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4/22/17 Hey, ya'll. I'm back Next chapter of Alive is up. Sorry for the lapse (been years huh?) but I hope chapter 44 makes up for it. (There's a small nod to Ex Machina in there, another favorite of mine) And I decided it was time for some action. Get this story moving. I didn't have time or energy to review much, so there might be some small contradictions, typos perhaps. I'll fix those later if I have to. Enjoy. It won't be that long for the next one. And please, if you're going to leave a review, don't just ask when the next chapter is going to be up, ok? Say something nice or say something mean. Either way, say something. Until next time. thanx.

5/22/15 New chapter! And after reading most of book two to remind myself where I left off, I have decided that I've been teasing long enough. It's time for the metaphorical sh*t to hit the proverbial fan. Some action chapters coming. 44 is already started. Thank you for your patience. Ciao for now. :-)

4/11/15 Sorry about slow progress on Alive. I haven't forgotten. It's just been difficult times for a while. I see I have some new followers. I will do my best to get it going again for you. Thanks

10/18/14 Just realized I left the original name of the antognist mimic Mecha in chapter '41'. I had originally named it '1138', as a nod to George Lucas' first feature film THX-1138. But I changed it to '101' during edits. Forgot to change it when last chapter. Sorry for the confusion will edit and repost now.

7/20/14 Hello to those who are still waiting. Thank you. There have been a sh*tload of real life issues I've been dealing with since last posting, including taxes, new roommates, new roommates quickly becoming ex-roommates, new cars replacing old f*ked cars, new computers, the latter which I am typing on now. (Still not used to this keyboard. Why can't they just make them all the same?) Anyway, things are getting back to something like normal. Will post next chapter soon.

2/23/14 Sorry. Got well into the next chapter and then totally changed my view on how I should go forward. My new vision was so radically different than what I had written I had to start over. Decided this is a good 1/2 way point for the second book and it's time to start resolving matters and move on to the 3rd book for which I have already have the framework. That will complete Alive. Still at least a couple dozen chapters to go though. Posting asap.

2/18/14 Yes, I am still alive. Next chap of Alive is in progress and should be up by this weekend. I'll go as epic as possible to make up for the lost time. Thanks for following.

9/6/13 I had planned to have 'Alive' updated by last weekend but didn't have the time or energy. You might already know that Southern California has been experiencing a bit of a heat wave lately. My job requires a lot of travel and getting out of my sweetly air conditioned vehicle. -sigh- So by the time I get home I am quite often famished. But the next chapter is in progress and coming along nicely. I appreciate your inquiries. Hopefully this weekend. One breezy normal SoCal night would be all it takes. :-)

3/23/13 Sorry for delay on Alive. Wish I had more time to devote.I am currently rereading all of book two so I can interpolate the many sub-plots I've started into the next chapter. I don't keeps notes on these things. Hope to have something up by next week. :-)

3/7/13 Family matters keeping me busy. Will update 'Alive' asap. Thanks for patience. (And I have also realized I have to research and update the technological aspects of the story, especially for the next chapter.)

1/2/13 Happy New Year to everyone and may you all prosper in the coming months and beyond. Just out of curiosity, someone keeps reading chapter 30 of 'Alive' over and over again. I am just curious why. If that person(s) would drop me a note, I would just like to know what it is about that chapter you found intriguing. Perhaps there is a subplot that I should expand on. It's just between us, be assured. Anyway, thank you all. Updating this weekend. -

Update: Ok. Extra hits on 30 explained. It was just acting as someones default link. I was all like, 'what the heck is it with this chapter??' lol. Thanks for reading. :-)

12/17/12 I had intended to post another chapter this weekend, but the last thing on my mind right now is my fan fiction hobby. Of course I am referring to the senseless murders from last Friday and especially the children. Theirs are not the first young souls extinguished before their lives had truly began. All around the world the innocent perish from war, from starvation, from disease and abuse. But they are emblematic and their loss must serve as a symbol of a turning point away from the madness that has gripped our society. Little is known about their killer at this point, but to hate him and dismiss him as simply evil is a way of ignoring whatever it is eating away at the core of our society. We may not agree on political or religious ideas, we may see life completely differently. But I hope we can all agree that this should never happen again. And I hope that all of you will take the time to write your representatives and share with them whatever you feel should be done. Hold those dear to you close. And try to cherish all life. We are all we have. RIP to the students of Sandy Hook and to all the innocents taken from the world by madness and greed. I'll update next week.

12/13/12 After a few inquiries I've decided to finish Where The Pretty Things Roam, my first and probably only M rated story. Try to wrap it up before the end of the year. I have a week off and not going anywhere, so I'll be able to update that and Alive.

12/3/12 Regarding "A Tale Of Flesh & Fiber". I finally realized that the the word "Klan" refers ONLY to the infamous racist organization. When I used that spelling (instead of using "Clan") to describe my wandering band of rejected Mecha, I thought it was an archaic spelling, one that preceded the KKK. (Sort of like the Swastika preceded the Nazis) But now I understand that the KKK was the first and only group to use that spelling. I am now changing that and will be uploading the corrected chapters. Sorry if I offended or suggested an incorrect subtext to the Mechanique Clan. It was unintentional.

11/3/12 Sorry for "Alive" delay. Almost done. But it's election season, mind on other things. To my fellow Americans, no matter what your political ideology or party, whether we would agree or disagree, go out and VOTE on Tuesday. (Assuming you're old enough of course.) We're supposed to be the seat of democracy. Let's represent!

9/23/12 Next chapter of Alive in progress. End of week probably... if it cools down a bit because my desk is next to a window and since SoCal is not used to this kind of sustained heat, our air conditioners are not usually up to the challenge. I write best on cloudy days. Makes me think of A.I. :-)

9/8/12 Sorry for the delay. Been out of it for a couple of days. Try to have it up by tomorrow. Working now.

9/2/12 Alive update in the works. Up sometime this week. Thanks for the reviews and for your patience. :-)

7/1/12 David is 11 years old! Happy birthday A.I. Part 31 of Alive is in progress. Maybe a couple of days. :-)

5/18/12 It might be a few weeks before the next chapter. Other projects dominate now. Thank you for reading.

5/3/12 Well, I hope at least one or two heads spun. :-) Next chapter already started. No post date this time... but soon.

4/28/12 Will post by tonight. This chapter is much longer than I'd intended, and I have a lot of editing to do. A lot!

4/22/12 Around 500 words into the next chapter of Alive. Not going to make the mistake of promising a date this time, but it should be up before the end of the week... and I am pretty sure it's gonna make heads spin. At least that's what I'm aiming for.

4/19/12 - Sorry, but busy work schedules past couple days. Too tired to write. Will update by Friday.

4/16/12 - Wow. I have noticed a flood of new hits on "Alive" in the last few days and want to assure readers that I will strive to post more often. The next chapter is already 1/2 way finished. I should be posting within couple days at most. And thanks to all who spread the word about the story.

4/16/12 - Started reading for an audio version of The Porcelain Doll. Will be posted at my homepage when completed. Maybe couple mos.

2/12/12 - has disabled links to fight spam. So my homepage is (not '.com' - That is someone else.)

12/17/11 - Audio version of "The Girl From Not Around Here" has been posted to my homepage. You can hear that and other stories at my Audioworks page

And you can read my full length novelization of "Artificial Intelligence: A Fan's Novel" as well as stream the AI Audiobook at Where The Lions Weep

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