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Hey guys! As you can see, everything of mine has been deleted. I've decided to move to jonasbrothersfanfictionarchive.com. My url is and I look forward to seeing you all there! I'm in the process of PMing all of you who have author alerted me with this same information...

On this site, I'm slowly uploading everything that I have written and as soon as this is done, "Welcome to My Life" will be updated. In all honesty, I haven't written a single thing since this whole deleting started because I've lost my motivation ((you)) so please review on this new site, even if you've already read something, it will seriously make my day. :D

Now if you click on the above link, you'll find that the site works pretty much the same as here. You can favorite a story and then you will be emailed when that story is updated. You can also favorite an author and you will be emailed whenever that author updates an existing story or if she adds a new story. If you like my stuff, I'd recommend the favoriting as an author thing because of all of the craziness going on right now, I really don't know when each individual story will be up.

I don't think that the site has actually done this yet, but they're doing something called a challenge, which seems really cool. I guess it's something where you can challenge an author to write about something... anything... and see if she can actually do it.

As some of you know, I do have an account on mibba... however, I've decided that I will NOT be updating/posting there. The only place that I will be doing anything on from this day on is at jonasbrothersfanfictionarchive.

All of my readers... you guys are amazing. I started writing on this site sometime after the new year started and I never dreamed that I would write a story that would recieve almost 1500 reviews without even being finished yet! So I thank you all so, so much and I seriously can't wait to finish "Welcome to My Life" on this new site, I have the rest planned out already. See you there!