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Hello! I'm The Torminator! Some of you, though, may know me as Torence, Torshitzki, Bernadette Hinnershitz, or just plain Tori(my real name). All right...that's done...ahem. I uh...I am not really sure what to put here, 'cept:

Hair: Blonde-ish

Eyes: Brown or blue colored contacts...

UBER SPECIAL NOTE!! Hee hee. Not really, but it's awesome. I gots me a new computer, so I'm gonna be writing more...I hope...

I like:

Alvin and the Chipmunks, Invader Zim, and Edgar and Ellen X3 And Azumanga Daioh. And Teen Titans, and Danny Phantom, and Spongebob (Don't ask). I also like Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat, Di Gi Charat, .hack (first series of games and the animes, not so much of Legend of the Twilight...TOO MUCH CHIBI-NESS!), InuYasha, Pita-ten, Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events, Kingdom Hearts, Scrubs, Silent Hill, and some other things that I shall add in the near future...

I wear glasses.

Why am I doing this?


Now I feel like I am talking to myself...which I do...a lot...I'm NOT crazy though! People just don't understand me! Wow! That sounds like something Dib would say!

My favorite characters:

9: 3, 4, and 6...6 is the best though...oh and 5...(X3)

Lucky Star: Tamura-san (yaoi te nani? XD), Konata, and Yu-chan

South Park: Kyle, Kenny, Butters, Tweek, and Pip (:3)

Chipmunk/Chipette: Simon/Jeanette

Invader Zim: GIR/Dib/Zim (IN that order!)

Edgar and Ellen: Edgar/Pet

Azumanga Daioh: Chiyo-chan or Osaka...or maybe Tomo...I can't decide!!

Danny Phantom: Tucker...or maybe Sam...I dunno...

Di Gi Charat: Puchiko, Digiko, and...oh, what's his name?? Ugh! (flips through manga) Oh! Minataku!

.hack: Mia, Macha, Tsukasa, and Aura (not in that exact order)

InuYasha: It's not that hard...Shippo and Miroku

Pita-ten: Misha-san and Uematsu

Series of Unfortunate Events: Klaus

Kingdom Hearts (1): Sora, a selection of Heartless...mostly the shadow ones, they're sooo adorable!! And too many other characters that I can't list 'em all...

Kingdom Hearts (2): Namine (she kind of reminds me of Aura...), Sora (duh!), Roxas, Axel (though I hate the other Organization members...), ah...some other characters (-.-)...

Scrubs: J.D., Cox, Janitor, Turk (Chocolate Bear XP)...

Silent Hill: Harry Mason (best protagonist in the series!), the squeaky ghosts! So cute! Alessa, James, Pyramid Head (who DOESN'T like him!?), and the Groaners (those are the dog-like creatures running around "White" Silent Hill in the first game), Vincent, and Walter...more of the little Walter though...

And that's everyone! Man...that got looooooooooooooooong! And there're still some quotes to put up here from my friends!! Ugh! Now I'm bored after writing this...wait I'm still writing...oh well. Now I'm just rambling. Hey! You know what I noticed...I forget, OKAY??

Random Quote Time!(of Randomtastic Moments) Woot! :o

Mandy: Potato chips are fun to poke at! X3

Mandy: Insanity is sane...

Ashley O.: Look! A camel is in the movie! I'm a famous movie star! (we call her Camel)

Sarah: Do you like waffles?
Me: (replying to Sarah) Yeah we like waffles!
Sarah: Do you like pancakes? (etc. we sing the whole dang song like this!)

Me: Cameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!
Camel: (replying) Toriiiiiiiiiiii! (repeat interaction for a minute!)

Me: Crazy is fun...X3

Sarah: How'd your dad like his shman socks?
Me: He was surprised...
Sarah: Why?
Me: Cause they were actually made in the US!


Mandy: Japan is in my birthday today! (It was the day before her birthday! XD)

Jacob: (yelling at the bottom of the stairs, at the top of his lungs) Spanish (pronounced with a long "a", so it rhymes with Danish.) Danish Cheesecake!

Jacob: My butt is shaking with excitedness!

Jacob: My butt smells like cheese wiz!

Jacob: Wah! (yeah...that's Jacob for ya...)

Mandy: OMG! I'm a freakin' fish! Glub, glub!

Mandy: (five minutes after making the motions of shooting a bow and arrow, standing as if she was still holding the bow) PWONG!

Me: Life is like a box of chocolates...but...the box says what the chocolates you know what you're getting...
Sarah: What?
Me: You just gotta choose them...I like the coconut kind myself...yum...(licking lips)

Mandy: I like bananananananas on my ice creeeaam!

Me: I got a brainfreeze!
Either one of my friends (it's repeated a lot XP): What brain?
Me: Hey!

Brad: Jzoom!

Mandy (and sometimes me): Meh...whatever...

Mandy: Squall, the gun-type Pokemon. It...kills things...

Kernsy: (hiding behind a text book, pulls her head over it) Boo! (said in a high, squeaky voice)

Mandy! Kernsy!What else should I put here??

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