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Know anything you think I should add relating to this, ex: Avatar stuff or homonyms, common mistakes, etc? See a typo/error? Feel free to PM me on either account, I'll add your name to the Kudos list at the bottom!

COMING SOON! TwilightRose2 has brought up an excellent idea - adding a section that's a guide to writing ships. If anyone has input, feel free to PM me on this account or my original (preferably my original).

Wow, I love how I've used centering/bold/italics/underline to the point where it's hard to look at... irony?

Uh.. to learn stupid crap about me, go back to my main profile. All you need to know here is that I was an uber-Troll and Suethor when I first joined, but have long since reformed and am out to help others do the same... when I'm not feeling too lazy. And just so y'all know, excluding OC's, I ship everything. I used to be really into the shipping wars, then into bashing the shipping wars (which is just as bad) for a little while, and I now appreciate most ships, especially with the latest few episodes. And I swear to NEVER flame because of a pairing.

I consider myself pretty nice to people, especially compared with some of's most hated flamers. And guess what? I get even nicer if you're polite and do your best to use grammar.

Now, enjoy the true purpose of my secondary profile.


-Think about the plot. Is it something you would want to read? If not, it's probably not a good idea to post it.
-Is the summary something you would click on? If not, most likely no one else will either.
-Is it realistic to the fandom? If not, think again.
-Can you picture the characters acting the way you write them to and/or saying the dialogue? If not... beware of OOC-ness.
-Is the plot original? If not, don't do it, but don't be TOO original... because people, at their very roots, do enjoy repetition and conformity. (By this, I mean don't go so far out there that everyone goes 'WTF?!', not that you should plaigarize.)
-Has it been done before? If so, DO NOT DO IT. SO NOT do anything 'similar' either, especially if what you are 'inspired by' has a lot of reviews/favorites.

This section is purely related to Avatar: the Last Airbender. For more writing tips and grammar stuff, scroll down to the next double line.

Correct Avatar Spellings:



Joo Dee
Dai Li

Zu-Zu (With hyphen!)
Ty Lee
On Ji

Tui and La

...more to come.

Water Tribe
Earth Kingdom
Fire Nation
Air Nomads/Temples
Ba Sing Se
Kiyoshi Island
Ember Island

...more to come.

Avatar Misconceptions:

The respective forms of bending are each ONE word.

IROH has a name.

There are only hybrid animals, excluding Bosco, or they're weird, like Appa or Momo. Get used to it.

Only that Avatar can bend multiple elements. ONLY!

There is only one Avatar at a time, excluding the Spirit World.

There are ONLY four elements.

As far as we know, everyone is who they appear to be... menaing Ty Lee isn't actually an airbender, until proven to be one.

We know know a bit about Ursa. Just a wee bit. Don't abuse it.

Sokka is one damn sexy pimp, and all the chicks flock to him. (Lame pun not intended.)

Katara will NOT immediately trust Jet because he's a damn sexy beast.

Zuko's scar cannot be healed with ordinary water, maybe not even with the spirit water... yet that is what makes him so damn sexy to the fangirls.

Zuko's scar is an integral part of his angsty-ness, it is CHARACTER RAPE to take that away from him. Even in AU's.

...more to come.

How to Write Avatar Ships:

This section is going to grow a lot this summer, by help of anyone who wants to. TwilightRose2 has sent me her guide to writing ships, and I will edit it as I see fit and post it here.

General Writing Tips:

Do NOT use contractions in formal writing, excluding dialogue, and maybe if it's first-person.

DO use the correct homonyms (see below).

DO use the spell/grammar check functions.

Avoid excessive CAPS, special formatting, odd s p a c i n g/centering, and sooooooo

manyyyyyyy exxxxtra lettersss in worrrrrrrrrds...and excessive punctuation!11one11!eleven!1one! It's insanely tacky.

Do not use slang, excluding dialogue.

Be careful about

accidentally hitting the 'Enter' button in the middle of a line. As you can see, it

's very confusing.

Do nawt use da chat-speak, homie, 0r 1337 5p34k, unless you are Adverk (or someone similar) and are using it to emphasize your master Sue parody.

Start a NEW paragraph every time someone speaks, NEVER have two speakers' dialogue in one paragraph!

NO MORE OCS, BITCH! We all make little Sues that are ourselves, only more awesome. We all fantasize about self inserts. We all write/draw about them. But that does NOT give you license to spam the internet with them. You want to create characters, head on over to Fiction Press, THAT is the website for original characters with original stories. (And that is where I took my old OC, remember her?)

If you need a minor character for one scene, jack someone off the show/fandom you're not using or don't see as important. If you must, a non-canon character at least should be nameless! Be like Vessa Blackheart- relate EVERYTHING back to the show.

GET A BETA! I cannot emphasize the importance of this one. Betas offer grammar/spelling checks that the computer misses, and SHOULD advise your sentence phrasing, word choice, and use of canon characters.

DOUBLE-CHECK EVERYTHING! We are all guilty of typos, especially things like 'form' mixed up with 'from' (especially me). Also, people tend to accidentally put a semicolon or something in for an apostrophe by mistake.

Do NOT ever, ever, ever use emoticons whilst telling the tale. :P You should know this.


Beware of homonyms (see below).

And last, but NOT least (for this section), USE THE SPELL/GRAMMAR CHECK FUNCTION. IF your computer doesn't have it (li-ar, li-ar, pants on fi-re...) download the FREE word-processors available on the homepage, or use the spell-check function in the Doc. Editor.

Grammar Tips: (mostly involving Avatar-esque examples)

Observe how to capitalize titles:

Prince Zuko and Princess Azula are both going to hell.
The Fire Nation prince and princess need to remove the sticks up their asses.

Royal titles are capitalized in front of names, or in a case such as "the Fire Prince" or "the Crorwn Prince".

The wisest old man on the show is Uncle Iroh.
Zuko needs to show his uncle more respect.

Things like uncle, aunt, mother, father, sister, brother, etc. are capitalized as titles, as in "Uncle Iroh" or when replaing a name, like "I need help, Mommy". They aren't when used as a noun, such as "My dad doesn't have a nose ring!".

The current Avatar, Aang, is destined to prevail over Fire Lord Ozai.
The Avatar will kick the Fire Lord's bum.

I'm not sure if "Avatar" and "Fire Lord" are always supposed to be capitalized, if anyone can tell me the specifics, that would be great.

They're always around us, lurking behind a corner, under a bed, in your desk drawer. We cannot seem to escape them, even in fanfics. Oh my God! There's one in my pocket! Help! It's tentacles are slithering into my ears! ...

It's called an iPod. Lowercase-i, captial-p, lowercase-od. iPod, iTunes, iMac, iDog, iWhatever, it's a marketing thing. Please get it right... or, stick it to Steve Jobs and say it's an MP3 player!

Homonyms: words that sound the same but have different meanings

Observe how to use 'their', 'there', and 'they're:
Zuko and Mai are over there, looking at the sunset.
Their children will be more emo than Gerard Way.
They're not compatible, in my opinion.

There: a location; over there.
Their: belonging to them; their possession.
They're: contraction of 'they are'; they're doing something. When writing, only use this in dialogue, same for any contraction.

And 'your' and 'you're':
"You're a crazy old man and you're crazy!"
"-Can your fortune-telling explain that?
-Can your science prove why it rains?
-Yes! Yes it can!"

Your: belonging to you; your possession.
You're: contraction of you are; you're doing something.

'Too', 'to', and 'two'...
Ozai is proud of Azula, and Zuko too.
Zuko returned home to the palace.
Those two old ladies disturb me.

Too: Also, as well as; me too.
To: an article; I'm going to do something.
Two: a number between one and three; two to tango.

'Aloud' versus 'allowed'...
Zuko spoke his thoughts aloud in episode five.
Toph's parents never allowed her to do anything.

Aloud: out loud; spoken aloud.
Allowed: given permission to do something; you're not allowed to misuse the site.

'It's' and 'its'...
It's not cool to spam the 'net.
Its eyes followed me as I screwed with Wikipedia.

It's: contraction of it is; it's simple to comprehend.
Its: possessive; its pet kitty.

'Bored' is not the same as 'board'...
We got bored reading a shitty fic.
We thus choose to whack the stupid author upside the head with a heavy board.

Bored: Past tense of 'to bore'; hope you're not bored of this lesson.
Board: A wooden plank; a two-by-four board.

Please do not confuse 'definitely' with 'defiantly'... (Thank you, Twilight Rose2)
This is definitely a serious error.
Do not defiantly refuse to learn it.

Definitely: Assuring that something is definite; definitely not hard to comprehend.
Defiantly: In a defiant manner; to act defiantly.

Don't be 'coarse', stay the 'course'... (Wow, that was lame)
The wooden floor was rough and coarse.
"He's always on a steady course, talk to Mr. Ed!"

Coarse: Rough, uncultured (like a person); to be coarse or act in a coarse manner.
Course: A path; set a course for the North Pole.

Keep 'apart' from mixing it up with 'a part'...(Again, really lame, WTF?!)
I set myself apart from those who make this mistake.
I am not a part of the ignorant ones.

Apart: Separate, away from; set yourself apart from the group.
A part: A single piece or unit of a larger thing; do not be a part of the group.

Integrate and Interrogate...
America began to integrate in the fifties (I think...).
A P.O.W. is interrogated violently.

Integrate: To mix together, as in races; blacks and white have been integrated in the United States.
Interrogate: To question for information; interrogate a witness.

I just spent my time giving you an English lesson, learn from it!

Please, if you can think of any common errors or (gasp!) have any corrections to this, feel free to PM me with this account or the main one!

New section coming up soon about Avatar ships and how to write them!

Oh, and there's a link back to me under Fave Authors!

The other faves are well-worth checking out to ask for advice or read their profiles.

Kudos for giving me tips/advice/correction/ideas go to:

TwilightRose2, CantHelpThisSmile