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UPDATE 09-10-08:

I am BACK! I took some time off over the summer to resolve some issues in my personal life and to concentrate more on my photography. But now that school is back in session, Photography is now on the back burner (well, almost) and I am back on!!

OK - first let me introduce y'all to my favorite link!

- You have to love this...if you miss a night of Smackdown or RAW - check it out here! I personally do not get Sci-Fi or Smackdown...since we have TV en espanol...This is the only way I am allowed to keep up w/Smackdown & ECW so a big thank you to them!!

As for me, well, let's just say I'm a big pro wrestling fan, horse lover, photographer, writer, college student and mother all in one. Nope, my life is never boring, but I never seem to get a break either! ;)

You're welcome to check out my flickr portfolio if you'd like! It contains a large collection of my equine photography...

Photography is my life. Sounds corny, but it's true. I eventually would love to work as a photographer for the WWE. Someday. :) I used to write a TON when I was younger, and actually had a historical fiction novel published. However, I am a very visual person - I need to be able to SEE my stories or else I get frustrated and lose motivation and interest very fast. In fact, I wrote Above and Beyond by picking out pictures of random WWII soldiers who were at Pearl Harbor and working off what I imagined were the stories behind the faces. I simply cannot write without an image, which is why I like fanfiction. While I'm definitely no celebrity on (never was!), I have my own little empire at fictionpress - where, once upon a time, I was something of a legend (in my own mind anyway!). I just looked at it again for the first time in over a year. I swear now that I will someday finish every single story in there. Promise!

I believe your imagination is the most powerful part of your mind. If you allow yourself, you can evolve into your imagination. Hence the term insanity. :) So I only live in my imagination only 3/4ths of the time. You should try it sometime. :D

Favorite Movies! IRISH JAM! Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribbean, The Frighteners, Step Up, Stick It

Favorite Wrestlers:

Evan Bourne - OMG - this guy can ROCK THE HOUSE!! He is definitely my new favorite wrestler! Plus he hails from my home state and even went to school where my Dad used to work!

Finlay - He's really underrated, but is one of the best wrestlers WWE has and I say he deserves a title shot (I mean a SERIOUS title shot)! Love his personality too and the fact that he's IRISH! Hornswoggle rocks too! ;)

CM Punk - I love this man's fighting style! I think it's even better than Hardy's! :) His facial expressions crack me up!

Jeff Hardy! - I don't care what anyone says - this man is THE definition of sexy. Period.

Big Show - I don't know why everyone hates this man. I think he's kinda cool. He makes me laugh.

Brian Kendrick - Brian is great as a heel - he's moved up and improved since he went to Smackdown!

John Cena - Guy can't wrestle. But when he gets his paws on a microphone he never fails to say something that makes me laugh. Come to think of it, he reminds me of Walker Texas Ranger. Always perfect...sometimes funny. :) Too bad he keeps getting injured.

Umaga - you're probably thinking 'This is a first!' lol...believe it or not, I think Umaga is very agile and versatile despite his weight. He's also quite intelligent in the majority of his matches. Take a look sometime.

Jimmy Wang-Yang and Shannon Moore - gotta love those cowboys!

Kofi Kingston - AWESOME wrestler - extremely talented!

Cody Rhodes - He's from NC! And he makes me laugh. :D Heel or not, I think he's cool. :)

Bordline: (wrestlers I'm not sure I like or not)

Randy Orton - He's so crafty and smart!

Edge - is also highly intelligent. His face scares me most of the time, but his antics make me laugh.

John Morrison & The Miz - They intrigue & disgust me at the same time. I admire them and despise them. It's a love-hate thing. I love them and I hate them equally.

Matt Hardy - I don't dislike him, but he's much different from his bro.

Mickie James - I used to hate her, but since she fought Santino I have a new respect for her. Still don't LIKE her, but I do respect her now. :)

Wrestlers I Dislike:

OMG Chris Jericho! - He's so arrogant. I call him The Loudmouth. He's always got something to say - as if ANYONE cares!

William Regal - After April 21st's Monday Night Raw, I officially DESPISE William Regal! He injured my two favorite wrestlers by CHEATING!! I shall not forgive him. You got it coming Regal...

Triple H - I used to almost like him, and he still does make me laugh every now and again, but I can't stand the fact that he's WWE champ again. People say he's earned it, but if so that was a while back. Since he's returned who has he faced? Umaga? Mr. McMahon? Randy Orton? Cumon people - your champ should WORK for that title. Look at CM Punk! He doesn't always win but he's out there every week facing off against someone different. Same w/Finlay. Same w/Jeff Hardy. Heck, even John Cena worked for his bread and butter! They're the ones that deserve the belt. Plus Triple H being Stephanie's husband and Vince's just makes me ill at ease. Triple H wins and he always will win because of his connections. I'm not saying that's the only reason he wins but he will continue to win even when he doesn't earn it because of that.

Batista - I can't say I hate him, but seriously. He's overrrated.

JBL - I don't think I need to elaborate here. The very sound of his voice just annoys me. I got a bone to pick w/him over the whole Finlay/Hornswoggle situation.

Diva I Like:

Beth Phoenix - she's got POWER!

Lita: I didn't watch wrestling in the days she was a diva, but have seen matches on Youtube. She's pretty cool. :)

Lena Yada: I don't know why, but I really do like this girl.

Divas I Dislike:

Everyone else. I used to like Maria, but she's become a B since that whole Playboy thing came along. Most hated are the following...

Candice Michelle - don't get me started.

Ashley - thinks she's something else

Melina - that whole dance she does really turns me OFF

Maria - she's become like all the rest.

I think it's ridiculous that this whole diva thing has become all about looks. You don't have to have talent anymore. You just need to look good in skimpy clothing (or no clothing at all!) Please people!


Here are my Links of Interest:

My photography myspace:

My fictionpress account:

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