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Author has written 4 stories for Urusei Yatsura, and My Little Pony.

Hey, not much to say here. Haven't done much fanfiction in the past, though I have done a few little things here and there and a few original stories.

My first Urusei Yatsura story, Lum gets Grounded, follows Ataru and Lum after the events in the Final Chapter movie and manga. The second story in this series, Across the Stars, switches back and forth between following the Moroboshis and Shutaro's adventures on Earth. The third story, Class 1 4 skips ahead 15 years from the end of Across the Stars and tells the story of Keiko Moroboshi and her friends.

6/12/12 - It's been a crazy year, in the process of moving now. I've finally posted a new chapter of Royal History Lesson, I really want to apologize to those who have been waiting. Being busy kept me from writing, and the longer I'm not writing the harder it is for me to start writing again. Sitting there for a couple hours only cranking out a hundred words a night isn't fun for anyone. Hopefully I can get my act together a bit.

7/26/11 - I'm still alive, just sadly not very active in the writing dept at the moment. Trying to fix up the house so we can hopefully sell it... doesn't leave much time or energy for being creative.

12/24/10 - Merry Christmas to everyone. I'm been working on a side project, A Royal History Lesson, because I am hopelessly addicted to MLP:FiM.

7/18/10 - Class 1-4 is up to chapter 14 and I'm somehow still going. I realize updates are going much slower on this story, but I hope everyone will be forgiving.

10/14/09 - Well over a year from when I finished Across the Stars and said I was done, I've posted a new UY story. Updates are likely to be very sporadic, and no one should expect a massive arc of a story like the previous two, just a few short stories as they come to me. I want to give a big thank you to Ludra90 for reigniting my love for this universe.

6/3/09 - Just wanted to say thank you to all my readers and especially those who have taken the time to review. I especially want to thank my latest reviewer for their kind words and information about the Japanese school schedule. I've been aware that my story's schedule isn't accurate to anything, but honestly back when I was only planning to write a few quick chapters at most I wasn't thinking about the difference. By the time I started planning for an ongoing story and started a timeline I had already put out several chapters and was loathe to change them. It just got worse the more I timelined out preceeding chapters, to the point where I just said the heck with it and went with a half and half system. I hope it didn't bug anyone too much.

I haven't done any more fanfiction since these two stories, though I have been working on an actual original novel since I last updated, albiet very slowly. It's doubtful it will ever reach the public, but I enjoy writing in any case. I still might return to writing here at some point. I hope I do, it was a very fun experience.

8/07/08 - Chapter 30 of Across the Stars is up. The big finale. Stick a fork in her, because she's seriously done this time. 60 chapters of this continuation are enough, I do believe. That's already 54 more chapters than my original plan. I'm starting to understand how Rumiko can keep these things going forever and ever without much going on. Hope everyone brave enough to sit through that much of my rambling enjoys it. To those who do, thank you for reading.

7/24- Chapter 24 of Across the Stars has been posted. Currently working on Chapter 28, and planning tentatively to end my story at Chapter 30.

7/15 - Well, I posted an update 3 days ago, but it didn't save for some reason. I've been doing really good on cranking out chapters. I just posted 19 today, but I've got all the way through 23 finished. I'll be posting new chapters every couple of days or so.

7/01 - Once again we are in a slowdown, sorry about that. And I was trucking along pretty well, so it is disappointing to me. This time I have a slightly better excuse: I got laid off. And I did a lot of my writing WHILE working, so it's not like I have more time now even. Still looking for a job, planning on posting next chapter in next couple of days though, it's about halfway done.

6/04 - Sorry about the serious slowdown there. I took a week's vacation or so and didn't get much writing done during it. I'm back at work on the next chapter now.

5/18 - Chapters are coming a bit slower now due to a variety of reason, but they are still coming regularly. I've always got at least one completed chapter past what I've posted. Input from readers is always welcome.

4/28 - I've got a few chapters done on the sequel, Across the Stars. Will trickle them out as they are ready.

4/21/08 - Chapter 30 completes Lum Gets Grounded. I hope everyone who has been reading along enjoys where the story has gone. It's been a lot of fun writing this tale. I've deliberately left it open ended, however, so a sequel is certainly not out of the question if there's interest.

4/14/08 - Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been following along. Thanks for all the reviews as well, they are great for helping me get my thoughts together.

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