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little kari= little light, which is what i have in my life.

there isnt much to say about me, your average 17 year old trying to get thru high school by the ways of writing stories and poetry.

with such little light, how can i write? well i just grab my trusty flashlight.

about me?

well... the average 17 year old girl, brown hair, brown eyes, cept my freinds think that my eyes are like a brownie brown ahhahhaa.

i write poetry and stories, only which my freinds read and amaze my teachers with, yea they think the quiet little girl doesn't know how to write about such horrifying yet romantic things, well look out teach i do know how.

my freinds... hahahha funny people they are... i have freinds all over the place... most of them are actors and atheletes... and are always surprised when they see me in a classroom setting

would it be strange if i told you i have a pet snake? would you think i am weird for saying 'yea i like ketchup on my pasta' would you believe me if i told you that i'm in marching band and play a flute?... well thats just me, strange as all hell.

jersey... i hope that explains a lot about me to you.

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Fav stories: Twilight(hell yea!!), the uglies trilogy, and anything vampire related, and harry potter!!

Fav movies: the lake house, the host, grease, cough pokemon cough, the notebook, and... nightmare before christmas!! hahahaha (ok fine anything really, as long as its not too dated or gruesome gory)

Music: definitely alternative, like my chemical romance, taking back sunday, fall out boy, linkin park, the killers... it goes on hahaha

Fav Pairings: Twilight: Bella and Edward!!(give it up Jacob you don't stand a chance!); Avatar: Katara and Zuko(ZUTARA!! sorry mai you can't beat that), Toph and Aang; Code Lyoko: Ulrich and Yumi, Jeremie/Odd and Aelita(don't diss it unless you read it), Invader Zim!: Zim and Gaz(seriously you should have seen that coming)

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shit hell has finally frozen over, Satan must be making snowmen right now

just two words: mad insanity

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