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Hey Hey Hey! This would be my profile! As you can tell from my name, I love to sew. I also love to read and write and hang with my homedogs. I don't really call them homedogs, and if I did they probably wouldn't want to be my homedogs anymore. I like to use...this...a...lot... The whole "dot dot dot" thing is my signature. ...yeah...

An itsi bitsi tini weeni bit about me:

I'm a Fan Of: The Jo to the Bros (the Jonas Brothers) and Miley Cyrus rox my sox right off the box! I'm a Disney Channel Junkie, its true. And Twilight, I co-wrote a twilight fic with my friend BubblyPhantom. Our story is on her account, so you can just scroll down, click on my favourite authors and read it.

Favourite T.V. Shows: Project Runway Hannah Montana, Americas Next Top Model, and I would say J.O.N.A.S but that hasn't exactly been on the television yet. snaps fingers Darn!

Favourite Books: Kite Runner, Nineteen Minutes, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Away Laughing on a Fast Camel and Luuurve is a Many Trousered Thing.

Favourite Time of Day: Its a strange thing to tell people, but I'm a morning person and not many people are. I love that little couple of minutes in the morning between when you know you have to wake up and you know you still have a few minutes left to sleep. But 1 am is great too.

Favourite Jonas Brother: I know its not nice to discriminate, but its still something every Jonas Brother has an answer for. Nick, has great bone structure and is adorable, Kevin has great style and seems like a sweet guy with awesome dance moves, but Joe, nuff said. He plays the tambourine and sings. wOw. Talent! Therefore, Joe is my favourite bro.

Favourite Place in the World: London! Then Paris, then New York, then Venice, then where I live right now. In the U.S. North America. Western Hemisphere. Earth.

Favourite Songs: I have mulitple so here we go: Favourite to dance to: Low by Flo Rida Favourite to Sing at the top of my lungs: Thats just the way we roll Favourite to do a choreographed dance to: Nobody's Perfect Favourite to Interpretive Dance to: When you Look me in the eyes and 4 minutes. Favourite to walk in the hallways to: Start All Over Least Favourite: Bubbly by that Colbie Callet person. Favourite to Sing in the Shower: Hold On and GNO. Favourite to Excersice to: Watch me Shine

Continuing onward:

I don't like it when people post up the pairings that they like, but I'm going to post the pairings that I don't like and hopefully you can figure out the ones I do enjoy reading about. I like OC's, even thought at first I thought it meant Orange County. JoexOc. Joe and Orange County? Um...joe is having a relationship with a town in California...great...

Moe: Miley and Joe. Gross. Its Think about it, it doesn't work. UPDATE: And now that my friend made me write a moe story, I just have to say...I was right. It is as gross as it sounds. But its fun writing a story about it! I've been told its good, you should scroll down and read it!

Liley: Once again, ewww. I don't even see the point of writing about Lilly and Miley together.

Koe: I read a story about this once, and it was relativly funny but more gross than anything else. Kevin and Joe. ewwwWwww

Noe: See Above. With an extra "w" in the ew.

Jevinick: Okay, so this isn't an actual pairing, but if it was i would hate it! Revision: I just found a story about this today. I lost my lunch. Metaphorically, not literally, but it was not far off.

Kick: heh heh...kick. No. Its just wrong!

Okay then...I finally figured out how to do the copy and paste things, so here we go:

If you have ever been so obsessed with something that now everyone is scared of you because of its effects copy this into your profile. Darn Jonas Brothers! Seriously, they are taking over my life!! Not that I'm complaining though...

Weird is good, strange is bad, and odd is when you don't know which to call someone. Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique, than weird is good. If you are weird and proud of it, copy this onto your profile! Well, I don't know. A lot of people say their weird, and to be quite honest, they're really not. I've met some weird people, and I (among other people) really don't measure up.

If you have ever tripped over your own feet, copy and paste this into your profile. Yeah...

If you like chocolate as much as I do copy this in your profile I love chocolate. But not just as a simple comfort food. Chocolate is a joy almost as good and fluffy as love.

I found this a few days ago, I thought it would be fun:

Check all that apply to you.

if your not a JB fan, don't attempt to understand this

(x)you have the release date for their next album in your calendar I have it memorized. June 16th! 4 days before my Birthday!

(X)you are disappointed the boys wear undershirts at their concerts I mean come on! They are just so unnecessary!

(X)you can sing every JB song word for word, even the new and unreleased ones The lyrics are so repetetive a monkey could sing along.

()you wish you were one of the girls who has dated any of the three boys they broke up didn't they?

(X)A comment/message from the Jonas boys is received, you jump up and down screaming for 15 minutes I do get rather excited...

(X)you constantly think about one of the boys one or more...heh heh heh

()you argue with anyone who thinks they like one of them more than you No...most of the time they do...I'm not THAT obsessed.

(X)you liked Kevin before he became 'hot' and always thought he was Kevin's hot

()you know about Nick's Christian album and all the songs on it I know about it...but its not like i know all the songs

()you call them by their nicknames (joey, kevy, nicky..ect) no, i call them by their names. The Jonas Brothers

(x)you know all the boys ages and birthdays, even Frankie i don't know when frankie's b-day is though...

()you vote for SOS on TRL daily, just like they told you to in the video on YouTube no

(X)you want a tambourine even though you cant play i want one sooooooo bad!

(X)"I am what I am I can't help myself" self explanatory, don't you think?

(X)you have your local radio stations number memorized and have gotten to know the DJ's by requestiong 'SOS' so many times Silly Jilly!

(X)You don't understand how the girls in 'SOS','Still In Love With You',and 'Games' could've been so mean to them poor guys...i feel bad.

(X)your friends start to hate you because you talk about the Jonas Brothers too much pshhh they talk about them just as much!

()you beg your parents to visit Austrailia so you can pick up the accent Oy Oy Oy!

()your whole MySpace page is dedicated to JB i am lacking in a myspace or facebook

()you've had an AIM/IM screenname with JB, Nick, Joe, or Kevin in it no! I'm not THAT obsessed

(X)you have at least 10 songs from them on your iPod/MP3 player I have a LOT of songs by them...Lets just leave it at that.

()you try to put fifty dollar bills in soda machines i don't like soda. simple as that

(X)you know where "mereal and cilk" came from and crack up everytime you watch that video CAMP ROCK!

(X)you believe that Joe is the funniest thing EVER the funniest thing? the funniest guy! the funniest hot guy. ever.

()you find yourself replacing the words 'Girl of my dreams' with 'guyS of my dreams' meaning the boys not that i can recal.

(X)you know where 'OMG Nick, you're so hot, uh' came from and can't help but laugh i can't help but laugh at anything joe says

()your desktop and screensaver is Jonas Brothers no sorry

(X)you know what 'A Little Bit Longer' is written for nick's diabetes...:(

(X)you are caught calling yourself a 'kid from the future, whoa!' i think the correct term is kid "of" the future

(X)you know what 'PONED' means, and use the word on a daily basis nicks purity ring says PONED on it

(X)you promote JB everywhere you go and I mean EVERYWHERE

(X)JB=LIFE no questions asked Happiness is Jonas

(X)you know their parents names its not that tough guys

()you say 'OMJ' 'Holy Jonas' etc LAME I would never say that stuff

()you plan on celebrating 'Quaziggyziggyzam' every year i would if i could but its against my religion. :)

()you hate AJ for dating Joe no...i STRONGLY dislike her. but not for that reason.

()you hate Miley for dating Nick last summer, never denying the dating rumors, and for kissing him on the cheek to show off to all her friends in Tenessee poor miley, did you ever think that maybe nick broke up with her?

()you hate Zoe(again, not sure on the name)for dating Kevin who the heck is zoe?

()you use the catch phrase 'it was fantastilistic!' to hard to say

(X)when you see a lot of cars you yell 'TRAFFIC' and when i see lots of food i yell "YUM!"

()you play with Jack Sparrow action figures no. no i do not.

()when you find a bat, you automatically hit people in the head with it such violence!

(X)you tried Tai Chi, just because the boys did it sort didn't work out to well

(X)you often say, 'Yo that's illogical, i can't have it' when you don't agree with something sometimes

()you wear a bandana around your neck as a fashion statement for a second there i thought it said "banana"

()when you see a picture of Nick you can't help but say, 'Look at Nick, he's a studmuffin' he is not a studmuffin. He's a hotcake. :)

(X)you know if Kevin wasn't a musician he'd be the perfect car salesman i would buy my car from kevin jonas any day

()you buy Baby Bottle Pops just because of the commercial i don't like baby bottle pops

(X)you wished you lived in the year 3000 with the boys i wish i lived with them now!

Limited Too is your favorite restaraunt wtb!?

(X)JB is the reason you get magazines its so sad but so SO true!

(X)you have two copied of their edition of Life Story, just so you can pin up both sides of each page huh?

(X)the whole time you read this, you were smiling and nodding. I smile whenever i think about the jo bros!

So thats about it, Enjoy :)

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