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Author has written 56 stories for Beauty and the Beast, Remington Steele, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Last Starfighter, Charmed, Dragonriders of Pern series, Lois and Clark, Brainships series, Bones, and Strange Magic.

I started writing in 2005 after discovering several fan fiction sites while looking for information on the release date for the DVDs of an old favorite TV show. I wrote primarily to amuse myself and to fill in story lines that I would have like to have read or seen. I am also a bit of a daydreamer and since I started writing, I have created (within my own head at least) a timeline for the third and fourth season of Beauty and The Beast as well as a time line for Vincent and Catherine's descendants through the fifth generation. (Does sound a bit obsessive-compulsive, doesn't it.)

I do have one observation. The only difference between a day dreamer and a writer is whether or not you put it down on paper (computer). Once you’ve written it down, it’s hard to resist showing it off to someone else (hopefully they will consider you entertaining rather than a pest). At that point you are an author even if you only have one other fan/reader.

My biggest problem is that I can not leave well enough alone. It is impossible for me to proofread one of my own stories without wanting to make changes (improvements?) to it. I could revise a story 20 times and still find something to change the next time I proof it. Even the act of getting a story ready to post usually results in many modifications.

I like fantasy and science fiction books. I am a big fan of dragon stories. My favorite are the Dragonriders Of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. I also like James Bond and Sherlock Holmes Books. I have similar tastes in movies. I consider Lord of the Rings to be both the greatest books and the greatest movies ever made. Only the Movie Avatar can rival them. I am also a fan of Shakespeare. I think Midsummer Night's Dream is one of the funniest things I've ever read or seen.

My. wife and I are both fans of TV shows that mix romance and adventure. We like old shows such as Beauty and the Beast, Hart to Hart, Remington Steele (she was crazy for Remington / I was crazy for Laura), and Scarecrow and Mrs. King. I hope I didn’t give away my age there (my son asks what it was like doing my homework on stone tablets). It was my wife that suggested that I try submitting a few of my stories to a fan fiction site to see what others thought of them. So I would welcome any reviews even constructive criticism (though I respond poorly to flaming). If there is an error or plot/story problem I will try to correct it (I like that this web site gives me that option).

I won't start posting a story until it is finished. It's no fun reading part of a story then having to wait an interminably long time for the next chapter. Treating a reader like that is just plain rude. That doesn't mean I won't take a few weeks to get the whole thing up (I can't resist monkeying with them as I prepare them for posting). I try to keep the interval between chapters to less than a week. The only exception to that rule is my The Other Path collection since each chapter is actually a complete story.

I also have a few oddball stories, that are not really part of the same time-line/universe as the rest, rattling around in my head. One is a three way crossover that got more complex every time I thought about it (Crossed Roads). The final version is completely posted. I just recently posted one that involved both the characters and some of the actors that play them (Exit Staged Right).

Once in a while a story like Lion's Song , Wrong Turn , Anniversary or The Return will come out of left field and whap me upside the head demanding that I give them life and I just have to jot them down.

It seems that just as I think I'm nearly finished a new story idea occurs to me. One idea for a very short story came to me while watching a music video (Lion's Song) and another that was born while listening to a Christmas song (It Must Have Been The Mistletoe) I wrote a story about the 911 attack (Towers fell...) that grew to nearly three times the originally intended size. I will try to write and post my stories as I get the time (which is sometimes in very short supply).


A little bit about story development:

All of the stories that I wrote before I started posting are now completely posted. I find that I have a lot of new ideas that I want to develop (Some of which were already hinted at in Interludes). The following is about how those ideas became stories.

I have Just begun work on three new stories. The first, Alexander, has already been alluded to in Interludes. There is no predetermined plot to it. It seems to be writing itself as I type off the top of my head. I hope to have it finished by the time Crossed Roads is completely posted (although at the present time I have no idea where the story line is going or how long it will end up being. The only thing set in stone about this story is the event referred to in Interludes). The second story is The Hunter about Alexander's parents, and it is currently in production as well and is developing in the same un-predetermined way as Alexander. At the present time it seems to be a horse race as to which of the two stories will be completed first (it was The Hunter that was finally posted first). The third is an, as of yet, un-named story and deals with what happened with Jacob and Linda between the two epilogues of Towers Fell... At present it's little more than a very sketchy outline and some interesting ideas. The other two stories seem to hold my attention at present.

Alexander keeps getting bigger. I have finally reached the point in the story referred to in Interludes but that still leaves a lot that must happen afterward. This story could very well end up being larger than Crossed Roads.

Just as I got ready to post the final chapter of The Hunter I got hit by an idea that I wrote out complete in one sitting and have posted as Requiem. It was inspired in part by a couple of questions about the rest of Catherine and Vincent's family.

I think I'm getting close to the end of Alexander though I'm still not sure how it's going to end. I may be able to begin posting it in a week or two. (Every time I think I'm getting close to the end, some new plot twist pops up and pushes it farther away) This story may end up being the longest yet, we shall see.

Strange thing, I was working along on what I hoped was the last chapter of Alexander when I noticed a couple of secondary characters trying to take over control of the story. In order to prevent a coup, I negotiated a truce with those other characters and offered them their own stories if they would go back to supporting character status. Though I have not finished this story I have decided to go ahead and start posting it. The thing has so many chapters already that I will have plenty of time to finish it before I reach the last chapter. . .

It is done and Alexander is now officially the longest story I have written so far (25 chapters/76000 words). The secondary characters still had one more surprise up their sleeves for the last chapter, turning it into two chapters, but it's done now. All chapters have been posted. Now I can turn to those two secondary character stories.

The story Dating an Urban Legend was about Jonathon and Danielle. It was supposed to be about 10 chapters long . . . It has grown to at least 16 (correction 17 chapters). Those pesky characters keep getting into mischief but it is now completely posted.

I've begun work on some new stories. One about Karen and her Secret Service Agent called The Agent that runs concurrently with Dating (The other story based on a secondary character from Alexander). I have also begun tinkering with the sequel to A Mother's Diary titled Much Ado About Everything. and a sequel to Towers Fell called Five Of Hearts that deals with Jacob, Linda, Charles and Elizabeth's late teenage years. I have also started jotting down tidbits for a story about Joseph and Paulette called Destinies In Collision, sort of a prequel to Hunter. I'm not quite sure where that one will go.

I'm still not sure which one I will concentrate on next. Somehow I have ended up with several different story ideas running through my head at the same time and I'm having trouble deciding on which one to do next. It will probably be either Agent or Much Ado but Destinies has been developing rather quickly the last few days. Right now it is pretty much a horse race which story idea will end up being finished first. It may take a while before I have anything completed and ready to post.

When I started on the forth chapter of Destinies I noticed a peculiar pattern to my chapter titles. I wonder if I can keep the pattern going? - - I did manage to keep the pattern in the chapter titles going.

Reader reactions to a couple of chapters in Destinies has caused me to go back and rewrite two chapters and add a new chapter but it is finally finished and posted. I also came up with a little three chapter sequel to it called Little Miracles which I have posted.

It seems like The Agent keeps getting pushed asside by other stories but I have not forgotten him. One of theses days I will finish that story. I still am working on Much Ado About Everything but it is still far from complete. I am also working on Five Of Hearts but it has faded into the background. There is also a new 'what if' story about Catherine and Vincent meeting shortly after her mother dies tentatively titled Little Girl Lost that I have started. Then there are the sequels to Crossed Roads called Something Rotten From Denmark , and Exit Staged Right called Exit Staged Left. There is also the story of how Catherine and Vincent's grandson Devin Chandler-Wells meets the super model Emily Hansen titled Model Beast.

The story Little Girl Lost has been retitled The Road Not Taken and is beginning to develop into a very long story.

The thing is, once again I have ended up with several different story ideas percolating in my brain at the same time and I'm having trouble concentrating on just one. Sometimes I will end up bouncing between two or more while writing. A situation that is both exciting and frustrating.

And that, my friends, is the life of someone that has become hooked on writing.


Newest developments:

I have been out of it for awhile. While in the middle of working on 'The Western Valley Mystery', a computer problem resulted in the loss of a years worth of writing including all of 'The Western Valley Mystery', and a couple of finished stories for 'The Other Path'. For a short time I was too busy feeling sorry for myself to be interested in any writing. I eventually found a few bits and pieces of some of the lost files and I'm now starting to try to recreate what was lost. I finally finished 'The Western Valley Mystery', and have begun work on recreating three other stories that were lost.

As always I still read reviews. Sometimes it's the reviews that keep me going. (I occasionally make corrections or updates to my stories when necessary or when a reader points out a problem). I still try to respond to any messages.


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Here is a list of my stories, as well as certain stories by other authors that inspired my writing, in approximately chronological order. Most of them fit in the same basic time line (more or less). NOTE: 'In Development Hell' means I have bits and pieces but can't quite shape it into a cohesive story but can't just throw it all away so I keep hoping that my muse will someday come through.

A 'Beauty And The Beast' Timeline
This is a timeline for my own concept of the third and fourth season of Beauty And The Beast as well as some additions to season two. Stories written by other authors have their names after them in parenthesis.

Origins of the Tunnel community :
Conquerer (by Orianna-2000)
Bleak Midwinter (by Nan Dibble)

Lost Second Season episodes :
The Tower And The Beast - - Second Halloween episode - should have been the next episode after Remember Love
After The Tower - - A request from a reviewer gave me an idea so I ran with it
Naomi - - New member to the community - should have been the next episode after When The Bluebird Sings
Anniversary - - Vincent risks much and pushes some of his own boundaries to help Catherine deal with an emotional crisis

Third season :
Though Lovers Be Lost - Revised - - an alternate beginning for season 3 (Catherine lives)
Encounter - - An early morning encounter in the park alters three lives in unexpected ways.
Turnabout (by BeeDrew)
Crossed Roads : Steele, Scarecrow & The Beast - - A crossover, Catherine gets embroiled in a massive spy case
What Light Through Yonder Window (by Lynette Combs)
That's What Friends Are For (by Edith Crowe)
The Gift of a Friend - - Catherine's other best friend, Nancy, is introduced to Vincent (looking into rewriting it so that it can be published)
The Fire And The Rose (by Edith Crowe)
The Four of Rods (by Edith Crowe)
Candle To Candle (by Edith Crowe)
The Unexpected Guests - - Catherine and Vincent's wedding has a couple of unexpected (but not unwelcome) guests . . A slight revision of the wedding segment in 'Candle To Candle'

Fourth Season :
Scars - - Vincent finally sees the scars from the night Catherine saved him and the realization severely tests their still new life together.
Father's Day (by Lynette Combs)
A Dark And Stormy Night (by Edith Crowe)
A New Life - - Catherine and Vincent begin the next phaze of their relationship, starting a family
Joe's Tale - - (inspired by and influenced by 'If I forget thee, oh Jerusalem' by Toni Lichtenstein Bogolub.)
A Mother's Diary - - (includes my own alternate perspective of the first part of 'Conquerer' by Orianna-2000)
Much Ado About Everything - - Life keeps getting more complicated and the reporter from A New Life returns. Lots of coupling.

Lost Episodes (season variable) :
Interludes - - Set in season 1 before Father started to accept Catherine's involvement with Vincent (hints at what's to come)
Something's Rotten From Denmark - - a sequel to Crossed Roads (Original story notes have been lost)
The Lions Song - - could go somewhere in late season 3 or anywhere in season 4
Fairytale - - Vincent and Catherine collide with the classic Beauty and the Beast fairy tale (in early development hell)

Episodes of the New Millennium (1999 - 2099) :
Tunnel Rat - - Jennifer prefers the tunnels to the surface world much to her parent's chagrin (in very early development)
And The Towers Fell Down - - What happened in the tunnels during the 9/11 attacks.
The Beast Equalized - - (Another undeveloped crossover idea, with "The Equalizer" not even a complete story plot as of yet. Another idea stuck in development hell. Would be a sequel to "And The Towers Fell Down". )
Refugees - - A very young runaway couple encounters Vincent, and the twins, Jennifer and Jacob.
Charlie - - A Central Park Horse drawn carriage driver has a very unique couple as passengers on Halloween night.
A Day In The Sun - - The stories that a fellow office worker tells about his weekend gives Catherine an outrageously crazy idea.
A Day In The Sun Revisited - - One if the incidents from A Day In The Sun is seen from another perspective.
The Girl From The Shadows - - Byron and Jennifer meet for the first time
The Girl And The Long Distance Romance - - Byron courts Jennifer all the way from Texas over a four year period
The Girl And The Gold Ring and Everything - - Byron must overcome an overwhelming fear of big cats if he wants his relationship with Jennifer to advance.
Memories Of Change - - Vincent thinks about the path his life has taken to lead him to the wedding of his oldest son
Down The River - - Two cousins, Adam and Justin, go tubing down the river and pick-up two sisters, Brigit and Nancy who have a big secret.
Friends - - There is something very strange going on at that large private lake on the other side of the stone wall.
Cherry - - (Currently just a story concept and two partial chapters)
Growing Up Below - - (currently a couple of partial chapters, a lot of ideas and one large dilemma that I still haven't worked out yet)
Model Beast - - A famous fashion supermodel crosses paths with Devin, the grandson of Catherine and Vincent.
My Three Sons - - Sequel to "Model Beast" The subject is obvious.
Destinies In Collision - - Paulette meets Vincent's family after hitting one of them as the result of a car wreck in the park
Little Miracles - - Joseph and Paulette are told they will be unable to have children . . .
The Hunter - - The story of William, grandson of Vincent, and a monster hunter that is out to take him down - prequel to 'Alexander'.
Requiem - - The last months in the life of Catherine and Vincent
Skin Deep - - David senses a presence in the park that can only be described as soul sick. Can this lost soul be saved?
Alexander - - Alexander, Vincent's great grandson stops a potential disaster and in the process changes - EVERYTHING -
Crowd Control - - The United Nations event as seen through the eyes of an ordinary police officer
Dating An Urban Legend - - Danielle doesn't believe in the Creature of Central Park ... then she finds herself taking one to her Senior Prom
Lucas - - Williams short romance with the model Randy had unexpected consequences
The Agent - - Alexander's sister Karen falls for one of the President's Secret Service agents.
It Must Have Been The Mistletoe - - A little Christmas cheer for the niece of the police officer in 'Crowd Control'

Note: Some of these stories are interlaced together and some of the longer ones would be split into several episodes. Some of these stories were written by other authors and because of that, the fit is imperfect. Not all of the stories by other authors are located on this site. Those can be found at - In my own imagination, the stories by other authors have been edited to better fit into a cohesive whole (Like I said, I never could leave well enough alone).

Alternate/What if Realities :
Exit Staged Right - - Vincent and Catherine receive help from a totally unexpected source.
Exit Staged Left - - Who says lightning doesn't strike twice. (in early development hell one and a half chapters completed)
The Road Not Taken - - What if C & V had met as young children.
The Other Path - - How season 1 might have gone differently after The Road Not Taken. (in development - updates will be sporadic)
Castaway - - An alternate origin story that is a crossover with 'The Last Starfighter'.
Castaway Found - - Vincent meets his grandfather (Sequel to 'Castaway')
Castaway Reunion - - Earth sends an emissary to the Star League (Sequel to 'Castaway Found') (still only a vague idea and a few paragraphs as yet)
Time Will Tell - - Another alternate reality standalone. (currently in development)

Non-BatB Stories :
The Return - - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Anya comes back.
Anniversary Gift - - Charmed/Lois and Clark crossover - Lois is dead and Clark hasn't aged a day in fifty years.
Birthday Surprise - - Lois and Clark's oldest son encounters a girl that is infatuated with Superboy.
Last Name? - - Story of Lois and Clark's oldest daughter. (Inspired by the Carrie Underwood song of the same name.)
Best Friends - - The best friend of Lois and Clark's youngest daughter learns something very interesting about her.
The Western Valley Mystery - - Lois and Clark investigate a rumor about an inaccessible valley. (uploading)
DragonShip - - Crossover between Anne McCaffery's two series Dragonriders of Pern and The Brainships.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Dragon's Pass by Gabion reviews
"Gone away, gone ahead..." A single Weyr could not hope to cover the whole planet, but the new Weyrleader is doing his best against the odds. What happens when the expected Ninth Pass does not happen?
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