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Poll: Hi everyone! You see, I've got loads of ideas intended for a new story but sadly, my first fanfic wasn't even completed yet and I can't even finish two stories at once. So what do you guys prefer? Vote Now!
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(:Hello somebody I don't know!:)

I'm LaI:)
14. A girl. And from the country Philippines.

I love Anime!:)

Warning: Spoilers Ahead. XD

Foreword, I seriously am tired of this! Every time I watch a new series, it will always rank first on my list! Then, because of that, I have to change the numbers of ranking here in my profile every now and then which tires me the most! (Well, yeah, simple things can really make me tired. Lazy huh?) So now here's what I'll do, I will erase all those rankings with only the titles written. Still keep it in mind that the first anime listed will be my most favorite (for the mean time) and the last will be the least. :D Another thing, please, all these are based on my own opinion. Respect what I wrote, yes?

Code Geass : Hangyaku no Lelouch

I hereby declare that I am now one of those who admire lulu!:D He's handsome, smart, he is definitely my type! I mean, what's not to like about him anyway? For me, he is perfect!:x I hesitated to watch this at first, knowing that I'm not that much into mecha type of series but well, I've managed to watch it from the beginning up until the last episode of the second season all because of Lelouch! He's soooo cute that he got me into this. The only thing I don't like about code geass is that there are way too many character death scenes! I don't really care about the death of Shirley's dad, and probably Shirley (dunno why I don't like her), herself's death but with Euphie and Rolo? I think they have gone waaay too far:( I like Rolo more compared to Nunnally...and yeah, I understand that there won't be any third season since every plan of Lelouch has been achieved already, but what I disagree about is why does even Lelouch have to die! T_T "I don't like mecha type of series." - I take those back:)

Saiunkoku Monogatari

Definitely way better than Fushigi! Sorry to those who disagree but this is only in my own opinion. There's an Otakuzine issue my classmate showed me which is about the comparison with Ryuuki of Saiunkoku and Hotohori of Fushigi, then I was like, "Aww c'mon! Ryuuki is way much handsome!" Gyaahaha~evil. well anyways, I did kinda ignored this anime at first though, but I never thought it was this great! hohoho~ bishounen attack! they definitely have loads of handsome guys! I go for RyuukixShuureixSeiran loveee triangle!:) Although it's pretty obvious that I surely would want Shuurei to end up with Ryuuki, just a little love triangle wouldn't hurt. :) uhh...where can i watch season 2 episode 17 and above?? XD

Vampire Knight

Aww...rank demotion again! well anyway, First impression: "Psh. Vampires vampires, I bet the story is quite cheezy." But then again, I failed with my conclusion. I tried watching the opening theme of its first season and thought that it may be good since the characters are handsome:)) Unlike those other animes that has guys fighting over a girl issue, (ex: Gakuen Alice, obviously she should be with Natsume rather than Ruka) on this one, I really can't decide on which side to choose! both are daaaym sexy! For now, I'm a KanamexYuuki fan. (who actually loathed him in the first season of VK : once was a ZeroxYuuki fan.) heehee~

Ouran High School Host Club

I am so into this one now!:D The guys there are freaking handsome!XD I wanted to watch this so long ago but I had a hard time looking for it on the network until I found it on imeem!:D C'mon! Watch this one too! It's highly recommended. I really like Tamaki so much but I'm more of a HaruHikaru fan:) I do hope for the second season though, I'm currently reading it's manga right now at this moment:D

Kirarin Revolution

THIS HAS BEEN REMOVED EVEN ON YOUTUBE! My god! I know it's bad to upload it online and let majority watch it for free but, pitty me, I'll be stuck reminiscing the series only up to episode 90:( I miss Hiroto already!:( Despite the fact that I wont be able to watch this anime (I think) I'm still a huge fan of Koharu Kusumi! Have just downloaded her new song 'Happy Happy Sunday!' recently too:)

Gakuen Alice

Honestly speaking, I found this story boring now. Please don't get me wrong! It's just that, I kept on seeing new ones and thought it was better compared to this. That's probably because I was not able to catch up with the manga, so, there's actually one to blame here. Me!:)) Well even so, I find it very comfortable creating a fanfic and reading ones with these characters:) Trivia: xpeachigox do not support a RukaxHotaru pairing:D

Itazura na Kiss

Many said that the anime version was way better than the drama so, I thought I should try it out. And, since I don't know what the drama looks like, I could absolutely say that this one caught my attention!XD It may be listed way down here but believe me, it has a good story line and has sweet romance twist!~And here I suggest that you better watch it yourself:) I feel sorry for the author though, who died right before the story ended. :(

Kamichama Karin

KazuRin kyaaa!:x I felt like dying whenever those two gets sweet:) How I loooove seeing Kazune! I mean, If you guys gets to watch this anime, You'll fell head over heels for him! I promise!:) I recommend it to you. TRY WATCHING IT PLEASE! though you might not feel like continuing to watch kamichama karin at the first episode, but I swear to god! You won't regret!:) If still you're not satisfied then try reading Kamichama Karin CHU!~ a manga, a sequel and another story:)

(Jin-kun shows up more in there I tell ya!~)

Shugo Chara!

My classmate kelly recommended this to me and I thought about giving it a try since the current episode of Kirarin Revolution I'm suppose to watch wasn't uploaded yet. So instead of dying to boredom, I've watched this one! First impression..."Oh my god! Tadase looks a lot like Kazune!" plus, "And his voice sounds the same too!" another thing is, "Too bad the voice actrESS is the one who did for Hino Kahoko too." Yeah, that's how it goes. I'm in for tadasexamu but others think ikuto for amu is much better. I know they have their own opinion but, let's just see if I'll be convinced to join ikutoxamu side too:D Atashi no kokoro UNLOCK! O.oh i love doing that one

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch/Pure

Although this anime seemed so old but I tell you, the plot really doesn't gets old:D It's very touching and sweet! I was like "Gaaah! I can't handle anymore sweetness!XD" LuchiaxKaito is my much much much adored pairing here:) Well of course, I like Nagisa Shirai's character but I'm not much of a HanonxNagisa fan XD and although I'm not done watching this series, I still think of Michal a bother between Kaito and Luchia's sweetness! Hmpf! I hate her! That Btch! XP


I have just finished watching it and god! It was sooo cute!:) It made me cry a lot. sobsobsob... Well, as expected to a drama//comedy//romance genre. IN MY OPINION it is way better than fruits basket I tell you! ho ho ho!:) I've watched both of it's movie and series and it was sooooo tearful! C'mown! Watch it!:D I kinda like Sunohara though, the way he acts sometimes...well...turns me off...heehee~

La Corda D'oro

For music lovers! Go ahead and watch this:) It's great and oh so random XD Too bad Kahoko doesn't get to end up of all the boys in there.. I mean there's five freakin hot guys to choose from around her! grr...It would have been better if Kahoko gets to be Len's girl:( But still, I Like Shimizu the best! woohoo! how bout you guys?:) I feel like giving up on to my piano lessons and try violin after I've watched that series:)) really great! PS: I'm referring to the anime, I havent read it's manga yet.

Fruits Basket

Okay... So the ending wasn't that great but what the hell? I love it! :D How stupid Tohru looks like, How funny Kyou acts, How cool Yuki is... I love it from every bit!! :) KyouTohruuu weee!!~


Okay... Just to let you know, I've watched several animes other than these. But so far, I've only enjoyed this nine.. Mind if I ask for a favour? Could someone recommend me any other great animes you guys have watched? Hmm.. Something like Romance//Comedy//Fantasy//Slice of life anime. Oh well, It's up to you guys!~ Anything you prefer worth watching for would do;)

~Thanks a lot everyone!~

A U T H O R E S S ' N O T E S

Dear "Who will be my perfect match?//Princess Mikan and Prince Natsume readers",

Minna~ I'm sorry to bring bad news but, you guys do remember about me saying that it's alright not to read my revised version of princess Mikan and prince Natsume all over from the beginning right? Well...about that, please do understand but I guess it's highly recommended to read it all over again now...You see, my computer has been reformatted for some reason and my only and original copy of the unrevised fic of mine has been deleted along with it too. And as I was trying to recall what should happen which is actually written in that deleted file, things I had in mind got mixed up. I'm still trying my best to make the story worth reading though, but please in order to do so, I guess you have to start reading from the start. And I assure you, that I'll be doing my best-est not to make you - atashi no kawaii readers, regret.

Sorry for the foolishness I did.


(゚、 。 7
l、 ~ヽ

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