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Hello. My username on this site is AllHailMario (goofy as it sounds, but I don't want to change it), as you have doubtless gleamed from the information surrounding this white plain of runes and writing. Dare ye take a journey into my imagination...?

Phony medieval speech aside, I also go by my basic pen name, Halo. Halo sounds cooler than AllHailMario, but you can use whichever you prefer.

Personal: I'm a relatively ordinary homeschooled American with a love for writing, which didn't really go anywhere until age 13, when I joined this site. I've been typing since the age of about 4, and I quickly discovered I liked it. I'd always seen everybody making professional-looking stories and documents, and I thought it was fun to do the same...or imitate it, anyway.

I'm also a Christian who knows why he believes what he believes. You may have your opinions, but I don't think I'm an idiot. I can honestly say I wouldn't be a Christian now if I wasn't absolutely convinced based both on spiritual truths and physical evidence that a God exists. Everybody should be certain of what they believe. After all, if you don't know why you believe what you believe, you don't really believe anything at all. I also have another saying: if atheists are right and Christians are wrong, we're merely misguided. If Christians are right and atheists are wrong, the stakes are much higher. This is not something you should be ignorant about. Find out all you can!

There are many reasons I'm a Christian, and we can't go over all of them now. At the moment, I'll suffice to say that the peaceful lives of Christians, personal faith-based miracles (as in the moving-mountain type), the origin of the Bible (a compilation of thousands of manuscripts from all different times and places), sheer history (tyrannical emperor Nero was born right around the time Jesus died, two major events happening back-to-back), and thought-provoking books (90 Minutes in Heaven and the like) have convinced me of the existence of God. You should be sure of what you believe, too. If you have any questions or comments related to this, I'd be honored to oblige you.

As for my hobbies, I love writing in all kinds of formats (as should be obvious by now), I'm a practitioner of a recent martial art, I like watching anime every now and then, and I'm a big gamer. I joke that I live under a rock because I'm not as "involved" as other people, but this lifestyle isn't bad.

Halo's Archives [on indefinite hiatus: I launched a blog fairly recently, although that same blog is currently taking an indefinite hiatus. Halo's Archives (the URL is is a blog dedicated to fanfiction, where I write (or wrote) fanfiction advice and posted "Stories of the Week" that recommended well-written fanfics. Due to lack of involvement (and other reasons), the blog is on vacation, and it's dubious if it will ever go back to work.

Game Poll/Game Poll Haven: Conversely, I have started a website and accompanying blog that actually serve a purpose. Game Poll is, as the name implies, a website dedicated to fan feedback of different gaming franchises, consisting of polls, articles, and simple discussion pieces. The blog, Game Poll Haven, serves as both a herald of site updates and a place for miscellaneous gaming articles, like game reviews, Top 10 lists, and more. If you enjoy my writing style at all, you will probably love the site and blog. But remember...they can go nowhere if no one keeps up with them, so if you like them, be sure to return! Game Poll can be found at, and Game Poll Haven is at I hope to see you there.

Cancelled Fanfics: In other news, three of my fanfics are indefinitely being cancelled. I apologize if you subscribed to A Journey of Heroic Villainy, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Bane of Existence, and Divided. Then again, I'm pretty sure everybody suspected A Journey of Heroic Villainy wasn't going anywhere - I haven't updated the story in years. There are a few reasons for these cancellations, though:

#1: I'm starting to write actual novels. Keeping up with a bunch of fanfics would distract me from that, and I'd feel guilty all around for being slow on everything.

#2: The premises of Divided and Bane of Existence are not deep enough to keep running with. Even after revising the synopses of both several times, it's become clear they'll remain generally uninteresting, no matter how quirky and well-written they are. Neither experiences much in the way of plot twists, and the story ideas aren't original enough to keep me going.

#3: The premise of A Journey of Heroic Villainy (two evil underlings saving the world in order to destroy it) will be used in a real novel in the future. With more preparation and better writing skills, you will definitely enjoy the newer version better.

I know it sounds like I'm turning into Mr. Doom and Gloom, but the stories aren't gone for good. I'll leave them up so people can read them, and I may come back to them some day in the future if demand is high enough (and, of course, if I feel like it). But for now, there are other things I need to focus on.

Novels in the Works: But now for the cream of the crop. All novel ideas that have gone beyond "Gee, that's a good idea" stage will be posted and summarized below. I hope you'll look forward to them, especially because I've received a few comments that people would buy my work if I tried to sell it. So if ever you wanted to support Halo, do it NAO! (The "NAO" means I am forcefully but comically shaking your shoulders in an attempt to persuade you to my intentions.)

Chains of The Farewell: This story is set in a fictional medieval world where dragons are real and essence takes the place of fairy-tale magic. Devilish is a young but charismatic thief living in the capital of the kingdom called Providence. When a pickpocket attempt goes awry, Devilish is incarcerated and sent to a controversial prison camp. This "camp" is actually a gigantic underground maze spanning miles, and no one who enters can exit without completing the mission assigned to them in order to work off their crimes. Questioning his decisions, Devilish is thrust inside and soon meets with the only one who seems to have a shot at completing the mission and escaping. There is a hitch, however: this man, Feyna, is a foreigner and doesn't speak a word of Devilish's language. The maze is filled with traps and monsters thought only to exist in legends, and to survive, Devilish must communicate with a man he can't speak to. Feyna has his own reasons for being in the maze as well, and the government's involvement in this slice of hell is quickly losing its noble edge. To see the family he betrayed, discover Feyna's motivations, and learn why the government is so focused on this labyrinth, Devilish must team up with this foreigner and explore the maze, fulfilling tasks that may bring more regret than reward.

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