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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter.

I really enjoyed writing and posting my first story, The Secret Keepers. I was inspired to write it after reading Without You, I'm Nothing by Clare Mansfield on this site; a great story in which Remus and Sirius do not act upon their attraction to each other. I envisioned their history my own way. I like to write complex characters who are in love, but face obstacles to their happiness. In The Secret Keepers Sirius chronicles his life in letters to Harry, which explain his reasons for suspecting Remus was Voldemort's spy as well as providing a behind the scenes look at their secret relationship. All my fiction is canon compliant.

My second story, The Prisoner of Memory is a companion to The Prisoner of Azkaban. It examines Remus Lupin's feelings as he confronts the memories that re-awaken when he returns to Hogwarts as a teacher. While the relationship between Remus and Sirius was very straight-forward in The Secret Keepers, it is less so in The Prisoner of Memory reflecting how uncertain Remus is about what had taken place between them. Much of the story takes place during Remus' time as a student via flashback.

A Goblet of Blood examines the Black family and Sirius' feelings for them. In real life, no one is all good or all evil (Sirius even tells Harry a similar thing in OOTP.) This story takes the position that there is more to the Dark Arts than the little we see in the books. While remaining canon compliant, this story spins Sirius' family in a slightly different way. The Black family is a staunch protector of traditional Wizarding practices, which they feel are endangered by a weak Ministry of Magic. They have reasons for their beliefs and actions, just as Sirius has reasons for opposing those beliefs. Sirius will try to come to terms with his upbringing as he assumes his duties as Harry's godfather and enters into a loving relationship with Remus Lupin. This is a story of misunderstandings, missed opportunities, faith, love, loss, madness and, ultimately, redemption. It takes place during The Goblet of Fire.

My last story, Ashes of the Phoenix, is about Sirius' struggle to remain sane while forced to remain within Grimmauld Place during The Order of the Phoenix. As he watches the lives of others move forward and romances develop, he finds it harder and harder to trust those who only wish to keep him safe, ultimately leading to his death at the Ministry of Magic. This story is not told through flashback, as the others were. If you want to read the stories in order: The Prisoner of Memory, A Goblet of Blood, then Ashes of the Phoenix.

The Secret Keepers can be read at any time, since it overlays all those stories.

I'm pretty liberal and do not find same-sex attraction strange in any way; therefore, I have an issue with slash warnings on fiction. I feel that these warnings imply that same-sex pairings are disturbing or unnatural in some way, which they are not. I am an instructor at a college in the northeast United States, so my only excuse for grammar errors is the speed in which I try to get the chapters out. I apologize in advance.

Thanks to everyone who reads and reviews. It means more to me that you know! ENJOY!

- SomethingBorrowed

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No Coward Soul is Mine by Clare Mansfield reviews
Marriages are made, children are born, vows are broken. The Dark Lord's power is growing, the Order are determined to fight but it seems that fates will be decided on the embittered love of one man. UPDATED!
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The Prisoner of Memory reviews
During the year that Remus Lupin teaches at Hogwarts he is confronted by his memories of the past while he attempts to protect Harry Potter from Sirius Black. Canon compliant and follows the timeline of POA. Undertones of slash.RECENTLY REVISED
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Sirius Black struggles to maintain hope while he remains inside the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix watching life continue outside the walls of Grimmauld Place and romance bloom within.OOTP from Sirius' perspective. Suggestions of slash.
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A Goblet of Blood reviews
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Harry Potter returns to Grimmauld Place and discovers letters written to him from Sirius Black, but never mailed, that shed light on Sirius’ tragic life, enduring friendship with James Potter, and complicated relationship with Remus Lupin. Canon.
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