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Let's be honest, we don't want to hear about me... but I'm going to write it anyway for kicks:

I'm in the eleventh grade at a super ghetto school. I am one of the cool ones who play violin in an orchestra. I like to think I can also play guitar, though very poorly. Boring brown hair and boring brown eyes; basic, really. I also have NO control over my blush which is why I can pity Bella. Seriously, it's pretty bad. Even my parents like to make fun of me for my traitorous cheeks. Ouch? I am basically non-existent at my school (part of the reason being for the tenth grade I was in the international bacheloreate program. For the brainiacs and over-achievers. No offense to you if you are in IB. I'm an IB drop out and proud of it). warning when I'm typing, I RAMBLE. Only time I'm super talkative is when it's on the computer so... look out for those author notes! Sorry! That's basically it... huh.

BOOKS: obviously the twilight series, harry potter series, the time traveler's wife, catcher in the rye, to kill a mocking bird, sisterhood of the traveling pants series, inkheart/inkspell, anthem of a reluctant prophet, inside the mind of gideon rayburn, all american girl (other meg cabot books as well)... and i just read random books; true story.

TV: criminal minds(it's life), rove, survivor, pushing daisies, simpsons, south park, colbert report, SNL.

MOVIES: a very long engagement, sweeney todd, across the universe, hairspray, juno, the last day, saved!, 10 things i hate about you, the covenant, jumper, hannibal rising, the dark knight, mozart and the whale, strayed, the departed, little miss sunshine, accepted, breakfast club, blood and chocolate, pirates of the caribbean, national treasure, penelope, snatch, the notebook, phantom of the opera, (i love too many movies. these aren't even a sixth.)

MUSIC: (we could be here a while.) adele, aerosmith, air traffic, alexisonfire, all-american rejects, architecture in helsinki, arctic monkeys, babyshambles, beatles, bedouin soundclash, billy talent, blink-182, blue october, box car racer, camera obscura, cheap trick, clash, coheed and cambria, coldplay, the cure, damien rice, dashboard confessional, david bowie, death cab for cutie, death from above 1979, elisa, fall of troy, the films, flaming lips, from first to last, frou frou, goo goo dolls, green day, hedley, hellogoodbye, hot hot heat, hush sound, illscarlett, imogen heap, jack johnson, jack's mannequin, jimi hendrix, jimmy eat world, john mayer, joel plaskett, joshua radin, kate nash, keane, killers, kings of leon, the kooks, lacuna coil, libertines, lights out dancing, lifehouse, mae, mayday parade, metric, metro station, MGMT, michael buble, the misfits, motion city soundtrack, muse, mute math, my chemical romance, nightwish, nirvana, of montreal, one republic, paramore, the pigeon detectives, pink floyd, pink spiders, pixies, the postal service, queen, radiohead, ramones, roisin murphy, rolling stones, sam roberts, saosin, shiny toy guns, smashing pumpkins, something corporate, spill canvas, stabilo, the strokes, sum 41, taking back sunday, talking heads, three days grace, van morrison, the vines, white stripes, the who, yeah yeah yeahs (the list goes on...)

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No longer continuing.
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