no plans for further chapters at this stage.

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Inspector Li's life is difficult enough with three officers that won't listen, a mother that won't leave him alone, and a parolee he can't find. The last thing he wanted is a rogue partner with a vendetta against ex-boyfriends, an illogical hatred for pop ballads and the emotional capacity of a dead fish. Then again, she might be just what he needs. Modern AU. Adult Themes.
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After the battle of Gaixia was won, and the rebel Xiang Yu expelled, Hua Mulan did not know where she belonged unless it was by her Captain's side. Whether it was across the lines of China, or across the lines of time, it would only ever be at her comrade's side. Genres: Historical, Folklore, Spiritual, Romance. (Currently being re-written - Older chapters have been deleted.)
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