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Hey, you amazing reader-person, you. This is the joint account of the Pathetic Otaku Child and Haliaetus.

Yes, we will continue to work on our own stories, but we just write so much stoof together that we decided it'd be in our best interests to have a joint account. You can see our individual accounts here:

We also now have a DeviantART account, so you can view our fanfic related pictures here, though there is currently only two things posted on there:

Well, now that the intro is done, we'd probably better let you know just what you're getting into.

Basically, so far as we know, this account will be mainly for our DMC (Devil May Cry) stuff, as evidenced already by the first thing we've posted: a completely random, humorous...thing that was born of the braincell we share. I swear, there was no drugs or other outside influence involved in the creation of that thing and we take full credit for any others that may join it in the future. (This paragraph is regarding A Day in the Life, not Ask a Devil Hunter.)

We are also currently (not) working on a fic of epic proportions that was born of Haliaetus' half of the braincell a while ago and has become one of our many obssessions, though it has recently taken a back burner to the third fic we've posted, explained below. Check for the first two chapters.

Adding to the obsession is the addition of yet another humor thing, this time a DMC parody of "Ask a Ninja." If you are not familiar with this podcast, shame on you and go watch it. NOW. Just Google-search it. UPDATE! There is a comic being made for this story by a friend of POCky's. We'll have a link for you as soon as the first bit is out.

OH! You probably already know this if you've come here from our individual profiles, but a vast majority of what we write is yaoi or slash (aka, homosexual) stuff. If you happen to be offended by this and refuse to respect our views on such things, we refuse to associate with you. So there. Anyway, our stories will include warnings of everything that we can think of that might happen in that particular fic (if you see something we missed, please point it out and we'll fix it), so you have absolutely no room to be going "You never told us about this and it offends my particular set of morals so you should take it off!" or variants thereof. PLEASE read the warnings and disclaimer before you continue with the fic as it may determine whether or not you actually do read it. We'll understand if you choose not to read it, by the way; what we put up here is stuff that we enjoyed writing and reading ourselves, so we figured others would enjoy reading it as well. If not, it's not our problem and if you make a big deal out of it, we'll recommend a good psychiatrist to help deal with the aftereffects.

Just so you know, only Hell's Rejects will actually have any serious yaoi. The other two are either barely hinted at or humorously portrayed. As in, we laugh at the guys, too and they cringe when they see us coming because they know we're just going to ridicule them even more. (CORRECTION: AADH will have shounen-ai (non-graphic homosexual love stuff), but it will be neatly partitioned into its own chapter and clearly marked. If you don't like, you don't have to read it. We will be double posting when those chapters appear so that those of you who don't care for it have something to read, as well.)

Also, feel free to email us at the given email (again, it's at the top, labeled "email," for those of you who are having difficulty finding the links on this profile) if you have any questions or suggestions. We love hearing from people besides ourselves and our muses, so drop us a line if you want. Hooks and bait are optional.

Beware all ye who enter here...

Updates (Most Recent First)

2/24/10 - Chapter 11 is in the works for AADH, so expect that hopefully within the next month. Also, since you guys don't see this, there have been over 7,000 hits to AADH. O.O We're amazed and flattered. We love you guys!

1/3/10 - First off, Happy New Years! Second, we've achieved the 100 reviews mark! You guys are so amazing! @.@ Next chapter's in the works!

12/27/09 - New chapter of AADH is out before New Years! Seriously!

12/15/09 - Okay. "Maybe" failed. I swear, chapter 10 is being worked on. I think we'll make it a personal goal to get it out before New Years. At least it's only been a couple of months this time, rather than six or seven...

10/20/09 - Hey! New chapter of Ask a Hunter is now up! Before Halloween, even! Maybe we'll be able to crank out another chapter in the next week! (Emphasis on the 'maybe'...)

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