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Author has written 3 stories for Sailor Moon X-overs, and Gundam Wing/Sailor Moon.

As pathetic as it sounds, one of the things I love most in this world in Sailor Moon. It's a passion of mine, what can I say? I tend to have a certain pull towards Kino Makoto but I try my absolute hardest to include every single Senshi with some sort of spotlight. Never do I completely center my stories around one character.

I would hardly say my interpretation of Usagi is completely accurate to the imagination of Naoko Takeuchi (because seriously that's what she is, my interpretation) or on the same plane as everyone else's beliefs but I feel that the amount of stories that massacre her character far supersedes the amount that doesn't. That being said it's not only Usagi's character that falls into these unfortunate typical roles; anyone who feels their favorite Senshi doesn't get enough spotlight automatically assumes they should make her into an ubercharacter. I feel these transformed characters and layers of regrettable mess are what mar this now ill-fated section (the section being Gundam Wing/Sailor Moon). The strung up spiderwebs that hang in place of original stories, and the vacancy of some very talented writers, only further prove the frustration. I feel I may follow in their footsteps soon, but before I go off to college I want to perhaps light a flame once again in a place I love to both read and write, maybe spark up a little more imagination. I know this debate is just a carousel of writers trying to justify why they do this, or why they do that, but I feel obligated to state my disposition.

My biggest weakness? Time. Something of which I have very little of. This, I'm sorry to say, doesn't allow me to spend as much time working on my stories as I'd like.

My second biggest weakness? Frankly, I suck at summaries.

My third biggest weakness? Chocolate. Go figure.

One of my goals since beginning this whirlwind of an adventure on (since '02) has been to make a friend from the site. Why? Well, where I live it's hard to find people who enjoy this side of what I enjoy.


8/2/09: For some reason I have completely lost inspiration for The Valley. I know I haven't updated it in like a year and that should be enough to say that it's been put to the back burner for the moment. In that respect as well, I've hit a little bump with Ascension. Don't worry, it's not on hold or anything, but the story I have the most inspiration for, at the moment, is Toxic. I think that's the story I'll be focusing mainly on for the time being. I'm not ditching Ascension, it's just that I really love that story (more so probably than Toxic) and I really don't want to come out with a bad chapter for it. Plus I have to freshen up a little more on my Bleach characters.

In that respect, for the immediate future, expect frequent updates for Toxic, some updates for Ascension, and perhaps a few updates for The Valley.

Keep in mind this is not permanent! I'm sure you all know how the writing thing is--you get a really good groove going on one thing and you really like it but you wish you had the inspiration to write for the other stories as well. It's that sort of thing.


Next Project: Due to the unfortunate negligence of this ill fated section I'm going to start my last story. I'll finish the other three I've started, no hesitation in that because I abhor good, unfinished stories, but frankly I'm just kind of done. It's just been too long spent waiting for something truly spectacular to appear once more. Everything else has faded into the background, the writers who used to actually write about something with an ease and a certain professionalism, the stories they weaved and their precision with words and plot development have pretty much faded away.

Perhaps everything has simply been lost to the net. The hype from Sailor Moon emerging as a series has been dying down in the progressing years and has been replaced with newer series like Naruto and Bleach. Where are the Green Beans', the Lord of Chaos's, the writers like Morgan Hudson and her beautiful creation Ronin Summer? What can I say? I'm a child of the Gundam Wing days, of Ronin Warriors and Yuu Yuu Hakushou, of Dragon Ball and Cowboy Bebop. I remember when I was really young I used to sit in front of the TV every certain day in the afternoon and watch Rurouni Kenshin, then later sneak down into the basement around midnight to watch Inuyasha. Those are the series' I used to read and watch, but what was my bridge to the world of anime and manga was that precious Sailor Moon.

I suppose that's why I want the fandom to thrive again but I'm steadily realizing that it's a lost cause. I feel like the 90's and early millennium were simpler (or perhaps I was just too young to notice or care) and today most things are about attention, danger, showing off, slutty clothes, parties, beauty and sex. I'm hardly saying that they weren't there before but, as I've said, the amount of stories influenced by those ideals that's amalgamated to paint this section far supersedes the amount that doesn't. Sometimes the trashy stories can be fun! I used to be one of them before I learned to write well and think for myself. But it's like Mitch Hedberg said, "You can't be like pancakes. You're all happy at first, but by the end you're fuckin' sick of 'em."

So here's my response to you, hopeless, once loved section. It'll be called "Eff You" and it will be filled with power trips and smut, beauty and sex, danger and partying. It'll be satirical in nature, perhaps, and it won't come out for awhile, but it'll be my last hoorah. So thank you, world of fanfiction, for allowing me to hone my writing abilites and progress truly from absolutely horrible writing to pretty good writing. And finally, thank you, for awhile, allowing me to treasure the work of those who felt a certain something for a series like me.

-- EternalHime, MidnightOpal, and lastly, SmileysBasis

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