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I have returned! Not that it really matters to anyone, I used to be one of those random guys that posted an unifinished story or two and left. I didn't have the time on my hands to finish the stories. I still don't, but I felt like posting something, so I revived myself anyway. I used to have a name that had something to do with the Rolling Stones (my third favorite band now, formerly my first), but I don't remeber and I had a One Piece story and some other random story that connected to Final Fantasy VII, not that they finished. Well as a high school student, I have changed a lot since my last time loging in, I now can say I've watched many other animes besides One Piece, read a good amount of Manga, listened to tons of music from every genere, hate mainstream video games, etc. for anything else not normally done. Well here's a list of some random crap I like.


1. D. Gray-Man

2. Clannad After Story (AMAZING! So much better than Clannad, which is also good, the best sequel ever!)

3. One Piece

4. Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid

The only animes I've watched so far that I would give five stars, being a critical ass hole and all. Tons of other good ones, and some popular ones I haven't watched, but I'll keep it updated.

Favorite Bands

1. Dave Matthews Band (Named after their song "Blue Water". an old unreleased live song, not my favorite but is the theme song of the story I'm working on)

2. Neil Young (Actually a lot better than the more popular Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young. I actually didn't really want to listen to them for a while, but eventually I tried him out after reading that he experimented with a good amount of genres, which interested me. So I pick up "Harvest Moon", thinking if he can still make popular albums out of the seventies, then maybe his 90 albums show great maturity, and am amazed! I download tons of other Neil Young albums, and despite his recent un-experimental crappy Grunge albums (same guitars on the same songs with the same sound thought the whole album) he has tons of great albums, his best are his Folk ones like "On the Beach", but he also has good experimental ones like "Broken Arrows". Love this man!)

3. Dream Theater (Amazing band, love them so much! Introduced me to Progressive Rock! Changed my life!)

4. The Rolling Stones (One of the few not over-rated bands from the seventies, nothing against the seventies, it's just that John Lennon had some weak moments songwriting (point and laugh at the overated, though still good, "Imagine", Page's constant blues-burst get out my nerves, I wanna hear a Flamengio guitar over a song with good lyrics, not Robert Plant crossing his legs and singing about some lady that I don't care about, though Zep and Lennon are pretty good as well. Well rants aside, love the Stones, espically Sticky Fingers.)

5. Elton John (For a while all I knew was that he was gay, and I didn't listen to him because of that. Then my Mom downloaded some of his songs, and I had fun re-naming them to gay names, oh those were the days changing "Rocketman" into the gayest stuff possible. Well first of pianos rule, and are better than guitars (electric, not acoustic) so naturally the strange Piano lead Rock Band is awesome. Elton's vocals are some of the best ever, and the songwriting is good. Blue Moves freakin' rules!)

6. Enchant (Amazing dramatic music, which is how I like all my stuff, dark, self-reflecting, and dramatic. Sometimes they sound loud and annoying, but when they calm down to a softer sound they are amazing. All studio albums are perfect, five-stars from a critical guy like me, though I haven't gotten there live album yet, there perfect, the other band just have moments that shine brighter)

7. David Gray (How can one man be so awesome! Seriously, one of the most underrated song writers ever! This guy amazes me, his most popular album "White Ladder" is his worst lyrically! If you want his best stuff, with amazing songs and incredible lyrics, go for "Sell, Sell, Sell". Seriously, the album amazes me constantly, though all of his albums are great. The man doesn't make bad music, he's too good for that. Can't wait for his new album!)

Favoirte Instruments

1. Saxophone: Seriously, is this not the greatest instrument ever? BEAUTIFUL! Pure beauty, that's all the Saxophone can produce, is beauty. It can be deep and beautiful, dark and beautiful, light hearted and beautiful, and you can dance to this thing, not that I would ever do that. Jazz is like one of the greatest genres of music, because they use awesome things like Saxophones, my personal favorite instrument ever.

2. Acoustic Guitar: Okay, Saxophone is my favorite instrument, but Acoustic Guitar is the best. Why? It can work for so many things. Solo voice and flute, up-beat songs, ballads, solos, riffs, instrumental, just everything. Yes, Electric Guitar can too, but Acoustic is better, and also better for just voice and guitar. Besides as stated in my Electric Guitar rant, posers seem to ruin things for me, I try to ignore them, but I can't when I'm around them so often. If we erased bands like Disturbed off the freakin' earth, and if it seemed that Electric Guitar based bands lyrics didn't suck (acoustic has folk, so), then I might place it higher, but Acoustic Guitar is the "best" instrument ever, and a close second favorite to the sax.

3. Piano: Such beautiful instruments, about the same as Acoustic Guitar for being great at so many things. It can be dark and haunting, light hearted and beautiful, good solo instrument, etc. If only more bands really did Piano-Rock right. From what I've heard so far you've got Elton John, Billy Joel, and on a lot less popular level is Procol Harum. Symphonic Rock just rules. I love it, the third best baby of genres (behind Folk-Rock and Jazz-Fusion), which is saying something. Lovely instrument, espically love Blues Piano.

Rants: Changed this section name to rants, so I can rant about whatever I like to rant about.

1. Typical American Anime Treatment: So this guy watches Naruto, tells me I'm stupid for watching Anime because he doesn't like Naruto, and then refuses to watch the Japenese version when I tell him not only is it better, but Naruto is overrated and there are a lot of shows better (though it still pretty good, it's just annoying when ever I see it on a "best" or "most popular" list. That would be like me going to listen to AC/DC, a very popular rock band, and saying "oh they suck" (WHICH THEY DO!) and then "well if they suck, all rock must suck, and whoever listens to is weird because there not like me". I LOVE ROCK MUSIC (Well most of it, espically the creative stuff like Progressive Rock, Folk-Rock, Jazz-Fusion, etc.), but I HATE AC/DC! You shouldn't judge a wide genere of things based one thing. You could hate all action animes, and thing Romance animes are the best thing ever. Yet the idiots I say this to are just that, idiots who refuse to watch something because it's from Japan, it's drawn, it's weird, it's for nerds, any other gay thing you can come up with.

2. That I Can't Play Visual Novels Properly Because I'm American: Damn you, low minded fools. Why do I have to download tons of crap to be able to play a Visual Novel, instead of just going out to buy one. Cause the averge American would rather be playing Halo, shooting something for stupid reasons as green asturonat looke a like, and then continue to do everything like everyone else untill they die of drunk driving at the age of 24? Why should I have to suffer because of that, I have to get satellite internet because where I stay, but theres no where else for me to be, so I can't play visual novels? "cries" I want to play Clannad!

3. Stuff with Bad Storylines, Espically Games: I can't stand it when a game has a bad storyline. For example in Gears of War, I'm this badass idiot who did something and is in jail, now I have to kill these random aliens who have decided to invade the Earth on a mere whim. So I run around and shoot things, or in this case, chainsaw them. The only "story develpoment" I get involves some guys cursing about crap, shooting stuff, and getting killed as the game shows of it's graphics. Then after playing for eight hours, I kill the boss, and then what? Theres just some other random alien saying "Do you think that will beat us?". What the hell is that about? Then of all things I have to turn around and see it get an overall like 9.8 or something for a rating, and while I could understand graphics, and somewhat understand gameplay, the storyline is like a 9.5? Then the only RPG that gets these ratings for story is Final Fantasy? While FF is amazing, what about games like Tales of Vespira. Amazing story, great gameplay, good graphics, and a just awsome game, yet it gets a "oh yeah it's preety good" because it's from Japan and tries to look like an anime? That's a load of crap, screw you mainstream!

4. Mainstream Music: Getting off my Japanese-American battle, I really hate the way music is treated in the mainstream. I'm not just going to rant about something stupid like saying I hate rap, and there's no good music around anymore. Because that's not true, just because you don't like what you hear on the Top 40 stations doesn't mean everything sucks, that's just a bunch of fools talking without back-up, except for record sales. However, and this goes for any age of music, mainstream has killed music. It's caused people to sell out, it's caused good bands to have to break up, it's caused good bands to not get the money they need to produce how they want too, even if they have the talent, it just sucks. The radios are killing music, with a bunch of songs with bad sex lyrics that averge about three minutes, and whether you're female or male, odds are some women is not wearing much in your video. It's somewhere in there, it always is. It's always happened to everything, mainstream kills it. Halo made a game for simple minded idiots to play, why solve a puzzle in Zelda when you can run around and shoot without having to use your brains? Why listen to deep, complex and soul searching music, when I can listen to something catchy like everyone else does? Mainstream has always killed everything, and will continue to always kill everything.

5. High School People: I've never seen a gathering of so many gay people in one place. Since when is five days a serious relationship, since when can you say "Okay we're going out now, I love you", do some underage crap a week later (or walk around like a poser saying you did it, but you actually didn't), and then of all things break up in a couple of weeks. That's just one of the many gay things. They all do typical annoying crap, there all trying to be popular, and yet they all have moments where they look like complete idiots. It's moments like that I can laugh, because I never have them. I can think of at least a 1/4 of the people at my school I can at least say I've made laugh before, and I don't try to be popular, and never have moments like that. Hell have the time I don't even talk to them. I like to spend my mornings at school before class starts, under a table in the classroom I have to be in soon, and listening to music alone. There's so much more, but that's all in the above ranting. I love to rant.

6. The Roads of Music: Where has music really gone? I mean sure if you look back at the 30's, and then look at some Avant-Garde stuff then you would say it's gone a long ways, but I don't think it has. If you're walking a 50 mile road, and you're fifteen miles up it, you might think you've walked a long ways. But, when you're 45 miles up it, that "long ways" before seems pretty small. There's so much in music left unexplored, so much that it's kind of pathetic. I want to hear a band who combines lyrics like Bob Dylan (I know not everyone can be a lyricall God, but at least write something unique), use of a huge variety of instruments, from cultures all around the world. All-around Instrumental techincallty with these instruments, like Rush or something similar. I want to hear a band jump from Metal Gospel (I don't mean Heavy Metal Chirstian Rock bands, I mean Old Gospel vocal arrangments, heavy guitar, and maybe even some World Music instruments in use as well), to Classical, to Symphonic Reggage, to Progressive R&B, to Folk, to Jazz, jam greatly live, and stuff like that. If anyone knows a band similar to that, I'm begging you to tell me about them. If there isn't one, then well, music isn't as amazing as used to think it is, even though I lsten to it constantly.

7. Gay/Lesbian Anime/Manga Parings, Hentai: Why are there so many people pulling for gay parings now? Why do I have to see Lavi grouping Allen when I look up D. Gray-Man in Google Images? That's disgusting! Shounen is a magazine for teenage boys, right? Typical teenage boys right? Let's put this gay/lesbian manga paradise to a rest! I know there are gay/lesbian ones at there, stick to them. It's freakin' werid, espically when it's someone as awesome as Allen! Also if you enjoy watching your favorite aniem characters in Hentai, you have problems. That's just really weird. I mean if it's part of the actual story, or if you're writing a fan-fiction with sex scenes in it, that's one thing, but just watching random Hentai that just starts from where one character gets on top of another, is just weird. I mean I don't get watching porn in the first place, yes it's addicting, but it's also disgusting. However, if you're going to watch porn, at least watch real human porn, not hentai. You're a human, as much as you want to be Naruto on top of Sakura, you never will be.

8. The Bi-Sexual People: Okay, if you're seriously gay or lesbian that's different, that's your choice. However, for the female WHORES out there who kiss other women for popularity, I hate you! It's not quite as popular for men, in High School at least. While it can be attractive to the opposite sex, what can of whore goes around kissing everybody both female and male? Will you have sex with everything, as long as it's alive? This ties in with my High School People rant, which mentoins all these whores! Actually this rant is mainly to attack Whores, whomever they may be a whore for, I hate that kind of stuff.

9. High School People and Illegal Narcotics: Okay I've seen maybe a couple of people owning drugs while at school. I've seen some students off school campus with Cigarettes in their mouth, thought I've never seen a school student drink, probably because I never go out with them. It's the talk that's annoying. The ones that say they "drink, smoke, do drugs" etc. Recently I was in a class that was supposed to change the society in one way or another. There was a couple of "cool" people (this particular one a short whore), raised their hands and said stuff like "No drinking age, legal drugs, at least Weed make weed legal" stuff like that. One person raised their hand and said drugs legal because if you're stupid enough to do them die. That one was kind of weird, but let's not get into that. I said out-loud to myself that I was surrounded by Idiots. I said it loud enough for people around me to hear. One of my somewhat-freinds asked why, and I said people who drink, do drugs, smoke, are complete idiots. Who looked at me like I was an idiot, and joined the no drinking age. Of course being vocal, I stated out-loud that if a five year old drink constantly, there would be a coma coming on pretty freakin' quick, and if you want to kill the next generation go ahead. It's moments like that, that make me relaize how stupid the people are. They say things to make themselves seem popular, and they end up suffering for it. Why smoke? It makes me feel good? Why don't I go do something I enjoy, that can make me feel good as well. Why drink beer? It tastes good? I like Dr. Pepper better, I'll stick to that. Why do Drugs? It makes me feel really good, it makes everything funny? I'd rather not be a mindless idiot who goes around laughing at things not funny with a group of other idiots, only to suffer from it latter, get in trouble with these idiots, and then of all things I could have maybe just said some jokes, did something stupid but on a hell of a lot lower deegre (think prank call, or something simple), and had more fun without getting consquences in the long run. Yeah, that's really cool. Will it be cool when the kid dies from drunk driving, or overdosing and I'm living a happy life? I doubt it. Well that was my longest rant, just because being in school I have a lot of examples to give out. Hate that, though it's probably one of the lesser pasonite things on here.

10. Electric Guitar is Overated: Why is nearly all of Rock lead by Electric Guitar? Seriously, there are several instruments better than it. Spanish Guitar makes me laugh at Electric, Saxphones reach beauty that Electric Guitar can never reach, Pianos, Keyboards, Electric Vilions, Vilions, Drums, Organs, Flutes, Bongos, etc. are all more intresting. Don't get me wrong Electric Guitar can be great, but it's annoying to have to listen to it so constantly. As great of instrument as it is, Electric Guitar has been killed by overuse and overrating. I'd much rather listen to other instruments, and you got the fact that it seems to be used the most in poser crap like Disturbed, who by the way, made the worst song ever "Down with the Sickness". The point is, Electric Guitars are good, but overused and overrated, listen to some Acoustic Guitars, Saxphones, Keyboards, Blues Piano, etc. and see what I mean.

11. AC/DC: Just wondering what I should rant about and I remebered already saying I hate ACDC, and that Electric Guitars are overrated. What a topic to tie in. Okay, I've heard probably about 20-25 ACDC songs, which is enough to judge them with an inclusion of their back-story and their genere focus. ACDC is a Hard-Rock band, that plays nothing but Hard-Rock. Just constant, constant, constant, crappy Hard-Rock for posers. I mean seriously for my school its gone as far as if you listen to ACDC then theres a 90 chance you're a poser in music, and you probably know the album Black Ice and Back In Black, and some of their other more popular songs, and that's it. Besides that you're MP3 is filled with a nice heaping of other bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd (Just Sweet Home Alabama and Free Bird, not the actual good stuff like Every Mother's Son), and Aerosmith, etc. Okay what's wrong with ACDC? The crappy lyrics, I mean seriously. If it ain't sex, drugs, and rock n' roll let's all get together and pratice sex magik in honour of hero Aleister Crowley. Okay let's take a look at cult figures in Rock. Off the top of my head, Jimmy Page is a cultilst who likes to expermint with magical stuff, and is the guy who bought Crowley's house. It wasn't Brian Johnson who was busy prancing around in a gay school boy outfit in front of a worldwide auidence of idiots. It wasn't Angus Young who was a man with no brains, only the ability to read musical notes and move his fingers fast. Back in the seventies they were many bands who used sanatic messages for several non-sanatic reasons. One to simply turn some heads their way, get noticed, it's a pretty common pratice to do stuff like that, even out of music. Hey how about I raise my hand and say something stupid during class so people laugh at me and think I'm funny. I've read several articles about churchs burning records as protest, which involves having to buy new copies because of record sells, and also one where they burned a store down, which in the end if the guy builds another in comes another batch of Back in Black. Back in Black and Led Zeppelin IV were two main focus centers because of "back-masking". This backmasking can be done to anything, and you can come up with all kinds of stuff. I've heard a band have both satantic and chirstian backmaskings in different songs. The Rolling Stones have gone from songs like Blinded by Rainbows ("Did you ever feel the pain that Jesus felt upon the cross?") to Saint of Me ("You'll never make a Saint of me"), jumping back and forth from screw god to love god. Why? Because they don't care about either one, there just creating some contervorsey, something that worked well for them in '67 (though for some reason people don't like the album musically, I love that album). Back on ACDC, I forget where I read it, look it up if you like, but I read where some actual satantic people said that bands like Metallica and ACDC were NOT satantic. They don't worship the devil for God's Sake, it's not like it's the most popular religion on the freakin' Earth. Come now, posers, it's not hard to understand. ACDC is simply a crappy un-expermintal band, with bad lyrics and bad vocals, that simply reach out to people who want nothing but a hard-beat of electric guitar, and it has to be popular, why be different, that's stupid. ACDC sucks! My new longest rant, because ACDC sucks! Never thought I mentoined strange old Crowley in a rant though.

12. American Comedies: Let's stop thinking with our penises! I mean seriously why are there so many comdies movies about sex? I'm not a huge fan of sexual jokes, when done at the right time there funny, but man are they done stupidlly. Some I've heard in high school are the equivalent of saying "hah, hah, vagina". Well there's nothing really comical about the human body, espically when there isn't a freaking joke to laugh at. I mean seriously America, let's try to make more comedies that don't revolve around sex constantlly. I'm not saying make a bunch of family comdies, it can be filled with cursing, just move away from the same old jokes, yes they are some funny ones, but thigns get reptieve. It also ties in with my music rant about the "sex sells" music video tactic, hell even Burger King seems to agree now, let Spongebob shake his ass freely. Anyways, at this point Finding Nemo is my top pick, because I'm getting sick of sex movies! It seems America has replaced their head with their penis! I mean let's take a look at Beerfest, I remember the commerical had a girl's lips near another girl's lips, and some fat drunk guy was telling her to kiss her or something like that. I heard the movie was funny as well. Come on, seriously, let's all put our pensies down.

13. Love Songs: Okay there are some great ones. My personal favorite love songs are "Angie" by The Rolling Stones and "Flame Turns Blue" by David Gray, but that's not the point. It's the way people who suck at songwriting constantly write about this one freakin' topic. Let's take a look at 80's metal, it's either about love, rock and roll, or just random stuff about girls, not love, girls. Let's take a look at music now sex or love, or drugs and gangstas in different genres. It's such a freakin' annoying and oversung about subject, I mean let's do something orginal for once. I don't want to hear random songs, with some guy saying "she's my woman" or some female doing the opposite. At least look at the godly lyrics of David Gray's love songs, and even then let's get onto another freakin' subject. There's so much stuff to sing about, you can even make up random lines for all I care, as long as there orginal instead of about love. Look at Phish's Junta. The tires are the thing that makes contact with the road. No meaning behind that, but it's better to write that than "she's my woman, and I love her so/Never gonna let her go", etc. Not promoting the Junta like songwriting though, it's stupid as well, but that's for another rant.

Well there's a bunch of ranting to keep you busy along with my story, now I'm fully revived and plan on writing from D. Gray-Man, One Piece, Kekkashi, musical stories, songs, random ranting some more, and other crap if I can find time. Yours truly, The Blue Water.

Well double the ranting for you, please enjoy. I still have other things to rant about, and probably will re-rant while focusing more specifaccly on one thing. Still have plans to write stories continously from now on, and during summer I'll probably be doing a lot of writing, so you'll probably be getting a lot of stories from fan fictions to completely made up ones, whenever the time comes (July 14th, I believe). Yours truly, The Blue Water.

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