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Author has written 6 stories for Harry Potter, and Sherlock.

Hey, I'm Salty or the salt monster.

I'm a bored student with nothing better to do than write and dream. (Actually, I do have things to be doing, but do I do them? No.) I play oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, English horn, baritone ukulele, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone, and don't do sports. Fine arts takes up most of my time, so I can't do sports, but I'm not really complaining-- I'm not very good.

I have several stories that are in-the-works.

Chaos, Friends, and Hogwarts: The Marauder Tales is one of them. It's basically the Marauders in their years at Hogwarts with an added OC Elisabeth Eris. I plan to split it up into two stories, one for their Hogwarts and another for their lives after Harry is born. I haven't updated it in a while, which is stupidity on my part, but when you're like me, you don't tend to get a lot done when you have loads of homework.

What I've Been Looking for was a one-shot I managed in about five minutes. I don't know, really, why I wrote it, I just did. Edit: I actually have not read this one-shot since I posted it. Right now, it's in serious danger of being pulled off...

Until the End of Time is a story I started thinking about and finally wrote. Its about Regulus Black and an OC Noelle Keller and I think its a pretty sweet story about finding happiness for the first time. It's now complete!

Moving Forward is the sequel to Until the End of Time. Edit: postponed until further notice.

Sherlock Holmes and the Man with Two Names (Or just shortened to The Man with Two Names): (For BBC's Sherlock, a series I cannot get enough of at the moment.) It's a heart-pounding mystery involving a pseudonym, a code, a cursed opera, a couple of murders, and (knowing me) an original character! I really can't stand myself for adding an OC, but I just can't help it. There's no slash, fyi. And this is already finished on my computer, so no worries in not updating unless I forget to. I've really been struggling with myself over posting this, but I decided to anyway... I wasn't too keen on posting something with another OC, but I've worked really hard on it, done so much research, and had it edited it four times by four different people (not including myself--I'm always editing), so I figured I should post it. If not for myself, then for my editors, who have worked so hard for me. So if you're contemplating sending me a nasty message about it or something...please don't-- that would just break my heart. It's now complete, and a sequel is in-the-works!

I've given up on some stories for certain reasons. Either I'm not inspired to finish them, or I'm too busy (Chaos), or they're just un-editable. I adore writing, but it's not my main priority, so I tend to be slow.

I'm now on twitter (Housuskowskinez) and FictionPress (MorganSketti) though I don't think I've posted anything. I also have a deviantArt by the same name (the-salt-monster). I must warn you, I'm not very good at art, but I might have a few sketches of scenes or characters from my stories later on.

Comments? Questions? Life-long mysteries just waiting to be solved? Feel free to pop me a PM! I love corresponding with other writers and readers, so don't be shy. :)


March 2012;

I'm performing at Carnegie Hall tomorrow night...

May 29, 2011; Update from Salty (taken from

Hokay. Let me get a moment to catch my breath...

Exams have worn me out completely. I have one more next week, though, so I'm almost done!

I've a few little updates on my stories, if anyone cares...

First, my Sherlock fanfiction, The Man with Two Nameswill soon be put up on deviantart. One of my editors got back to me, so now I just have to send it through the others and I'll have the first half fully re-done. I'll also be replacing the chapters I edit on so that everything is uniform.

Second, the sequel to The Man with Two Names is still in the works! I've been really busy and I'm about to get even busier, so there is going to be a bit of a wait. Here's how it looks, as of right now: I'm doing a long one-shot (sort of a mini-mystery) that will hopefully be put up in June or early July. The official sequel to The Man with Two Names will be posted hopefullyin August or September.

Third, I'm starting to actually work on a fanfiction I've had in my head forever. It'll be a Harry Potter fanfiction using Sally-Anne Perks as the main character. Sally-Anne is canon, but we only hear of her once and we don't even know what house she's in. I'm sort of treating her as an OC, but it'll be more of a look at what goes on at Hogwarts from the perspective of someone outside the trio. I'm super excited about it!

Fourth, I actually watched The Labyrinth (the 1986 movie with Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie). Surprisingly, it's not that bad. I mean, yes, it's a Jim Henson movie with puppets and everything, but I think the reason everyone likes it is not because the movie is all that great, but because the /story/ is really fantastic. Anyway, I started writing a Labyrinth fanfiction which is probably the worst thing I've ever written. My friend TheAlmightyEditor managed to help me salvage most of it, but I'm really only writing it for fun. If I ever feel comfortable with it, I might post it. Might.

Fifth, my life is about to get ten times more complicated. I'm taking three classes over the summer, I have practices two days a week for music, and I also have a job. Combined with the need to sleep, I'm not sure how much writing I'm going to be doing. Hopefully I'll get more done than I've been able to do lately.

Once September hits, though, I'm going to be extremely busy. I auditioned for an orchestra and made it (huzzah!), so I'll be working on that all the time. Hopefully everyone understands. Music comes first!

...I think that's about it. (Uff da!)

Hope everyone has a fantastic summer!


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