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Age: 17

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Hmmmm about me...I really hate writing these things but here goes...

I live in the USA, the mid-west area. It's pretty crappy weather but I only have one more year left here and then I'm going to go out and travel...probably go some place warmer.

I love reading, playing my guitar, and biking (any kind of biking really, I'm saving up for a motorcycle but until i have enough money I'll settle for borrowing my friends), exercising is such a rush I love it!! I've just recently got into writing and am still quite a beginner.

As for school subjects I love psychology, history and science. I'm really good at math but...i really hate it. I know what a waste of my math genius. English is alright, I just haven't had a good english teacher in a while.

I don't participate much at my school except for the theatre aspect. Not so much as an actress but more of a technical aspect of it. It's pretty fun and I like the atmosphere there.

My fics: Well "Tension" (my latest one) It's a HG/FD based and it was originally a one shot but I think I'm going to write more for it.

"Bad Dreams" LL/GW I will continue it. There is no way I am giving up on that one.

"True Intentions" another LL/GW one, I don't know what's going on with that one. I might finish it...but I don't know, that one is up in the air.

"What Tomorrow Holds" my first fic, it's FD/GW...it has some mistakes...didn't quite edit it well...but hell for my first fic, I think it's okay.

I take forever to update sorry...i have a really hectic home life and they don't let me go on the computer much and they would kill me if they knew what I was writing/reading...they are kinda up tight narrow minded folk...

Music: I love music...all time favorite band is Queen (classic i know), I also like Jimmy Eat World, Paramore, Muse, Charlotte Sometimes, Katy Perry, Motion City Soundtrack ( i met the last three i listed a warped tour this year!! it was so awesome!!)...i know i like a lot more but i don't feel like listing them all.

...lets see if there is anything I've forgotten...

I have a mild case of OCD, those who know me will probably laugh at the fact that I say "mild" but trust me compared to how I use to be it is mild!!

My OCD quirks are...counting (anything and everything), my number is 5 (don't know why i just like the idea that you have one in the middle and even on both sides...yeah i know weird, everyone makes fun of me), constant hand washing, excessive use of hand sanitizer...and I also worry a lot...

Well if you have a question let me know, I'll answer.

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Tension reviews
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