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Good news everyone!

I am not dead.

I know some of you have been worried and with all the messages I've been getting, I thought now is the time to put some of you at ease.

Almost two years ago (when I stopped updating my stories) I went to a Halloween Party to see a band play. I really wasn't into going anywhere that night, but when my friend kept bugging me about it, I gave in because I figured I needed to get out more. I had just been ghosted by the guy I was seeing and angry at all men in general, swearing dating off completely because all men are awful and all men suck. I hadn't gone out or done anything fun for weeks, but to be honest, my misery seemed to help my writing because I jumped head first into it to distract myself from the hatred I felt and the insecurity it made me have.

There is nothing quite like happiness that can kill that writing muse, though. And that seems to be the root of my absence. I've been happy. Because that Halloween night I met someone.

I didn't even try to dress up. I was wearing the lace dress I had worn to work that day and when I got to the bar, my friend forced some cat ears on my head so I wouldn't be that person at the party that was too cool to bother. He came later and was dressed up as Harry Potter (perfect) and his name is Cedric (even better) and because life is strange I found him when I wasn't even looking and I didn't even know he was what I wanted until I found him.

We started dating not long after that night. Our first date was at the Olive Garden and we saw an awful movie... It wasn't very exciting but I liked him too much to care.

My company transferred me to a different city in August which was a hard decision to make because I was moving two hours away from him, but it was good promotion and we were dedicated to making it work.

I found out I was pregnant in October. It was a surprise. I was on the pill and not trying to have a baby but neither of us were bothered by it because we both wanted a family and knew we wanted that with each other.

We got married in January. He asked me before we found out we were pregnant, but it was shotgun wedding none the less.

We had our daughter at the beginning of May and used a name from one of my stories because I've always loved it and it just fit her so well.

I'm on Maternity leave until the end of July... This is the longest stretch of time I've ever had off since I was fifteen years old and I plan on finishing up chapters and getting back into writing. I've been too happy and too busy to focus on anything but now with a newborn and a husband that works, I feel like I'll finally be able to get back into the swing of things.

Hopefully some of you read this and realize I have not completely abandoned you!


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