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My favourite show would be One Tree Hill. It is the one show that I have seen everry single episode of.

My favourite OTH couple would be...Naley, of course!

I honestly do not understand how people can even think about pairing either Nathan or Haley up with someone else.

For example, Haley and Lucas?!? ...are you for real? I mean, they are like siblings. If they had any romantic feelings towards each other it would be like incest. And it would never ever happen on the show.

And then there are those people who pair up Haley with Chris Keller. I know what you're thinking, 'Chris effing Keller?! What are they smoking?'

What disgusts me even more is: Pathan, Brathan and Rathan. Are you kidding me? Are we watching the same show? I'm watching One Tree Hill, in which Naley is the power couple; I have no idea what the heck you're watching.

Pathan: Guys...I don't know if you saw the first season...but if you didn't, please do so before writing stories about Pathan. And if you have seen the first season...what were you thinking? Nathan and Peyton sucked together. B.H. (Before Haley) Nathan was a jackass. He was always cheating on Peyton, and treated her like that what you all call love? They are so much better as friends, NOT lovers.

Brathan: Just thinking about it makes me want to hurl. How does Brathan even make sense? Those two are barely friends. How many times have they actually had a one-on-one serious conversation? Like..twice? ...probably not even.

Rathan: a joke. Why in the world would Nathan want Rachel when he has Haley, the love of his life? He doesn't, and never will. In fact, he's said so:

Episode 4.05 [I love you, but I've chosen darkness:

Rachel: Nathan...if Haley wasnt pregnant, did I have a shot?

Nathan: Not for a second.

Some people may say that Naley is boring. But, since when is true love boring?

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