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I'm getting there, you know. I'm really, really getting there!

As of right now, I have completed no less than EIGHT brand new chapters for 'Love Hina: Crime and Punishment' and I'm just about to finish a ninth. As I promised before, I shall update this story once I have completed it in full. The rest of this story is now well on the way to being finished, so the end is finally in sight!

Hopefully, this time I'll be able to keep working, without any further interruptions, on 'Love Hina: Crime and Punishment' until it is completely done.

I also want to revise and improve some of my other stories. I'll do that a chapter at a time, probably on days when I'm taking a break from my above efforts.

As for my two previously-announced brand new stories, one of them is almost fifty thousand words long as of now. The second brand new story is a much shorter one-shot that I'm now about half done. I'm keeping the titles of these two new stories under wraps for the moment, but they'll tie in with the 'Love Hina: Crime and Punishment'/'Sailor Moon: Devastation' Universe that most of the others are a part of.

I have decided not to post any chapters of either of these two new stories until I have both of them fully complete, edited and all ready to go. As to why - I know how frustrating it is to have to wait for who knows how long for updates to stories I enjoy reading from other authors. This way I can post regular updates with the readers knowing that they will get every chapter including the final one within a reasonable timeframe.

Furthermore, part of the reason I hadn't updated any of my stories in a long time is that I've got too many stories that I'm trying to write all at once, on top of everything else I've got to do. So I'm going to fully complete at least my two new stories as soon as I can to lighten my writing load, and then eventually get it down to only one or two to do at a time.

'Love Hina: Doomsday' will get the odd update, but once 'Love Hina: Crime and Punishment' is finally complete, I'll be able to concentrate on writing it - and one other, yet to be announced story that isn't one of the two new ones I mentioned above.

Story Update Progress Report:

'Love Hina: Crime and Punishment' Chapter Fifty-Two is up. The rest of the story will be posted when it is fully completed.

Chapter Eleven of 'Love Hina: Doomsday' has been posted. I did start writing Chapter Twelve, but then I stopped to concentrate on 'Love Hina: Crime and Punishment'.

'New Story One' (not it's real name) is about 85 percent complete.

'New Story Two' (also not its real name) is about 60 percent complete.

Story Information on Works In Progress:

I am currently working on several stories which I will eventually post on this site. Some but not all of my stories are for mature readers, and will probably end up with a 'M' ranking.

The following stories are what I am currently engaged in:

'Love Hina: Doomsday'

The Hinata Apartments and its residents have been consumed in a terrible nuclear accident. Only two very special people have survived. Years after the horrific event, this details their attempt to change the past and give their dead friends a new future. This is a totally stand-alone story that is not a part of the 'Love Hina: Crime and Punishment', 'Sailor Moon: Devastation' universe.

The first chapter is something of a essential prologue - it sets the scene for the events of the rest of the story. There's a fair bit of imagery in it, which may not appeal to all readers, especially those who like to dive straight in to the action, but bear with me. Chapter Two starts off with a bang - a big bang.

The eleventh chapter has been posted. Rated 'T' for - well, you'll just have to see!

Yes, due to a good reader response, I have decided to continue this story when I find the time to do so. Yes, there will be at least one more chapter - maybe even two or three more if you brush your teeth and say your prayers?

'Love Hina: Crime and Punishment'

A 'Love Hina' story that will be linked to 'Sailor Moon: Devastation' in a surprising way. In it, Naru finally goes too far, way too far. As Keitaro lies in hospital with a cracked skull and having suffered a serious heart attack, the Hinata girls try to deal with their conflicting emotions about him. And then, Naru gets - ! (Preview ends). The first few chapters will be suitable for most readers, but because of certain content, this story is 'M' rated in the later chapters.

The first Fifty-Two chapters are up. There's still a few more chapters to come. Due to a whopping 100 percent of the people who voted in my first poll wanting the story rating changed to 'M', with adult content, it has been done.

'New Story One'

(Real name to be announced later). A multi-chapter story with the cast of a certain other very popular anime's characters. (Hint: think 'Yamamayaa!'). Definitely 'M' rated. It takes place a few months after the conclusion of 'Love Hina: Crime and Punishment', and is part of the 'Love Hina: Crime and Punishment/Sailor Moon: Devastation' Universe.

'New Story Two'

(Real name to be announced later). A one-shot. Probably to be rated 'T'. Stars everyone's favorite hyperactive, banana-munching missile launcher. It takes place a few months after the conclusion of 'Love Hina: Crime and Punishment', and is part of the 'Love Hina: Crime and Punishment/Sailor Moon: Devastation' Universe.

'Sister, Sister:-?'

I have one other project underway at the moment. Actually I wrote a book length fanfiction story a few years back and almost completed it. It is based on the TV show that was on about ten years back. But this is 'Sister, Sister' with a big difference - it is set in an alternative and darker universe than the one on TV, one of the two that my other fanfiction stories are set in. Some of the characters even cross over into this earlier story. The twins, Tia and Tamera, are very much the same as they were on TV - but their circumstances are very different. And furthermore, they discover to their shock that they both are-! (Preview over).

I dusted it off the other day, looked at the list of TV fanfiction on this site, and since there is a 'Sister, Sister' section up now on, you all get the picture.

More on this as it happens. (Like when I can think up a good title for the story!)

I do intend to finish and post this someday. But I'm far too busy to do it just yet.

Completed Stories:

'Sailor Moon: Banished'

In this tome, Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn are lost in deep space, on the far side of our galaxy. How did they get there? What do they find? Will they ever get home again? The plot contains a number of twists, a number of very interesting appearances, and possibly the greatest threat to any world that has ever been created. This story can be a stand-alone one, but it is best read after 'Sailor Moon: Devastation'. Nor is this story be anywhere near as graphic as the first one, but it may have its moments. It is rated 'T' - suitable for most readers.

Please read the Author's note at the end of Chapter Sixteen for important information pertaining to this storyline, as I hope to continue this story at a later date.

'Sailor Moon: Devastation'

'Sailor Moon: Devastation - This is a book length 'Sailor Moon' story, in which Usagi makes an extremely unwise choice one night and learns that she is not as powerful as she thought she was. Then things for the sailor scouts turn from bad to worse, to - very probable extinction? New truly evil enemies, surprising romances, pitched battles, guns, cars, chases, unexpected events, hints of a crossover and a startling conclusion - this story has it all!

'Sailor Moon: D - The 'M' Version Chapters

'Sailor Moon: Devastation - The 'M' Version Chapters' contains the adult rated version of certain chapters in the 'Sailor Moon: Devastation' story above. WARNING: These adult chapters are for Mature Readers only. A few of the sex and violence scenes are graphic, and - disturbing. The very realistic villians in these chapters are the true face of human moral bankruptcy, and their actions reflect this. But don't let that scare too many of you off - just read and see.

'Love Hina: Flight of the Hornet'

One scorching mid-summer's day, an unusual visitor wanders into the Hinata Apartments, to find the goings on inside even more hot and heavy than he could have ever imagined - and more dangerous. This is a five-part story, written with Major Mike Powell III.

'Love Hina: Flight of the Hornet - The Seduction'

This is a special spin-off chapter of 'Love Hina: Flight of the Hornet', and it takes place during the events of 'Love Hina: Flight of the Hornet'. It has been posted in its correct chronological order with the above, but as a totally seperate story since it is definitely 'M' rated. This chapter details in a fairly graphic fashion how two of the female residents got together.

'Love Hina: Flight of the Hornet - The Aftermath'

This is the second, special, five-chapter spin-off series of 'Love Hina: Flight of the Hornet', and it takes place immediately after the events of 'Love Hina: Flight of the Hornet'. This story is definitely 'M' rated, contains yuri, and it details in a fairly graphic fashion just who Keitaro, Naru, Kanako and Mutsumi end up with, and how it comes about.

Story Infomation:

Most of my stories, beginning with 'Sailor Moon: Devastation' are going to be in some way linked to the others. 'Sailor Moon: Devastation' is the first story in the series, and so should probably be read first as it sets the stage for most of the following stories. My writings are set in two wholly new and different alternative universes, both of which are mostly identical to this one, in which many different characters from many different genres can appear together in a plausible manner. I make no apology for mixing characters - fan fiction is there to expand horizons, not to follow the exact same format as the original series.

I have just discovered that I can't have two versions of the same story on this website at the same time - so I have re-released the 'T' rated version of 'Sailor Moon: Devastation', so that more people can read it. All the chapters are up right now and the story is complete. Most of the chapters in the 'T' version and the 'M' version are exactly the same, but for those adult readers who want to see them, those chapters with only 'M' content will also be on this site as well, under the separate title, 'Sailor Moon: D - The 'M' Version Chapters'.

In the re-released 'T' version of 'Sailor Moon: Devastation', any chapters that also have an 'M' version will be clearly stated at the start of that chapter, so readers can have their choice as to what version they wish to read. WARNING: The 'M' version contains some strong and controversial adult content and it is suitable for Mature Readers only - especially those of whom are not easily shocked.

I am pleased to say that none of the bad guys in these chapters are based on either myself, or anyone that I know. They are there because, unfortunately, there are people like that in the world, and actions like this do happen. I in no way support, condone, or would ever try to defend their actions. Go the good guys! (or girls, in this case).

A Note on Crossover Characters:

One or two people have inquired as to the point of a couple of crossover characters fairly random appearances in the 'Love Hina: Crime and Punishment' story. My answer to this is that there is a larger, living, breathing world surrounding the 'Love Hina' cast, who's actions can affect and be affected by these other characters. The crossovers - while they can be puzzling to the reader at times - pertain to events that will affect the 'Love Hina' residents in the near future. These crossover characters are in this story for reasons that may not be immediately obvious to the reader, but all will be made clear in coming chapters as to how everything all ties together into a coherent whole.

My earlier story, 'Sailor Moon: Devastation', which takes place over the EXACT same weekend as the 'Love Hina: Crime and Punishment' story has now reached from Chapter 30 onwards, gives some of the answers to the readers questions, especially in its later chapters.

Question Time!

Here are the answers to some good questions I got in a review for 'Love Hina: Crime and Punishment':

Q1. Why does Keitaro need to study for Tokyo U if by the time Kanako enters the scene he is already in?

Answer: Keitaro is not in Tokyo U at this time. This is a fanfiction story, not the original story.

Q2. Also how come Naru was convicted if the illness was already diagnosed, shouldn't the court send her to a psychiatric institution?

Answer: See answer for question 3.

Q3. Shouldn't Haruka or Granny know something about the illness as well?

Answer: Not if Naru and her family kept it a secret. One of the main problems confronting Japan’s mentally ill is the stigma attached to them, a long-held custom of Japanese society. Their troubles are not defined by conditions of chemical imbalance or sickness, but by more shameful conditions of weakness. Indeed, some consider mental illness within the family a form of social shame. For a Japanese to bring shame to his or her family is the ultimate failure, far greater than simply bringing shame to herself. A mentally ill member of the family is a cause for disgrace. For this reason, the psychologically disturbed usually try to conceal or ignore their problems. Naru's family would no doubt keep it a closely guarded secret to try to protect her future, and it is also the last thing that Naru would normally admit to anybody - especially to Aunt Haruka and Granny Hina when she arrived at the Hinata Apartments. Her family doctor would also be sworn to secrecy about her condition. This also explains why the Court was not told of Naru's mental illness. The judge never knew she had it in the first place, and even if he had, and believed it, she would probably have been jailed anyway.

My Recommended 'Must Read' Stories from other Authors:

Azumangastar Galactica by Not-as-Thrilling-as-Advertised.

If you think that his name is a hoot, then just wait until you read this story. Believe it or not, this is a crossover between 'Azumanga Daioh', 'Yotsubato!', and 'Battlestar Galactica 2003'. And I consider it to be one of the four best stories that I have read on this site. If you're into these three series, then don't bother reading anything else until you've checked this opus out.

I give this story a ten out of ten. It's that good.

Four Seasons by RobDaZombie

This is a 'Love Hina' and 'Magister Negi Magi' crossover. No, this is THE 'Love Hina' and 'Magister Negi Magi' crossover, and another of the best stories that I have read on this site. A work of genius. I just couldn't stop reading the damn thing!

Another ten out of ten.

Uncivil Service by ninja hampster

If you like the 'Love Hina' cast in a war setting, then this is the story to read. Very well researched and the battle scenes are excellently done. Unfortunately it's not completed yet, so I'm waiting with bated breath for the next installment! Hurry up!

A nine out of ten (so far).

Azumanga Hina by Brandon Payne

Guess who meets who here. The author has a slightly different writing style, but the characterizations are excellent. The interplay between Tomo and Yomi, especially, is eye-wateringly funny. Another uncompleted story, but very well done and well worth reading.

More stories will appear on this list once I find the time to read more fanfiction and discover more hidden gems.


I welcome all reviews. So feel free to comment on my work in a constructive manner. But I make no apologies for treading on a few purists toes because my stories are, after all, works of fiction. Unfortunately, some overzealous readers tend to forget this.

I also realize that every individual reader is different, with different likes and expectations. I know that not everyone is going to like every part of every chapter, every time. Likewise, some readers like crossover characters appearing in a story, others don't. The personal preferences of every reader is different, and their opinions will reflect that.

Because of the above reasons, I expect the occasional critical review of the way that I've written a chapter. If I can find the time, I'll try to address the reader's concerns - but the reviewer must in turn also realize that what they don't like about that particular chapter, other readers will like. It's all a matter of balance.

One other thing, I believe in giving the reader their money's worth with decent length chapters.

Read and enjoy!


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