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Ok you are probably asking why the hell is G4 taking so long with this story...the answer is short, and honest. College, something that I am trying to get into...I normally have some free time that I devote to writing everything from poetry to my fictions. That chunck of time has been consumed by college essays applications the works, and its a real pain in my ass...I will do everything in my power to post 2 chapters before christmas, I don't want to call that a promise, but the closest thing to a promise. Anyway sorry guys, once senior spring comes around I will be pour chapters out like water.

Hey i am Goggleboy4444 or G4 for short, obviously from the name you can probably tell i am a digimon fan, but i also really like Avatar and Naruto. As also well noted I am a Tai and Davis fan and really think they are awesome specially Davis. Though i still really like ken, tk, yolie and of course Kari. Pairings in order of course just so you can love me or hate me; Tai X Sora Davis X Kari Ken X Yolie and Izzy X Mimi. I am an amine fan in many respects and though im new to fan fic im not new to stories or ideas.

I am a pretty die hard rock and roll fan and listen to many of the classics including Hendrix and Zepplin as well as The Who and even some Billy Idol from time to time though i also really like alternative as well and i am a die hard linkin park fan as well as Yellow Card and pink floyd.

So I am well into Section two and its going down hill now, things are getting intense, really angsty... Davis on the other hand is realizing he has to kill Ex-Veemon... It is getting REALLY fucking intense lol. I am loving every bit of it! God I am going to cry when this thing is over...

I really am a fan of keeping my fiction as believable as possible something that is in the realm of belief that might have been in a episode. I think its cool looking at something so real and then realizing its not which i like about my story.

In case your wondering what the icon is its a slightly adjusted crest of courage on top of a crest of friendship.

I usually am in my room listening to rock, reading books or watching the final episode of the 02 season trying to figure out if kari's kid looks more like tk or davis. (TK DOES NOT HAVE BROWN HAIR!!) ANYWAY hope you like my fiction and please comment i need to learn. Always open for a discussion too!

My stories


Davis Tear's Trilogy

Part one Davis's Tears

Well its all done Thank you all, Chapter 20 is completed and posted, and i reached my goal of 100 reviews, the award goes to jelsi for posting my 100th review thank you jelsi, Davis's Pain will be out soon, Though it could be out at any time. I really wanted to take a break, though I have this really annoying itch to write right now. I'm totally stoked to have such a following for my story. If you want to be guaranteed to get the story WHEN it comes out Add me to your Author Alert. I will be letting most of my closest friends in on it. Though If your a big fan of the DT trilogy and never review, i wont know. Also every who as ever given me more than 1 review will be getting the first half of chapter one as my thank you for your support. Also as my treat to you is my cover page to Davis's Tears. If you like do tell I worked hard on it.

Part 2

Davis's Pain

Wow, 11 chapters in and already have surpassed my word count total and review total from DT, thank you for all your support, lets hit 200 reviews baby! Hell YA!

Part 3

Davis's ...

(sorry tittle gives away whats going to happen and i cant let that happen...) The ideas are also in progress...



So I have come up with a new fic that I am going to explore, I may release 1 or 2 chapters of it at the end of Davis's Pain to see what kind of reception it gets, though I will give a small synopsis.

Davis is forced into exile after the NAPD (National Association for the Protection of Digimon) in the world forces the Digidestined to suspend Davis after he kills a digimon to save Kari's life. The team has no choice and to Davis's disgust he is left out in the cold on that technicality. So alone with Ex-Veemon he must survive on his own. Though a new enemy is arisisng and Davis must learn to survive on his own without the help of the team. Can he survive for a month as they try to kill him? And who is this new girl?

A Cry on Deaf Ears:

That is the tenitive title for this fic if I ever get around to doing a Naruto fic... I'd love to do one so bad, but my digimon obession is weighing me down...sigh...

I wont go to much into this one, but its really focused around Naruto and Sauske...

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Davis's Pain reviews
Davis finally comes to grips with his parents. While the Destined finally meet their enemy.
Digimon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Angst - Chapters: 19 - Words: 103,572 - Reviews: 231 - Favs: 71 - Follows: 66 - Updated: 5/23/2011 - Published: 10/20/2008 - Daisuke M./Davis, V-mon/Veemon
Davis's Tears reviews
-Completed- The final battle between Ex-Veemon and 'It', BlackWarGreymon's evil replicate, finally comes to a close. The final chapter of Davis's Tears Part 1. Will things ever be the same? Thank you all for your support. Part 2 will be Davis's Pa
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